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Rev up your engines now if you’re watching my videos you can see i’m not a big carvana fan they charge too much for their cars right but if you want a certain type of car and you want security sometimes it’s not a bad deal take the case of this jeep he had to pay twenty thousand dollars for use it came standard at carvana with a 4200 mile 100 day warranty he took it

To the chrysler dealer and said i want everything fixed that needs fixing they did new brakes they did ball joints they even put new tires on it now granted this is under the warranty didn’t cost them anything and under the hood what do we see a new water pump a new power steering pump that took all the scratches off the car all in all the chrysler dealership did

About ten thousand dollars worth of work he didn’t have to pay anything for it it wasn’t as bad of a deal as you thought paying 20 grand party in the first place but as old scotty always says hey it’s a chrysler product it had about 70 000 miles when he bought it kind of makes me wonder you got to replace a power steering pump and a water pump already but what can

I say the man loves his vehicle he likes chrysler products so he’s got this warranty right well he says when that warranty wears out he’ll buy an extended warranty because he wants to keep it a long time and as long as the warranty company is going to stand behind it like this and actually replace the things that need replacing he didn’t have to pay anything for

It the only problem is you got to make sure those warranty companies are standing behind it now it’s a nice looking vehicle but he still has some warranty left on it so let’s hook up my fancy computer and see if you can get anything else for free turn on the main unit that you can’t hide from the machine here we go so we’ll get a diagnosis with all the fancy sounds

Flying out of us and we’re gonna do the smart scan where we go okay there’s an awful lot of green but there’s also some red so let’s look at the body control module codes right front fog lamp control circuit short to battery are open and the left front fog control circuit so odds are fog lamps aren’t working they’ll have to fix that for free too he took it to crisis

Dealer and they did find that code but the fog lamps work perfectly fine now that’s as i say with these computerized cars there’s some stuff you live with this is a body control module called b16fb-15 those codes have nothing to do with your check engine light with getting your car inspected a lot of times you’re going to live with stuff like that it doesn’t really

Mean anything but just for interest sake we’ll clear them and if they don’t come back it could be as simple as they didn’t clear the codes it’s clearing it now we’ll see if it clears it because if it can’t clear it then it’s an obvious problem well it’s not obvious because it’s green now if say there was an electrical short as soon as i cleared it it would just

Go back to being red so maybe they just didn’t clear who knows and as you can see now everything is clear because those codes they were over here and they’re over here but it’s all the same system that’s the body control and so that’s it everything else looks good so we might as well just look at raw data while we’re here so start up so here we go data stream we’ll

Select them all then we’ll start looking at them there’s an awful lot of data watch this we’re still going and we’re only at the seas now we’re at the e’s we’re still going people now we’re the ends okay there’s an awful lot of information right the long-term fuel it’s only adding 0.78 that’s of one percent perfect is zero and you can see the range is minus 32 to

32 so it’s almost perfect now look how insane this gets you even get the high side pressure of the ac we’re going to turn it on turn it up notice how as we turn it up the pressure goes up well that’s what’s supposed to happen he didn’t give you the actual torque of the engine watch this i’ll put in gear notice how it goes up you know what that means that means

The torque converter is engaging and working of course it is because this thing runs fine but if you put it in and nothing happened you’d know well the torque converter’s completely shot we’re gonna have to pull the transmission off it sure beats guessing when you’re gonna be working on one of these things yes it’s truly amazing what one of these things will do

You want your engine temperature cooling that’s the temperature you’re running at the engine oil temperature your exhaust cam degrees well i made a lot of mechanics these days old guys that don’t know much about modern cars they’ll say that fancy variable valve time and i don’t understand it well with a machine like this they could learn how to understand it very

Quickly now you notice they’re not all exactly the same notice they’re slightly different and no there’s nothing wrong with it that’s how it’s supposed to be you cannot make either the engine or the fuel injectors perfect and when you get to this level thousandths of a second the computer has to compensate all the time to make it run perfectly fine because look

And you might say look at the pulse widths they’re moving all the time they’re changing how come it’s not shaking that’s because it’s compensating for it to make it run perfectly these things get as close to perfection that an internal combustion engine can get that’s why people keep thinking we can get better and better gas mileage they’re doing more and more to

