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World’s Easiest Mortgage Calculator Helps to answer the Million Dollar

Hey everybody mulkey films here today we’re going to go take a look at perhaps one of the easiest mortgage calculators there is and i just discovered this the other day for myself did not realize this was here on my computer and i think you’ll be surprised too so to access the mortgage calculator on your computer what you do is just go to the calculator program

Okay we’ll go ahead drag it down here into view and then click on the view button okay so now we have a bunch of different views and i believe this was actually called a worksheet yep there it is and click on mortgage alright so let’s try to answer that million-dollar question can you afford the million-dollar house okay well let’s see so that’s a thousand all

Right that is a hundred thousand and that’s a million okay so let’s say you’re a first time home buyer and your attempt you can buy a million-dollar house and you’ll need three percent down so we’ll go ahead and run calculation here oops guess we won’t okay well let’s see what’s three percent of a million well that must be i’m guessing 30,000 actually that might

Be about right three percent yeah go ahead and put it at thirty thousand thirty thousand would be thirty percent of a hundred thousand so moving the decimal place over one more yeah i think that puts you at three percent for a one-million-dollar house okay and let’s say you want to get a 30 year loan and let’s see it’s august 2016 i haven’t looked at the mortgage

Rates and looked at them recently so we’ll just put a 4.0 % mortgage rate in there and we’ll go ahead and calculate this now keep in mind i’m not a financial advisor nor should you really take any of this knowledge is fact other than that this is just a really cool function in your calculator that i didn’t realize it existed so now that we’ve got this disclaimer

Out of the way let’s see if we can afford just the monthly payment on a 1 million dollar house now keeping keep in mind this does not include any taxes fees homeowner fees security fees bodyguard fees and any other fees associated with being a millionaire of which by the way i wouldn’t know anything about okay let’s go see what the what the monthly payment would

Be four thousand six hundred thirty dollars and ninety two will round up ninety three cents actually it doesn’t seem that too far out of reach probably for a lot of people those mulkey films this is the world’s easiest mortgage calculator located right here on your windows computer i’m running windows seven if you like what you see going to click subscribe and

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