2010 Ford F 150 Lariat We Ship Nationwide

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This is our 2010 f-150 it’s got a one key it appears two fobs that’s gonna be a cold start has not been started since yesterday we took it as a trade-in and the guy bought a four-wheel drive diesel and this is a two-wheel drive gas truck it has a aftermarket exhaust or muffler so it’s a bit louder than normal give it a row sounds pretty good though so we’re

Gonna pull it out do a walk around it has a backup camera but i don’t see the screen inside of where the feet comes through so that must be some sort of screen that’s not with it because it’s an aftermarket style backup camera this truck has 197 637 miles all right we’re gonna do an exterior walk around right here first of all there’s no check engine lights on

They drove it from quite a ways away i think like two hours away and i still haven’t had an engine light come on it’s like stereo appears to be in uh eight out of ten shape i would say try to show it’s a black metallic paint some emblems have been it appears to be painted or plasti dipped the wheels appear to be in good shape there are some uh kind of rock chips

Along the bottom very minor these wheels have been painted so they they’re starting to kind of peel a little bit around the edge there is no rust on this truck at all the lights and the bumper are aftermarket again this emblem has been painted this is the aftermarket backup camera that i don’t believe it works and it’s and it got water in the lens appears to

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Be a schrader valve for air suspension yep it has rear airbags for towing there’s a slight ding on the tailgate here but it’s really really straight actually really nice it’s got this tonneau cover i think this is the latch here but it functions properly doesn’t make any noise it’s solid has a bed liner there’s a ding in the fender flare all the tires

Appear to match they are nankang conqueror all-terrain tires aftermarket running boards they’re solid there’s a very very tiny ding on that rear the cab is in great shape this side doesn’t have as many of the rock chips as the other side the roof is a little faded try to see some waxing it has a spare present foreign levels no signs of moisture oil

Could use be changed but it’s at the proper level foreign seats work it’s got the rubber floor liners carpets in good shape all the windows work properly windows appear to be tinted on the back not as much on the front it’s got a flat load floor both of these seats fold up foreign ac is nice and cold it’s got auxiliary port down there oh i gotta answer this

Phone call real quick okay sorry i had to take a phone call there and now we’re gonna go drive it i’ll get it through the gears this one does have it looks like auxiliary connection serious uh am fm cd all that good stuff i see a thing for bluetooth so i believe that it has bluetooth phone calls if not bluetooth audio as far as the tire pressures they may

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Have dropped because it got cold today so we’ll check the tire pressure to make sure they’re all at the proper level it’s possible that the sensor doesn’t work that’s often the case so these are really bumpy roads right here they’ve torn them up and we’ve got these dips and stuff and so far i’m not hearing any strut or bushing type noises that indicate any loose

Problems in the suspension well of course we’ve got a train over here so i’m gonna have to find another way to drive here i’m gonna pause the video while i find a place to actually drive okay i found the overpass the ac is nice and cold i’m gonna turn the heat on get a feel for that uh he is like instantly hot so it’s definitely working very well yep thank

You so that’s that should be overdrive all the gears shifted through it’s just very smoothly no uh shifting delays or slipping or anything like that steering wheel appears to be very solid very straight there’s not any play in it without like actually turning most trucks seem to have like a half inch to one inch plate but this has literally no play in the steering

Wheel without turning it’s kind of crazy to see that like what what that’s how little play this thing has this this is switching must be really tight i can’t believe that it’s that tight uh we’re gonna we’ll do a stop like a hard stop to show the rotor condition uh we’re going about 60 in each gear kicked down up shift they’re all very solid foreign off

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The wheel so i don’t feel any rotor vibration i don’t feel any pulling to the left or right now i’m going to turn around up here and we’ll we’ll get a hard acceleration on the way back thank you okay so from a stop i’m going to count the shifts and it should be a six bead that’s one two three four it’s five and six so yeah it’s as good as it gets it’s

Got great power it feels like more power than most of the five fours that i’ve driven this thing’s been taken care of very very well all the gauges are holding steady um really no mechanical issues to report that i can think of at all well that’s the test drive for the 2010 f-150

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2010 Ford F 150 Lariat We Ship Nationwide By Angleton Trucks – Diesels \u0026 4x4s