Get less and less and less let’s face it you got a machine say it goes at 99 efficiency as efficient as it can burn gasoline possible the way it’s designed what are you going to do with that one percent you’re never going to get it and if you do what’s one percent of 20 miles a gallon it’s not much it’s kind of like a cat chases its own tail with that sometimes

You can go too far and let’s say you think you have a problem with variable valve timing here it shows your desired position and a duty cycle so when you road test and record it you drive it and you look at the data and you can see if it’s desired to be at 10 degrees but it actually isn’t you know there’s a problem with the system so back a page here here we go of

Actuator tests here’s all the different actuator tests you can do on that variable valve tell me you could check a lot of stuff and of course there’s more than that that’s just the actuation test your system tests you can check it the vacuum pump oxygen sensors you can set your engine rpm purge vapors ecu and it’s got a whole system test for variable valve timing

You can see there’s nine different set points for the system and guess what this thing can check them all with all those pages and all these tests yeah i could do them individually using my fancy fluke meter and a freeze frame oscilloscope but it might take i don’t know four or five months for me to do them it’s best to leave this stuff to a computer that can do

It a heck of a lot faster and a lot more accurate too because this is all working to the data stream port under the hood if i was to check all that stuff out freeze frame oscilloscopes fluke meters you gotta hook all the stuff up under the hood how you gonna drive that thing down the road without them vibrating and shaking this just plugs in it’s a much better idea

Play a little game it’s called let’s record it all so here we go now we’re going to take it for a road test now i just put it in sport mode you can see the s there it actually lowers the front end a little make the suspension this does have air suspension and interesting enough he got it replaced free under that warranty that’s part of the 10 000 worth of work

He got that he didn’t have to pay for in town yes it’s a gas hog it gets like 10 miles a gallon here we go listen to that engine oh sweet sound shifts like a dream this is sport mode and we’re going to look at the files and what’s hiding in the files and we can go through all the data now this thing passed with flying colors we’ll go back to smart scan let’s

See what happens and what do we see nothing but green the bcm stayed up so i’m assuming the guys were just lazy and didn’t erase the codes when they were messing with it i see that all the time because when you get to these high level codes you got to actually erase the high level code you can’t just do a generic plug it in it won’t even tell you about these codes

You got to have a really fancy one like this and a lot of times i’ve seen more people buy cars and have a zillion codes and i’ll say well what’d you buy they said well i bought this car was a wrecked car the guy fixed it he showed me the pictures before and after i got a good deal i paid five grand and i’ll say okay well let’s just erase everything i did they come

Back in a couple months and none of the codes came back it was just because they were either too lazy or they didn’t have the equipment to erase it they probably just plugged in a generic scan tool that says a race code yes yes and they’re going to erase these codes so don’t be afraid if you’re having a guy like me check out a car that has some oddball codes but

Everything works especially if your fog lamps work but it’s got a code for them that’s probably something that happened in the past even though i’m not a carvana fan he paid twenty thousand dollars for a car he got ten thousand dollars of work free so that’s thirty thousand dollars but he only paid 20 somewhere between 10 and 20 is what he paid because he got all

That free work and the vehicle itself yeah it’s got a good strong v8 engine it also has a zf transmission the austrian company even though the canadians on them now they’re excellent transmissions i’ve seen them at 180 000 and they still shifted like a dream it’s 10 miles a gallon if you’re driving like a maniac but 21 on the highway in eco mode even though you

Got it at carvana it wasn’t that bad of a deal considering all the stuff he had done for free even new tires that kind of shocks me they even put new tires on and they paid for it so take it to a dealer they say it needs this work and they okay it you’re not paying for it tires are tires bikes or brakes you can see new ones were put on that’s not that bad of a deal

And as i said he’s thinking about getting a further one when this runs out up to 150 000 miles and he said it was like 1700 bucks that’s not that bad of a deal with you saw the complexity in this thing that might not be a bad idea i’m not a fan of them myself you want to make sure you’re not shelling out the ten thousand dollars out of your pocket when something

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Don’t Buy a Car from Carvana Before Watching This By Scotty Kilmer