10 best ONLINE JOBS you can do from your PHONE | MAKE 3-4 per hour

10 best ONLINE JOBS you can do from your PHONE | MAKE $13-$14 per hour

In internet there are many jobs opportunities that require a computer or laptop however there are a growing number of income options that can be done using a mobile device today’s video is made to introduce to you the best known online jobs that you can do through your phone but before that please subscribe to my channel and hit the like button if you think that

My video worth it and leave a comment if you have something to say because that helps a lot my channel and worth a lot for me isothone has many different jobs but not all can be done from a mobile device you will need to read through the available jobs to see the requirements this company hires talented people from all over the world to work at home in a wide

Variety positions like it’s shown in the screen if you are interested in this work you must have basic computer skills stable internet connection be fluent in your native language and be at least 18 years of age in addition the company will provide free training for some positions so you are not required to have previous experience to apply to those positions

The company pays a good pay rate most of the jobs pay at least thirteen dollars per hour and you will get paid by paypal or direct deposit to your bank account either once a month or every two weeks depending on the job homantic pays you just to listen to a recorded phone call answer a simple question with a click of a button and earn real money when you first

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Start you are given access to the two easiest categories of calls and as you advance you will unlock new categories which will provide more opportunities to earn it’s free and simple and pays weekly you can work from your computer tablet or phone gig walk is available on both ios and android to become a gig walker simply download the app and finish a gig

Near you leading companies are looking for your help and once a gig is finished and approved the money is sent directly to your paypal account everything is done through the gig walk app no time sheets to fill out and no emails to send with photo app you can turn your photos into money just upload your photos collection and sell it to well-known brands all

Over the world you can sell your photos through folk market folk.com and sell them through folk missions to top brands also folk distributes your content through partners such as getty images to help you sell even more of your photos field agent is a microworks site you do tasks on the go such as a checking stock availability or prices mystery shopping and

Surveys it pays in money and available on iphone and android one queue is a mobile app available on both ios and android it pays about 25 cents every time you answer a simple question through paypal leapforce is the most well-known company hiring search engine evaluators it pays about 13 to 14 per hour once per month via direct deposit if you need a job with

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Flexibility working as a personalized search engine evaluator then leapforce is an excellent option not only you can work whenever you want but you decide how little or how much you’d like to work the pay is competitive and the company has good ratings but first you should know that you will need to apply through a computer but once you’re accepted you should be

Able to work through smartphone or tablet snapwire lets you turn money with your shots you can sell photos and videos using this app that is available on both ios and android the process goes like this a customer places a request and tells photographers what kind of picture he is looking for he also sets a deadline when the contest will end and photographers

Start submitting pictures with easy shift you will simply take photos or answer questions about certain products or business in your area being a yoga is fun and interesting you can share your passion with others and earn money at the same time you can film and edit your videos using only your smartphone like what i’m doing now there’s many cool apps that will

Help you create your awesome videos that’s all for today i hope that you liked the video stay safe see you all soon

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