Dont Miss These Top 10 Selected Best And Memorable Places To Visit in France In Your Next Visit

Top 10 best places to visit in France: France is a renowned tourist destination for good reason. The country offers an incredible array of things to see and do, from world-famous museums and historic landmarks to picturesque villages and stunning natural scenery to its quaint small towns and villages, its magnificent palaces and châteaux, and its world-famous gastronomy and wines, to name but a few. With so much to see and do, it can be tough to know where to start.

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Turn on the notification bell so that you’ll not miss any of our daily videos we are also available on facebook instagram tick tock twitter and pinterest at effortlessbooking that being said let’s dive in top 10 best places to visit in france every traveler will find something interesting in france france offers tasty cuisine stunning architecture and beautiful

Nature for those seeking for good travel destinations what is the best place to visit if you are looking for the best table destinations in france you have come to the right place the 10 incredible france travel destinations on our list will give you amazing experiences thanks number 10. month st michael located high above the sea like a castle in a fairy

Tale monsant michelle is one of france’s most popular tourist attractions legends says the archangel michael the island’s namesake repeatedly appeared to bishop albert of avaranchan dreams telling him to build a church on top of the island in ad709 in the years since its completion it has become an important religious and educational site for christian pilgrims

And intellectuals throughout europe in addition to touring the abbey and admiring its impressive medieval architecture visitors can explore its surrounding streets which are dotted with small shops and cafes number nine lion the lion is not as well known as big name cities like paris it competes with the best of them lyon is the third biggest city in france but

It is much calmer and less touristy than other similarly sized cities public art adorns the streets including trump-line murals and museums showcase everything from movies to history additionally it boasts hundreds of wineries in 2000 plus restaurants including several with michelin stars making it appealing to foodies and unifiles alike number eight saint tropez

Singh trope has transformed from an unknown fishing village to a symbol of glamor and hedonism after bridget bardot filmed and god created woman here in 1956. there is more to this french riviera hot spot than yacht hopping and partying a day spent on one of the destination’s famous beaches can be followed by a stroll through the viewport a visit to the museums

Or a visit to la tartar trapezian for the eponymous dessert there are also many boutiques in saint tropez to keep up with the towns fashionable and sometimes famous guests number seven normandy in spite of its war-torn past this region of northern france has a great deal of natural beauty impressionist claude monet certainly thought so normandy’s landscapes

Inspired the artist so much that he created some of his most famous works here etrotats white cliffs provide a spectacular view of the area’s natural scenery visitors can also admire works of art at the museum de bozart’s de rwan or see some of the remnants of normandy’s heavy history at the d-day beaches and la tapisserie to buy you number six ixn province

Known for its tree-lined boulevards cute cafes and lively markets ixen province is a charming university town unlike other french cities life here moves at a more leisurely pace so travelers can get to know the locals and get lost in the scenic streets your itinerary should include cathedral saints over and legrand marque two of the city’s most popular attractions

Number five marseille having shed its cd reputation france’s oldest and second largest city has emerged as an exciting up-and-coming tourist destination the former european capital of culture has a number of sites worth seeing including the basilique notre dame de la guarde and the cathedral de la major swimmers boaters and hikers enjoy the rocky cliffs and

Secluded beaches of the kalanks when the weather is fine a visit to marseille wouldn’t be complete without a stop by the museum de civilization’s de la ruppi t de la mediterranean museum a rooftop terrace offers a great view of the city number four nice along the french riviera nice occupies a picturesque location both beach bums and culture hounds will enjoy

The city’s pebbly shores engaging museums boutique shops and baroque style palaces it is likely you will spend a pretty penny on lodging in beach access but it is well worth it to experience nice it’s cheaper to travel between mid-march and april or september to october the shoulder seasons in this region number three lawyer valley a romantic getaway in central

France can be found in the lower valley a variety of chateaus bed and breakfast accommodations farms and wineries can be found along the lloyd river because of its beauty and historical villages the region has even been designated a unesco world heritage site you might want to spend some time in orleans tours or some more all of which are laid back and charming

Cities and towns in the valley number two bordeaux with its riverbank location and surrounding countryside this wine growing hub attracts tourists with more than one hundred thousand vineyards bordeaux offers ample choices for those looking to sip some of the best wines in the world among the sites to see in the city center are the gothic-style basilique saint

Michelle the ponte pierre a beautiful stone bridge and the jardin publix pathways in flora number one paris paris is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations so it’s no surprise that it tops this list france’s capital city attracts visitors year round with iconic attractions such as the louvre and eiffel tower incredible architecture and exceptional

Dining and shopping you should keep in mind that paris is often overrun with tourists and hotel rates can be high travel in winter or early spring if you’re looking for a deal that’s where we’ll call it a wrap for today’s video on top 10 best places to visit in france thank you for watching i hope you enjoyed it and if you do please leave a comment in the comments

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