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So you just placed your order for your tesla or you found an inventory tesla with a discount from all my other videos on finding a discounts on a tesla or saving on a tesla and you’re going through and figuring out where and how should i pay for this tesla should i go through tesla financing my own bank financing before securing delivery but in this video we’re gonna

Go through what you should do now before taking delivering your tesla in regards to financing welcome back to the channel and thanks for watching another video and let’s get into it thanks for watching another video guys if you’re new here my name is dennis i have a tesla model y performance or i used to have a tesla model y performance and a model 3 performance

And i made videos about all of them but i just sold both of them so if you’re interested in any of that i’m definitely going to buy another tesla so please hit that subscribe if you’re interested in tesla content personal finance content or even crypto mining content which you just saw so if you’re interested please hit that subscribe if you can already beat 1.24

Apr financing then you can skip this video completely and watch some of my other videos but if you can’t stay tuned to the end where i tell you exactly where you can get 1.24 financing for your tesla and what my exact process of what i did to actually get there so to get 1.24 apr financing for 65 months for your tesla you need to sign up for digital federal credit

Union if you need a referral find me on instagram notdencyw and send me a dm with your email your name and email and i’ll send you a friends and family referral so you can get sign up if you set up an account right now you get 100 and i get 50 for that referral in the stipulations you do have to set up direct deposit to set up that account but i only went with 500

A month and it seemed to be working fine for the account technically the posted rate is actually 1.99 apr but you get a 0.25 discount for buying a tesla which brings it down to 1.74 and then the remaining 0.5 reduction requires direct deposit which i only did 500 a month so it seems working fine shout out to my friend dennishu for putting me on this referral offer

And inspiring me to make this video to get more referrals for everybody so hit the dm if you want the friends and family referral to join dcu or digital federal credit union to get financing on top of that as a member for the savings account you can get 6.17 apr savings rate on your first thousand dollars so my strategy is to actually have a couple hundred dollars

Each month deposited directly into my dcu savings account and then paying off my tesla loan whenever it becomes due and so that way it’s six percent savings rate just paying off my tesla loan which is a no-brainer in my book now if you’re short on time let’s say your tesla delivery is next week i would probably go with tesla financing for the ease of convenience

And getting approved for a two to two point five percent rate with one of tesla financing’s partners after 30 to 69 days i would then refinance your tesla with dcu at the 1.24 for your tesla and this is exactly what i did i purchased my tesla model by performance with tesla financing with u.s bank at 2.5 apr and then 60 days later i refinanced it with dcu and dcu

Basically sent a check directly to us bank and paid off my loan but before you do any of this i would still get my referral now to open up the checkings and savings account and to start that relationship with dcu so that way you can then apply for the loan whenever it’s ready and you already have a pre-set up existing relationship if you just order your tesla

And you’re still not gonna get it for another six months i would still open the account today so that you can get the referral bonus and start that relationship with dcu and then apply for the loan when you’re 30 or even a couple weeks out from delivery and hopefully after you’ve received your vin so this is a quick video on what you should do now before taking

Delivery of your tesla and this saves you a little bit money on the financing portion of it because if you find it’s at 2.5 versus 1 you’re basically going to save a couple thousand dollars in the long term life of the loan so i think it’s definitely worth it to do that yeah thanks for watching this quick video on what you should do now before taking your tesla

Delivery specifically in regards to financing please hit that like if you enjoyed it and comment below if you have any other tips regarding financing your tesla purchase so thanks for watching this video please hit that like if you enjoyed it and i’ll see you guys in the next one see ya you

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