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With tuesday being given tuesday here in arizona the desert financial credit union knows how important is to give the community from their golf tournaments to the desert financial fiesta bulkiness arizona tour it’s mouthful but it’s still worth it joining me is emma garcia from desert financial credit union and jose of the fiesta bowl committee how are you two doing

Good morning brad very good how are you okay this was really cool when i saw this because this was like a bus i wish i could be on going across the state and pretty much spreading kindness um because we weren’t able to do it with the fiesta bowl this year with the parade jose and this is where you guys were saying this is a way to get out into the community it

Was you know and as as heartbroken as we were to not be able to do our desert financial fiestable parade this year collectively we both said you know what we got to do something for this community we got to do something for the entire state so between our teams in less than 90 days we created this kindness arizona caravan this tour to be able as a way to be able

To give back spread kindness and focus on our pillars of uh youth education and frontline workers and emma this was really great because usually we know that fiesta bull takes place right here in phoenix but you guys said you know what we have a whole state we need to be kind to and go out and see so this tour went off you guys said let’s go let’s get out there

And you guys went from flagstaff down to almost tucson right yeah it was a stop phoenix prescott flagstaff tucson phoenix again so yeah it was exciting to be able to see people throughout the community and state and so you know just such a way to spread kindness and positivity right now right people were extra thankful for that right now yeah and uh it was just

Very rewarding to see the community come together for that well that’s what desert french credit union is it’s a community and you guys have listened to actually your members about how can we all give back as a company and as people who are members there and the members actually have accounts and stuff and they all kind of said let’s get out there and do this

And that’s what you guys do there don’t you yes i it’s part of our longtime tradition right founded by educators we know the importance of giving back and being involved and education is a priority for us and so our members are individuals who really value the importance of being involved in your community and it’s just a long time tradition for us and such a

Great partnership with fiesta bowl because of that yeah jose let’s talk about the fiesta ball committee because a lot of people think it’s only you know the parade and a football game not realizing that there’s a whole nother world that goes on after the games yeah absolutely and we have a slogan that we say we’re more than just a game and it’s the 11 months that

We do 11 the things that we do 11 months out of the year outside of the bowl game time frame that that really makes us stand out is we’re a non-profit we’re an event company we focus on youth sports and education we’re building football fields playgrounds resource rooms give it back to teachers through our wishes for teachers program that desert financial is a

Title sponsor of as well and those are the things that all the dollars we raise we’re able to give back to the entire state yeah and as we come a little closer look at this bus and emma we want to you know kind of like see that it is definitely a bus that is hopefully going to get back out there but you want to let people know right now that you know by joining

The credit union that things are coming back to them and back to the community you have a lot planned coming that’s right we do we are actually expanding our charter and uh service to the prescott area so um it’s part of our community first philosophy that you know we give back and that we be involved and so we’re super excited to be able to serve the northern

Part of the state and to continue our philosophy and partnership with the community and inviting members to come alongside with us as well and become agents of change in our local community that’s great and it’s all about kindness and giving and that’s what is uh the team teaming up for this have done if you need the bus to go back out again i’d love to go on and

So and who’s the driver again the driver is who’s the driver what is it kim wallace kim wallace kim how are you thanks for doing that there it is a special driver so again uh you want more information you can go to desert financial credit union’s website of course to uh check it out and see and and then again two with the fiesta bowl uh you know we’re talking

About the different things are happening the charities you give to are right here in our own backyard but up and down the state am i right it is yeah as i said we focus on youth sports and education our grand cycle is opening up here next week uh and we you know typically on any given year we give out over three million dollars to our through our grant so we

Focus on organizations non-profits throughout the entire state so i love it you know we’re going to take a quick commercial break and i’m going to come back and talk a little bit more with you guys how’s that sound all right we’ll be back you

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