1957 Chevrolet Bel Air for sale at Volo Auto Museum (V20602)

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Hi my name is jade rams my family has owned the volo auto museum since 1960. we have a few hundred of the most exciting collector tires and they’re all for sale in one location i personally have hand-picked them from around the country welcome to my sales shop come on let’s go for a spin i’d love to introduce to you a gorgeous 1957 chevy bel air this thing’s

Got about 750 miles on a body off frame rotisserie restoration you can lick the bottom it’s gorgeous it’s house of colors black it’s like a mirror i don’t know if you noticed yet but the roof is a gray titanium you got the gray wheels gray and black interior it’s a sharp car it has all the upgrades four-wheel disc brakes rack and pinion steering air conditioning

Overdrive automatic go to volocars.com and that’s where you can read all the specs and study all the pictures top to bottom and you’ll find a price tag on every car along with a monthly finance option as well at volocars.com if you enjoy these videos make sure you’re subscribed and then click on that bell icon so you’re notified as they are posted so we got a lot

Of great cars lined up uh but right now join me let’s go for a spin yeah i wasn’t kidding i said you could lick the bottom of his car uh it’s got all new metal the floors the braces the rockers and it’s pristine it’s not just patched up it looks like factory it’s all new metal zero rust and it’s painted a silver color smooth and glossy same with the frame the

Entire frame was prepped and painted the same silver uh really really nice under there so up front uh it’s all upgraded uh tubular control arms coilover adjustable gas shocks it’s all polished rack and pinion steering big fat sway bar it’s lowered and of course that’s all new the ball joints bush chains all of it is new up front uh in back it has the leaf springs

And the bushings were replaced as lowering blocks and has air shocks in the back custom dual exhaust it has a stainless steel x-pipe in the middle a flow monster mufflers and and yes flow monster not flow master my uh is right in the sign i kept wanting the auto correct the flowmaster but they’re flow monster mufflers uh polished tips coming out the back that sounds

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Real nice you’ll hear it towards the end of the video all new brake system the whole thing the lines the hoses the e-brake assembly and it has disc at all four wheels with drilled and slotted rotors uh the fuel system’s new and the tank is all painted real nice uh you look up at the motor it’s still clean and actually spotless as a finned aluminum oil pan a high

Torque starter a new flywheel cover it has a 700 r4 overdrive automatic transmission custom drive shaft looks like it’s an aluminum drive shaft a new 373 posi gears in the rear end so underneath the car everything is practically new the body is amazing you know black car it really needs to be straight well this one is straight i mean laser beam straight rifle

Barrel straight uh whatever you want to call it it is absolutely straight uh the gaps are square and flush and line up nice no issues no problem areas no rust no damage no dents it is a house of colors uh paint and it is polished like glass literally looks like i could reach in and shake my own hand and then the roof i think it was called titanium it’s a gray

Shadow gray metal flake it’s polished smooth and glossy but all the gaps are nice yeah the body’s outstanding and it was just professionally uh polished in detail right before we got it all of the exterior trim and chrome stainless has been replaced all this stuff around here it’s polished i mean even the vent window frame even the frames around the glass all

These frames are replaced the door handles the mirrors the side moldings the rockets all the chrome up front it’s all replaced it has t3 headlights that’s what they would have had originally uh t3 headlights in there the correct antenna passenger mirror all this stainless again all replaced all this side glass was replaced the windshield was replaced i believe

It’s the original rear glass because it has some light scratches on it but the gasket was replaced all the window seals weather strips has 18 inch riddler wheels and i really like it with the gray it picks up off the roof uh come ho performance tires got a nice stance and back here all this stuff is new and shiny and beautiful just nice so the outsides amazing

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Let’s open it up show you what it looks like inside i’m going to ask you a question how many of you know where to put the gas in the 1957 chevy because if you don’t know you might be looking all over the place uh there it is hidden behind the trim and inside the trunk of this car i like how it pops right open like that very nice and tidy the metal is all painted

And solid and clean uh has a new mat new weather strip and a new seat divider in the back of the seat i think they got the stance real right on this car the lowered suspension the nice wheels tucked up under there the black with the gray combination it’s it’s first class it’s nice door jams are painted very tidy the weather strips are new and they fit right now

It has a reproduction interior from cars ink as the all-new door panel the stainless trim the armrest the cranks the handles all new and if you notice there’s two power window switches there the doors do have power windows now it’s a new conversion all the metal trim is painted gloss black has a custom instrument panel with the modern gauges 764 miles that’s

All that’s on this car since it’s been completely off frame restored the trim across the dash is new digital retro stereo the glove box is probably the nicest opening and closing glove box i’ve seen the ac vents are neatly installed yeah a couple more gauges there they match the others now this is not a stick shift although it looks like one this is an automatic

Shifter on the floor new carpet got a nice tilt column with billet handles uh nardi glove soft leather cushion grip steering wheel the seat’s been rebuilt it’s nice and firm so everything fits nice it feels like a new car when you sit on it and i love this upholstery uh the silver and the black the silver thread and it has chrome piping and chrome buttons brand

New seat belts in the front everything in back the seat the side panels handles ashtrays are all excellent all looks new all the chrome trim inside looks new got a couple 6×9 speakers in back new headliner visors mirror dome light works very nice tidy interior riddler wheels with come ho performance tires now this is a 1990 corvette excuse me corvette 350 motor

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It’s got aluminum heads aluminum intake a 600 how we carved with electric choke looks like it’s an msd and it’s electronic ignition system it’s got a lot of nice goodies it has uh some billet plug wire holders brand new set of patriot coated headers uh some nice valve covers nice air cleaner aluminum pulleys on the front chrome alternator chrome power steering pump

Chrome master cylinder with stainless lines and a new brake booster it’s got a nice aluminum radiator with a custom shroud overflow bottles polished dual horns it also has an inside hood release cable the battery is new it’s got a billet dipstick for the trans everything’s painted real nicely it’s got electric wipers a real nice motor compartment all right i tell

You what this is a really nice dialed in car you can spend a ton of money you can have all these new parts but it’s all on how it comes together and this one comes together nice inside and out even the weather strips they’re not falling off the car so many cars have new weather strips and they’re hanging off or chunks missing uh tidy even this rubber up on the cow

The clips are new the fellow we just acquired the car from just spent six thousand dollars took it to a shop and dialed it in even further all you know little things there was an exhaust rattle and just miscellaneous stuff was all done to this car it’s detailed it’s dialed in you can literally pick this car up right now take it to a car show go for a drive it’s

That type of car beautiful 57 bel air go to volocars.com that’s where you can find the salesman i just gave you my impression but they can help answer your questions they can get this delivered to your driveway they can help you finance this car at volocars.com i hope you are enjoying these videos make sure you subscribe and then you have to click that bell icon

That way you’re notified as we post the next video thanks for watching

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1957 Chevrolet Bel Air for sale at Volo Auto Museum (V20602) By Volo Museum Auto Sales