0 VS ,000 LEMONADE STANDS *Budget Challenge*

We each made lemonade stands to see who could get the most customers

Welcome back to another plinko board budget challenge today we’re doing budget challenge lemonade stands so how it works is we’re each gonna take turns drop the ball down the plinko board and whatever money amount you land on is what you get to use to spend to build your lemonade stand ingredients supplies decorations whatever you need to get the most customers

Lightning lightning i’m sorry andrew that’s okay because like you said earlier this whole challenge is based upon how many customers we can get so i can still beat you no you can’t i have a thousand dollars all right let’s go to the store and get our supplies we’re here at the store and for my lemonade stand i’m going with the homemade vibe so i’m gonna get a

Ton of actual lemons maybe some lime since assortment of fruit because we’re not just doing normal lemonade strawberries blueberries all the fruits and we’re not just getting the basic raspberries we’re getting organic whoa in order to make lemonade you need water so we’re not just going with your average or below average water we’re going with some high quality

Fiji i’m gonna get lemonade mix these things are almost eight bucks a pop so i have plenty i don’t have plenty of budget i gotta think about what i’m spending but i’m gonna get a whole bunch of mix and check this out i can make to-go lemonades just like in a water bottle just squirt this in and power up or if people have their own water bottles i can just squirt

This in and boom lemonade all right so i’m thinking of an idea a lot of people have been taking just normal flavors and adding it like coffee edition coffee this like coca-cola coffee i’ve seen that you better not i’m thinking no it’s just an experiment but if we try lemonade coffee no just vanilla that’s all we need we don’t want any like really flavored stuff

But i’m just gonna get a pack of these and we’re gonna taste it this could be the next big thing or maybe not this is for drinking i’ll make sure i have enough it’s gonna be hot outside if we run out of lemonade we’re doomed it’s gonna get ice all right yes oh you’re mixing water oh that’s for the that’s for the tigo bottles pictures are 14 i know i had a hundred

Bucks but i’m actually starting to go through it pretty quick i got 44 left all right we’re just gonna get one nine dollar pitcher right isaac i don’t really serve many customers well i can keep refilling it from what another picture i don’t even have cups i gotta get cups what was i getting some type of stir it’s like a thin spatch where’s a thin spatch i see

It 10 bucks i need something that’s like a dollar for uh for mixing your powder you probably get a whisk it still is twelve dollars i need to be able to mix this or it’s going to taste like goo two dollars two dollar whisk that’s what i’m talking about but we’re going with blue because that kind of accents the yellow vibes the three dollar whisk ah that’ll work

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That’ll work so i’m just now realizing i don’t know how much i feel about lemonade stands being great investments look at this a hundred bucks you know how many 25 cent lemonades you’d have to spend just to make your money back although i did buy a lot you could buy less but still that’s a lot of work so the video challenge is justin and i are competing to see who

Can get the most customers it’s not really about the profits all i have to do is have more lemonade to sell than justin because he’ll run out because if he runs out then i’ll just keep getting customers but i also need to have at least enough money for a booth otherwise where am i going to sell it out of my hands 72 for five almost 450. you can always reuse them

I want to go two packs it’s a lot the amount of cups you get is the amount of customers you get you’re right you’re right yes that lemon febreze i’m gonna spray this all over my house or my lemonade stand they have two stand options right and you’re getting a swiff of lemons from one you’re gonna go oh i have twenty dollars left to build my actual lemonade stand

Which i should be enough to get markers a sign probably just like a table maybe some cardboard and then we’re done 50 sense for my next gen lemonade i’m gonna need a next-gen blender so i’m getting this it’s a portable blender because i’m not going to tell you guys yet but i have a top tier lemonade idea that’s going to require this blender so let’s go the cup of

Choice for my lemonade stand is going to be mason jars i want my guests leaving with their cup they get to keep it so the value is not only in the lemonade itself but the gift in having a cup you can bring home you’re back home now because what we’re going to do is take our lemonade formulas mine and justin so we’re going to whip them together and then give them

To the team to see who thinks is going to get the most customers foreign so for my sample i’m going to be making a frozen strawberry basil lemonade so i just got to make a quick glass and then we’ll see how it tastes and get some feedback some like fresh squeezed lemons all right it’s gonna be the best lemonade you ever had don’t worry i’m only touching the

Shell there’s the what the shell the fact that you call it a shell makes me really doubt the qualities get some strawberries cut up chills oh my god i have a good feeling about this one andrew and i both finished our sample lemonades now we are going to go to the biggest lemonade fan we know rick and we’re gonna see which one he likes better he literally starts

Every morning with a big cup of lemonade so he’ll definitely know which one is gonna win okay so we each have made lemonades and we want to see which one you think is better just based on taste really okay okay oh don’t look okay all right option one you don’t know who made this one you don’t know just give it a little sip got it next one why has this one got

