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Hi and welcome to the date explorers securities lending update for november 25th 2008 i’m mike allen from new york office of data explores this friday in the us is known as black friday marks the unofficial start of the upcoming holiday shopping season most the time is the data puts of retailers in the black for the upcoming christmas period with this week’s black

Friday she had me up to be more of a red friday we decide to folks in the retail sector for this week’s updates at the moment the north american retail sector has the highest level of short interest as evidenced by the average amount of supply on loan putting that in context us retail has about twenty seven percent of supply unknown compared to ottos at twenty-four

Percent software at nineteen percent media app twenty percent and financials at eighteen percent taking a look at some individual names target has seen their utilization or the percent of stock all no ability to supply increased by about fifty percent and the percent of share is all-knowing outstanding increasing go two thirds in september during which time they’re

Taught the stock price target has also been cut in half their recent earnings disappointment of twenty four percent decline is a fifth consecutive drop in quarterly profit adding insult to injury they’ve also reported as same-store sales are down they’re scaling back in new store openings and they’re postponing and attended share buyback they even struggling

Recently as about forty percent of all their sales are on such discretionary purposes as their trendy but cheap clothing furniture etc in today’s current economic environment consumers have been drastically scaling back such discretionary purchases in contrast hardest mango petted walmart has been able to weather the current economic crisis a little better focusing

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More on consumer staples and necessities there are four percent increase in same-store sales and ten percent increase in q3 profit are also reflected in their load utilization and percent shares outstanding on loan walmart’s five point seven percent utilization is on as four times smaller than targets and their one-percent shares outstanding on loan is about five

Times smaller than targets walmart recently announced they’ve experienced two percent increase in households earning over 65 thousand dollars per year most likely that coming from former or at least more infrequent target shoppers high-end retail nord servicing their percent shares outstanding on loan increased by about twenty seven percent over the past week as

They announced disappointing same-store sales of an eleven percent decline moody’s also recently lowered their outlook on nordstrom from stable to negative large us retailer sears has seen utilization levels over eighty percent of the past six months currently the second-highest short in the s&p 500 and it’s also been in the top shorts of the sp for the past

Several months now it’s not all doom and gloom in the retail sector as similar to walmart other retailers focusing more on consumer durables and staples have fared pretty well comparatively currently less than one percent of colgate shares outstanding alone and less than two percent of supply of institutions are on loan such firms walmart and colgate have had

Success to the relatively inelastic demand for their products with today’s securities lending update i’m my calvin

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