Do You Want To Know Everything About Car Finance? This Video Will Turn You Into An Expert!

Car finance can be long and stressful but with Carmoola the process is fun and quick! We want you to feel comfortable and happy with car finance terms, jargon & which finance contract to go for. So watch this video and comment below if you are a PCP fan or a HP!

Finance knowledge can help you become an  with carmoola we make  purchasing a car, new or old,   simple and fun. but we want to let you in on how  how to finance a private car purchase. car  financing companies know that sometimes your   dream car will only be available through a private  sale, so lots of finance companies

Offer finance   even for those sellers. there are a few extra  steps to the buying process, and things you   an hpi check, which can be done for under £10,   provides you with all the information so the   process can be completed smoothly. if the seller  doesn’t want to give you all the information,   or drive

Away if you already have a car. there are  let’s talk about financing a new car. so  when you’re financing a new car purchase,   monthly payments, usually over three or five   years. a finance car purchase means you borrow  money so you can buy the car you want, and then   repay the car finance company through monthly 

Instalments. however there are some different   options to consider. let’s grab a cuppa and let’s  great for new or old cars and if you  know that you want to keep the car. cars or if you’re unsure if you want to  car leasing is also an option for you if  you only need the car for a year or two,   always own the latest models, then

It could   be more practical to choose car leasing. you’re  going to make monthly payments in the same way,   return the vehicle. but you can always get   a new car lease or a newer car. this is great if  financing a used car. we do  have another video on this,   and many dealers offer 12 months warranty.  however

With used car financing there is a   check the car’s history and make sure it hasn’t  been in a major accident. do an hpi check and   get a mechanic to check it to make sure   it’s mot’d and road safe. no matter how cheap  the car, always be sure to check these things,   confused with car terms or want to brush up on 

Your knowledge? you are on the right channel.   information for everyone. whether you’re new   to car financing or a regular, we all need those  extra hints and tips sometimes. so when you’re   ready to apply for car financing, do check out  what carmoola has to offer. everything happens   in-app, so you can do it at any

Time of day, any  week, and get an instant decision. no hassle,   no faff, no paperwork. so you’ll be cruising in  your new upgraded ride in no time. any questions?   comment below. i’m jade and i’ll see you next  week on the carmoola channel. thanks everyone!

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