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Foam who’s gonna win the lemonade contest oh there has to be a winner yes yes oh man uh let’s go pink foam guy yeah that’s mine really ah dang it wow this is our first try making it i had a guess on the formula wait i need your advice what should i change to make it better what do i need super sour man anything to sweeten it up you didn’t put any sugar in there

No what the heck’s wrong with you you put ice cream we made it to our location um there’s gonna be an abundance of students everywhere we’ve got to get set up as hot as eggs out here quick mix it mix it mix it my station is about set up it’s time to break out the secret weapon oh the wind’s coming our way she’ll still should er i’ll take it your first customer

Where am i where am i to go things i didn’t get my to-go set up here i’ll just give you first customer that pays to get set up fast chris would you buy lemonade from that thing heck yeah i would who wouldn’t want to get lemonade from the lemon drop all right haven’t tried these yet so i’m gonna try the quick to go blast to it watch this watch this sail ready

Lemonade free lemonade and i got donated a dollar we’re moving to a higher populated area yeah hopefully this works yeah that’s right guys thank you you’re welcome thank you for sure one two three four five and two we’ve also got to go models let’s work really okay this one yeah but look at look at andrew’s stall in our lemonades we put fiji water show up holy

Crap you’re gonna laugh but this is a test product okay lemonade coffee taste test it doesn’t look very good that looks disgusting boom done they’re fresh that’s not working for you off camera you literally couldn’t make it fast enough to left look i’m not about quantity like andrew i’m about quality just like our uploads but the competition is quantity ah

You’re right but the game’s not over yet it takes 30 seconds to get a lemonade i can make you a frozen lemonade you get ice cream in mine what fruit do you want raspberries strawberries watermelon pineapple the answer is yeah he wants them all oh yeah you get to keep your jar look at this andrew two at ones homemade smoothies no wait wait we gotta get a sample

See what do you think it tastes like a smoothie yeah it’s good it’s another sale it’s gonna taste the lemon yeah which one’s better i just had the both i like the smoothie one yeah smoothies better dude it has more flakes again all right thank you thank you every day i’m changing my business model i’m actually gonna make them not made to order i’m just gonna get

Them ready to go it real quick let’s go that marketing strat was a good a good choice yeah adjusting some competition now that he’s pumping him out faster huh like where did he learn that tactic from three lemonade oh yeah right here yeah it’s free lemonade gets a water bottle she drinks yeah because of that dirt storm my lemonade’s got a bunch of dirt

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In it i don’t know if i can sell this fresh batch the light’s still red quick yeah take care aha full sale yes a subscriber perfect all right you have a hard decision to make me from andrew there you go thank you you’re welcome yep this lemonade stand or this lemonade stand oh that looks like a lot more advanced yeah but that doesn’t look like lemonade yeah

This kid has a point oh i love strawberry limited all right i’m sorry plastic you know oh wow very good that’s some of the best lemonade i’ve ever had i only have two ice creams awesome thank you okay now they’re gonna try this one and you’re gonna regret that you’re getting actual fruit that’s pretty good yeah very good yeah that’s actually better that’s better

So as we pulled away you gave her one through the side window yeah yeah my boys go hey that’s jason i just ran into a severe problem blender’s out of battery now so i guess i have to shake it we have five more minutes until our challenge is up oh we’re not ah yes you gotta try this i think i might have a new formula that looks horrible it looks horrible yeah i’ll

Just like soap and there’s like grass floating in it it looks like it’s not cracked lemonade which one’s best which one’s better that’s it i give up i am sick of twisting lemons nobody wants a lemon after a jog dropping for yourself no then i didn’t realize how busy it was gonna be i got so many good ingredients that it didn’t account for speed literally every

Type of fruit i even got a water filter i got decorations i wasn’t able to get to any of that because customers were coming into quickly okay so one of the customers came up to me and he challenged me to a race he said whoever loses a 400 meter race has to take a bite of 11. and of course i accepted it because i’m about to smoke this guy so let’s head over to the

Track and show them what he’s made of if he beats me by 30 seconds he can have the pit vipers oh yep justin’s got a good lead but will he burn out really fast we’ll be able to see him the whole time all that kid’s always taking him justin has been overtaken come on justin final sprint can pass you gotta push it come on justine they’re coming they’re coming god

It’s closer to pulled not there yet what does that mean you know when you pull rubber bands about to snap but it didn’t snap yet you you had them for the first part yeah i said in high school i ran 100 meters head into 400s proud of you we finished the challenge i think i had more customers than justin did so i win the lemonade stand i clearly lose so i’ll eat a lemon oops oh

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