Earn 000 From Searching Google (Make Money Online)

Google is a great way to make money online, and this video will teach you how. This lesson explains how to monetize Google searches step-by-step.

Make money online with google is getting easier every day you use google every day and you find answers you find the solution you look for fun and research to prove your friend wrong but did you know that you can use it to make big money online yes there is a website that pays you just to search on google you can use it on your phone your laptop or your computer

And you can do it from anywhere in the world so you can do it from your bed or from the beach you can do it while waiting in line you can do it right at your house and you can do it literally anywhere as long as you have internet access and if you watch this video till the end i will tell you step by step how to do it so that you can start earning money now plus

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Making things also please give this video a big thumbs up and if you ever have any concerns questions or opinions about the video don’t be embarrassed and just leave a comment below and let’s get back to the video as always i will explain each step and i want you to follow me so immediately after this video you will be ready to go there and earn some real money

So pay close attention and follow the steps and keep in mind that this is going to be a really really simple tutorial because we will only use two websites to make money online the first is just going to be google.com i’m going to show you another money making website in a minute but first i just want to say that many of you are asking me why i am sharing these

Ways with you such as why i should not keep them to myself and make money i’m doing this to help you because i know there are a lot of people out there struggling to make money online and i already have my own business model that makes a lot of money so the first step for you is to just open google and leave it as is now the main website that we will use to make

Money online in collaboration with google is going to be minesumo.com but you should keep an eye out because if you go straight to mysumo.com and you try to figure it out yourself you won’t know which method will save your time that also allows you to double your money while spending the least amount of energy but i’m going to show you this simple trick from google

That will actually allow you to pay a lot more than mind sumo i’m going to show you how to combine these two to make money by searching on google and i’m going to tell you how it works and if you follow every step you will be ready to make money as you can see mindsumo.com is working with some of the biggest companies in the world so you know it’s worth it they

Have been working with pepsi and johnson and johnson amazon starbucks disney adidas facebook coca-cola spotify microsoft american express yahoo ibm and more these are the biggest companies in the world and take a look at how much to build there as simple as a search can be there is a lot of money to be made here all you need to do is sign up for minesumo.com and

You may be asking how do you do that ok you click here where it says login sign up since you do not yet have an account just click on it so you can sign up for free just enter your first name your last name your country and your email address then you will create a unique password and then you will choose your birthday then you have to choose your gender and then

You will need to rank yourself in the following areas of expertise and so you need to choose between creativity marketing skills and technical skills now this is really optional but i suggest that you choose something like average skills or above average skills regardless of what your actual skills are but it will also give you more chances to make more money so

I will choose the average skill you do not need to click on these three boxes because it is about to sign you up in their email list and obviously not what you want you do not want spam emails of any kind so you just need to click on these two boxes to agree to their terms and conditions along with their privacy policy which you can read by clicking on these two

Links after that just click on i’m not a robot and just click sign up and now you have an account once you log into your account you scroll down a bit you can do whatever you want check out all the different challenges questions and projects you can answer and get paid to do so so you can see that they are paying in full from a few hundred dollars to one thousand

Dollars and here on the left you will be able to see the different categories that you can choose from so there is definitely no shortage of money on this site as new questions new projects and new challenges come up every day if you guys are enjoying this video don’t forget to hit the like button and subscribe to the channel now let’s back to the video let me

Show you some projects now if i open it for example here it is you will be able to see how much money people are making from this challenge alone you can see that this is their total budget that you can get paid from this amount of money and here are the results of this project sometimes it’s more than that stay with me until the end of this video so i can show

You that simple trick on google and how you will be paid to search on google anyways at least i didn’t go down without explaining myself first for example let’s go with computer science then choose any of these projects of your choice and you get involved in this project as you can see they will ask you a question here this is an important question that we need

To answer and we have a chance to win this money so what’s that google trick well here’s what you need to do you have to copy this question here then go to google and paste the question here so we can find the answer on google here so you can see all these articles for example open it and try to find out if there are any answers to our questions and you can see

That this is exactly what we are looking for they are giving us examples and that’s the really really professional answer they’re going to win one of the top shares here and you saw how easy it was i just copied the question then i just went to google and searched for that question and now i have an answer here the next thing i need to do is modify the answer

A bit so to do that i go back to google and i search google docs and i’ll click blank here then go back to the article then you can copy and paste some of the answers paste them here go back to make another copy so the longer the answer the more money you can make in fact if your answer is deeper or if your answer is longer your chances of making money will be

High and now of course you can edit it you can change the font you can change the color and you can probably change some words for example instead i can just select it and i can change it to blue and i can probably turn that part into something bold or something like that as you can see this is completely customizable and it’s really really easy so just search

For the answer on google and edit it in google docs and once you’re done just click on the file go to download and download it as a pdf document once you open this document it will look something like this and as you can see it’s really really professional once you have it on your computer you will be back here and you will submit the answer and you will probably

Get a share of the money for that question now keep in mind that you will not win the entire amount you will need to share it with other participants but as you can see it was really really easy and it took me less than five minutes to find the answer on google now i have the opportunity to win hundreds of dollars absolutely free so all you need to do is search

For the answer on google find the answer and once you find out all i need to do is click on it i have an idea and then log into my account enter my email address and my password and submit the answer so how easy is it to just search on google there is a huge opportunity to make a lot of money online of course there is no guarantee that you will always win a

Challenge and receive a share of the prize but it only takes you a few minutes to search on google it’s really easy and as i said you can do it from anywhere you want so why not do it in your spare time and earn some extra money and this is it be sure to subscribe to the channel before you leave and click the like button by pressing the notification bell and i

Will see you in the next video check out this unique method if you want to make even more money and it is also available worldwide and free click to watch now

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Earn $2000 From Searching Google (Make Money Online) By maskdollar