Desert Financial Credit Union Tips for Shopping on a Budget This Holiday Season

🏦 Desert Financial Credit Union’s 🏦 Sulie Richardson virtually dropped by the 📺 Arizona Daily Mix 📺 studio to share some valuable tips on how to shop on a budget this 🎅 holiday season 🎅!

Well we can’t thank enough to uh have desert financial credit union as part of our holiday for hometown heroes toy drive they are one of our main sponsors but also we like to say thank you to them because they help people stay on budget especially as we move through this holiday we’re going to talk about that in just a minute but sully richardson good morning to

You how are you doing i’m good good morning to you brad so nice to be here again oh yeah let’s quickly talk just how important this toy drive is uh to desert finance credit union uh to actually not just the employees there but also to the uh the members which is is great that they participate yes so desert financial we’re so proud to be the title sponsor for the

Hometown for the heroes toy drive and so we of course invite our employees um the community at large and we’re excited to be partnered with aztv and valencia united way to help those in our communities you know who can use a helping hand during this time of year especially the children yeah that’s what it’s about right there the children um that you’re doing again

We couldn’t do it without you and we’re so happy that you’re with us um all right let’s talk holiday shopping holiday budgeting which is very important and a great way to go into the new year not being broke even though you’re helping us you’re helping our kids and everything uh but that’s what you teach julie which is really great yes and what’s really nice about

Is that you don’t have to be a member of the credit union you don’t yes so we offer community-wide um webinars and when i say community i don’t mean just community here in phoenix arizona we’re statewide so anywhere that you can link into zoom you can join our webinars and one of the most one of my favorite of course is the spending plan which is a budget and so

We that’s open to anyone in the community that they can join these webinars and we do them every single month yeah and what’s really nice is that you help people understand what a budget is because i think when people hear budget they think they can’t do this they can’t do that they they you know aren’t going to eat and they’re going to have all this but it’s very

Easy things that you talk to them about and and one of the tips tell me is that you say is about um checking prices doing your research that’s the main thing right there right it is and so i do want to say that like you said the budget people think about it being negative so i one of the things that i try to say and i lose it sometimes as well is to think think of

It as a spending plan kill the word budget because people go uh they don’t like it it’s negative so let’s think about what you’re doing is you’re trying to make a plan for how you spend your money so that you’re not reactive but you’re proactive and especially with the holidays you can set a budget or a spending plan for the holiday expenses and one of the first

Things you want to do is of course is to make a list and even though that sounds kind of corny because you know people say this make a list and you know people might not get my list is in here okay wrong place take that list out of your head and actually make a physical list yeah because they say if you can look at it you’re more likely to go ahead and do it than

Just say okay i’m going to save 10 bucks over here save over here which is not always happening what else do you talk to about of course saving of course you want to um always pay yourself first and so that can mean many different things but it’s keeping in theme with the holidays so sometimes people are so caught off guard like oh my gosh christmas is 20 days

Away and i haven’t done anything well you had all year and so my take on that is to create you know have a little separate savings for the holidays and name it christmas and have a little bit just come out of every paycheck so that you’re not caught off guard and you can have a much more pleasant less stressful holiday because you’ve got the cash money i like that

Okay we’re almost close to finish up but i got to talk about two things that i see on the list here and that one is avoid impulse shopping look at you laughing at me because it’s very hard is it because there’s so many cute things in the store prettier things like things to make your home look nicer and i mean if you can avoid that that would help you a lot so

That’s where that list comes in and you can also one of the things to help you to avoid um impulse spending is do it online curbside pickup it gets you don’t go in the store you don’t grab random things right you got exactly what you paid for online oh my god there’s so much we could talk about i wish we were ahead more time and i know we will uh going into the

New year because i love how you guys have this where you set people up uh to have a spending agenda in saving money which is really nice uh sue lee tell them how they can get a hold of of course this great uh webinars that you’re doing for saving money so just go to our website and put in the search field community development outreach financial

Education and that’ll take you to our page of events perfect or you can email community development directly we’ll accept your email our problem will be fun and what i love celia it’s it’s great that it’s so easy to talk with you and your team about this and it’s not being talked down or being pressure anything it’s literally a nice open conversation that’s what

I love about desert financial credit union and what you guys do for the community so thank you very much for joining us you’re welcome

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Desert Financial Credit Union Tips for Shopping on a Budget This Holiday Season By AZTV7