21 Secrets You NEVER Knew About My Little Brother…

21 Secrets You NEVER Knew About My Little Brother… with Preston 👊

I have hooked up my little siblings to the best fly detector in history and if they lie they get zen hi josh are you ready mwah have you ever had a crush on one of my friends yes i know who it is too that’s true it was anna wasn’t it yeah do you think i’m funny no it’s not true oh it’s a lie shotgun buddy have you ever snuck out of the house oh he has hasn’t

It yes mom dad if you’re watching this video stop have you ever kissed a girl yes you’re so proud of it too oh shoot oh she she’s a player josh are you in love with someone yes oh true wait wait it’s just to confirm it’s not a family member no it’s not failing do you think that you’re smarter than me josh no that’s a little iffy welcome to the shockbot 3000.

Get out of here tesla boy ladies and gentlemen keeley has left the arena do you think i use you for clickbait on youtube yes that’s true now this is a spicier one you don’t have to answer but you will get shocked do you think your girlfriend is prettier than brianna yes that’s true oh okay he needed to answer that one that way dude josh is freaking out in his

Hands i know i’m not i’m not freaking out i’m just purple have you ever lied to mom and dad yes that’s true he was ready you wrote the command you were ready for it many times please leave a like on this video for him to stop sinning do you have a least favorite sibling yes true wait hold on is that least favorite sibling me no no it’s me but why that’s true

Everybody’s been asking me this for years when you are older do you want to make youtube videos inclusive that’s true do you like the merchandise we make at firemerch.com yes oh my gosh hey do you think i’m funny yes that’s true why does it look like he’s lying every time he looks like he’s lying every time why i’m not i haven’t lied one time preston’s

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Working up a sweat do you like being in the real life videos the most yes all right josh i just want to let you know that i have them all set to attend what do you think you are the favorite sibling yes that’s true okay why why what makes you the favorite villain do you enjoy being the youngest in the family no oh that’s true wait wait wait wait wait do you

Wish you were like the middle child or like the older you should be the middle class i wish i was o3 wait it’s white what i wish i was born in 2003. he wishes he wishes he were me do you think you have the best hair of anybody in the family yes that’s true literally no chance it’s always nice it’s long and curly that’s not good that’s great who do you think has

The worst hair including our parents and everybody in the family caleb that’s true dad is one of these dad’s got a mickey d’s bro okay let’s let’s not bring dad into it he doesn’t deserve this have you ever lied to me yes that’s true why’d have you ever lied to me yes that’s true what have you lied to everybody in the family yes that’s really true have you

Ever snooped around in my room no oh what are you doing in there you know what that means it’s time please don’t are you ever going to start working out with me yes that’s true okay wait wait wait wait all righty pressing any final questions preston you’re this close don’t make me act up okay that was the question do you ever wish you had a different mom no

That’s true okay you ever wish you had a different preston brother and here i was thinking that you were my favorite sibling sister do you prefer brianna’s videos over mine no oh have you ever unsubscribed from one of my youtube channels no it’s true have you ever stolen something from the warehouse no do you think i am the best youtuber yes okay what it’s

True okay bro hold on i love my sister do you like my hairstyle no no it’s true cause you know her favorite was sitting right next door i don’t have a favorite i like them all for the baristas lies and thighs we all know you’ve been dating scott for a long time do you think you will marry him yes new brother new brother dude imagine that came out false do you

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Think you’re going to have kids before me no that’s true dang he’ll be never popping out kids do you think that bree and i have a healthy marriage in conclusion zap bro just fudging thank you for answering my questions now we will move on you’re so not intimidating have you ever wanted to hit me hit me yes can i step out don’t worry i’ll hit it for you no

No no i didn’t lie you can’t shock me do you think i’m spoiled yes he owns a tesla and he’s 15. i bought it true but he worked hard for it that’s true okay this is a big one okay this is a lot of pressure am i your favorite sibling no it’s true get rekt i feel like i have to like hold my breath do you have a favorite sibling no um maybe next time keeley will

Give us a straight answer yeah he’s not lying i’m not lying do you think i look better with beanie on yes true that’s not cause your hair is in your face if not 200 000 likes on this video and i will literally shave you do you like joshua’s hair more than mine yes it’s true you’re mean i’m gonna shop do you think you have a better voice than i do no oh true

Okay do you think i am annoying yes that’s true brothers are always annoying no matter no matter how amazing they are for what it’s worth i think so also am i your favorite sibling yes have you ever disliked any of my friends yes that’s true as of this year do you like my style yes true okay okay this is what you’re gonna win do you think i work out enough yes

That’s true i mean look at that bro hey let’s get a little flashback what kid looked like three months ago compared to now do you think you were the most attractive person of all of our siblings no oh there’s a more handsome symbol no is dad your favorite parent no i don’t have one yes no no oh wait it was an egg yes no oh my gosh don’t move don’t move oh my gosh

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That was so much worse oh my god she needs to sit still yeah i told you sit still are you talking too many girls right now that you might be interested in the second no but yes and you haven’t told me i’m your older brother i haven’t answered him am i your favorite sibling no true i said i don’t have one have you ever snuck outside of the house no have you

Ever stolen from me no true oh don’t kiss me bro you’re ruining the system have you ever wanted to punch me in the face yes violence never the answer never so for your final question caleb this is a big one have you other than me kissing you have you had your first kiss no that’s not true what how is that not true are you wait a second it’s time at least

I’m a good liar oh how dare you are we really good cop bad cop or like what’s that i think we’re both bad cops i love it all right first question caleb do you think that you are a better singer than me yes true listen okay i’m saying it because i think i have a different style of voice if i said no i don’t think viewers or is better or worse i just think we’re

Different do you think that i don’t work hard enough in the gym called our sister yes okay oh i go to the gym four times a week buddy how dare you insult our sister i told the truth have you ever had a crush on a girl that i didn’t know about yes that’s true in scandalous have you ever disliked my boyfriend scott yes this is going to ruin our friendship or

It’s going to make our sibling bond stronger are you ready if we’re not siblings caleb would you still be my friend that’s not going to stop me from shocking you on a cage

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21 Secrets You NEVER Knew About My Little Brother… By Preston