Echopark Dealer Review | Echopark Car Dealer Saves You Money? Really? | Echopark Feedback

Echopark Dealer Review | Echopark Car Dealer Saves You Money? Really?

My name is dan i used to work at the biggest dealership in the country now i teach fine folks like you how not to get when buying a car now in this video we’re gonna review echo park dealership website you guys been asking me about it this is a second video about it so first what the hell is echo park echo park is a dealership it’s not like facebook it’s not like

Craigslist it’s not a marketplace it’s not like auto trader where there’s a lot of different dealerships from all sorts of places it’s not like cargurus again lots of different dealership from all sorts of places selling cars on the marketplace website that’s what those websites are there’s a lot of competition going on here if you’re called them you’re calling

One dealership you know they have a few different location but essentially it’s one company makes sense so just keep in mind that this is not a website that i would ever use this is not a dealership that i would ever use and here’s why not just because of their dealership fees not just because you have to come in to buy a car watch the whole process that you will

Have to go through in the previous video in this video i will just talk to you about the website they’re claiming they’re so different and let’s see how different they actually are what services do they provide that would entice me as a customer to go spend money with them and keep in mind these guys they sell a lot of cars keep in mind they make a lot of money

They make just a lot of money this is not a some mom pop dealership they are big let’s watch this the video is called what’s the catch let’s see what the catch is echo park sells one to four year old clean carfax vehicles under kbb retail value clean carfax doesn’t mean damage free just so you know clean carfax does not mean damage free a core could have been in

A damaged just not reported to the carfax okay and then i have an issue i don’t have an issue with what what they’re saying but i know they’re saying it in a way that you would think you know no accident clean carfax you think what no accident right that’s what you think well why would they include this why would they include clean carfax right so that’s number

One number two which is i think is bigger thing to talk about here under kbb if anybody is buying a car at kbb prices you are a complete idiot and i’m trying to be nice here this is me being nice you should see me when i’m not nice the kbb is owned by autotrader last time i checked and the auto trader is owned by cox are a motive listen kbb is owned by these

Huge companies that are setting all these prices if you are buying cars at kbb and if you are even considering looking at kbb for the value of the car that you want to buy or the car you want to sell i mean i don’t want to call you an idiot again actually i do so what’s the catch well it’s not what we do it’s what we don’t do that keeps quality high and costs so

Low we’ve made deliberate trade-offs that eliminate costs other dealers carry so what do you have to give up to get one of these great deals no delivery you have to pick up your vehicle because shipping is complex and expensive it’s not complex or expensive you put a car on the car hauler room you park it there you leave the car alone then the driver gets in the

Cab drives the car hauler i’m explaining this on a third-grade level because apparently these people here these people here that make millions of dollars think that car delivery is expensive or complex then the truck driver drives the car to your city and then it comes down am i explaining this clear enough listen i’m a nobody in a car world business so far i only

Have a few thousand subscribers i have a you know a website where i offer some services and even me even me a guy that’s making these videos out of my apartment is offering people shipping and then not only making money on shipping i offer people the phone numbers of the car brokers that i use myself guys call them there’s four or five numbers that we have so far

The people that i actually trust that i know that that aren’t gonna screw you because when you google car delivery you i mean the chances of you getting screwed are like 90 percent 99 percent the first page of google is just after after scam after scam and when i say scam just overpriced overpriced literally i give people a choice not to pick up the car they

Can’t have the car delivered and i don’t even make money from it i literally offer it as a free service no credit cards with transaction fees of three percent accepting cards gets costly on large / yes if you’re let’s say you’re buying a car for twenty thousand dollars well three percent of twenty thousand dollars that’s $700 in fees that’s that’s quite a bit that’s

A lot what they could do is just tell you hey how about this if you want to use your credit card not a problem you got thirty fifty forty thousand dollars on your credit card you want to use your credit card not a problem not a problem at all let’s use the credit card we’ll charge you three percent more for you know seven hundred dollars more in twenty thousand

Dollar card and then you use your credit card here’s the crazy part for those people that are getting like five percent cashback and if this purchase were to qualify for a five percent cash back you could actually save money if you spend three percent but you’re getting five percent cash back won’t guess what you’re actually saving two percent well what’s two

Percent of twenty thousand dollars that’s four hundred dollars you can literally say four hundred bucks just by using your credit card if you would qualify it you know depends on your credit card in you know i don’t know what your credit card is it depends on the credit card okay you could literally save money what are they telling you we’re not gonna take credit

Cards jesus christ purchases like vehicles no shipping vehicles between echo park locations we over 1,000 vehicles in stock at multiple locations you should call ahead to make sure the vehicle you’re interested in is at your local echo park store so if there’s a echo park so i’m so mind blown right now i i’m litter oh boy if there’s a echo park location next to

You but they have another echo park location that’s let’s say a thousand miles from you and you ask them a the card that i want is in that location could you guys ship it i’ll pay for it i’ll pay for the shipping could you ship it to this location in my city so i don’t have to fly over there so i don’t have to drive a thousand miles you know where they tell you

You know we’re not gonna do that are you serious are you serious there are people who buy cars from them i spoke to a salesman he said they sell somewhere between four and five hundred cars at the location that he works at and i called if i’m not mistaken a colorado location i mean god how many people live in colorado that i would that’s not even their biggest

Location probably that’s in colorado they have they have locations in houston texas no bank drafts or personal checks it’s extremely cost prohibitive for a volume dealer we accept cash i got a question i have another question they say we don’t do personal checks and banks dress okay i don’t know a single dealership that does personal check i mean if let’s say

You’re selling a car and somebody wants to buy a car from you right and they give you a personal check would you accept that no you have to be a complete idiot to accept a personal check i mean who knows if there’s actually money on it right and then bank drafts okay i’m not even gonna go into that but here’s something that they say they say a volume dealer what

The is a volume dealer it literally could mean anything you want it to be i can open up a car dealership sell one car a year and i can call myself a volume dealer what the is a volume deal three cars four cars five cars whenever a dealership is telling you their volume dealer or they’re a wholesaler you tell them to shut the up because they’re lying to you this

Volume dealer could have any meaning what the does quit could somebody tell me what the is a volume dealer if there is no standard there’s no definition these five cars and volume dealers this 20 cars a month volume dealer is three cars a year a volume dealer volume dealers cash cashier’s checks debit cards or financing through one of our banks no negotiation

They’re not willing to ship a car to you you have to come to the locations you pick up a car and they don’t negotiate literally this did this this part right here where they say we don’t negotiate that’s supposed to be a good thing how is that a good thing that’s like saying i got aids and that’s a good thing pricing vehicles below kbb retail value saves time and

Money pricing vehicles below kbb is not special i don’t know of any dealership that sells it at kbb pricing not one not one selling cars below kbb is like what everybody does i mean you have to be to sell cars that kpb pricing nobody does that nobody uses kpb for pricing anymore kbb was left in like 2000 and seven before google was invented okay right after

Last dinosaur was killed off that when kpb died the right next day okay nobody’s using kpb anymore you use market around you to sell a car you use markets nationwide to buy a car that’s what i teach we don’t locate cars for individuals we only buy vehicles based on declining markets and depreciation okay so here they’re saying if you won that car but we don’t

Have it we’re not gonna find it for you why not why not i can go to mcdonald’s buy a cheeseburger and tell them i don’t want pickles on it and they’re gonna give me a cheeseburger with no pickles on it and you can’t find me a car are you serious this is how easy it is to find a car you would take person’s deposit it takes about a week to find a car you find them

The car and you sell them a car if you can’t find them or you just refund them the deposit that’s it it’s that simple and here’s here’s something else how many people are gonna be asking you to find a car not too many how many people are asking for pickles to be taking off their cheeseburgers not too many but mcdonald’s still does it why can’t you do it this

Is this is the dealerships are 2020 you far as the pricing you for is the shipping you as far as the service you as the actual real price of the car i’m gonna in the in the previous video i talked about how they’re making almost a million dollars by my calculations just in dealer fees a million dollars a month just in dealer fees no service department why

Should you pay for our investment in expensive service facilities when most of our vehicles are still under the original factory warranty guys the reason they don’t have service department is because they choose not to make money from it for those of you that did work at the dealership which is like 99 percent of you watching ok the service department inside

The dealership exists to make money the amount of money that’s being made at service department is often often more than from selling cars think about that so if you are willing to forego these few things you can buy a nearly new so let’s talk about the things that you are willing to forego first they don’t negotiate second they have a fee that you have to pay

They have a documentation fee that is not negotiable number two number three if they don’t have a car you want they’re not going to find it for you number four if they have a car that you want but it’s in a different location they’re not gonna ship it to a different location for you to pick it up so to make your life easier next they’re gonna make you come to

The dealership to buy the car you’re gonna have to fly in to pick up a car so if you’re willing to forego these six things or if you’re willing to overlook all that crap and you’re still willing to buy a car from them you’re a loser i mean i got i don’t know what else to tell you clean carfax vehicle under kbb retailed you only at echo park get the new car feel

Without the new car price it’s not a new car it’s a used car it’s a used car the huge thank you for watching this video click here to subscribe watch one of those two videos and click the share button below the video did you enjoy the video did you find it useful do you think you’re gonna save some money with it abso-fucking-lutely you will share this video on

Facebook with somebody else this is damn strong with sixty-minute car i’m signing out and i’ll see you in another video

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