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When choosing a company i want to buy there is one very important number not many people look at but i always make sure to check it out before i buy it and you can find it right here hi guys and welcome back to the channel don’t worry i’m going to show you where you’re going to find that figure right away because in today’s video i want to run you through five

Platforms that i always use to check before i make any purchasing decisions all these platforms are free but of course they also have a paid component to it but usually i’m more than happy with the free plan and i think it’s important to share because often people ask me kai where can i find good information about which stores to buy how the company is doing

Especially right now when the market’s actually really down it’s a great buying opportunity to buy them at a discounted rate before hopefully very soon touchwood they will go up again starting with the first one which is seeking alpha.com and i really love the website they do have a premium plan where you can pay for it but actually with the free plan you get all

The information you need to make any investment decisions for this exercise i’m going to be looking at apple so you kind of see the same information across the board across different websites and you can kind of get an idea what you like and what you don’t like and if it is useful for you so obviously you pop in the company over here it comes up with apple you see

The current price and over here it’s a very simple and basic graph they also have a more sophisticated graph if you click on advanced but for me i’m always happy with the basic and i just want to see the trend the overall direction of a specific stock or company and what i really like right off the bat here is that it shows you the numbers of movements over a year

For example so since one year it moved up by 2.45 now year to date since the beginning of the year obviously it’s been a tough year for many stocks out there including crypto it dropped by more than 17 all right so if i want to say what about five years right i can see well actually five years it’s almost a 300 return almost 3x if you invest 1 000 you would have

Gotten back three thousand so that’s really really good and of course the longer we go you can see over 10 year horizon that’s almost 5x of your returns so this is basically all i need for the charging tool over here then as usual you have your sort of analysis where there’s different websites where you can click into and see what certain analysts are saying about

The stock or specifically the company and of course any news that are relevant but i actually like for the new section some other websites because i don’t know if it’s good news or negative news and there are some websites that show you are they bullish news or bearish news so you get an idea of what people are saying and the sentiment towards the stock here a very

Brief rating summary but actually i prefer other websites for that as well and i’ll show you in a second which ones and yeah you see the company profile what it is a brief graphical overview of the revenues plus revenue estimates so you can see how revenues have been developing over the years plus earnings per share so once again very visual which i always prefer

Because i can easily see the trend am i buying at the top is it the bottom so it just gives you a visual representation of how things are going then of course you have the earnings estimates of predicted earnings this is basically endless predictions for future earnings then you have certain valuation metrics over here certain growth metrics profitability which is

Very important because we’ve seen in bull markets that companies growing like crazy devaluations are going through the roof they make great revenues but actually in terms of profitability they’re very very low and then when we hit bear market territory those companies start to struggle because they’re not generating cash so they basically can’t survive difficult

Times so i always make sure i look at gross profit margins and avid margin because that shows you how financially healthy company is because ultimately a company needs to generate profits not just revenue the capital structure how much debt they have total debt how much cash that’s always important as well you want to have a company that has some cash now obviously

Startup companies they usually have less cash available because they reinvested for r d but as you can see apple still sits on 48 billion dollars which you know is a healthy margin dividends in case you’re looking for company that pays you passive income which is great and apple started a few years ago to pay normally tech companies don’t pay dividends but apple

Has started it’s still a small one 0.61 but still right plus the dividend history and as i said you know usually dividends are supposed to be growing over the years that gives additional confidence for the investors so showing that in the long term those come these look actually very positive quick overview of the ownerships who owns what institutions etc you can

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See majority of the stock is owned by institutions and then you have a few insiders etc and then we come to the number that’s set at the beginning of the video for me is super super important and that is the short interest that number basically tells you how many of owners of the share of apple are betting against it basically shorting the stock betting on falling

Prices because they make money when the stock price falls so the higher that number is let’s imagine extreme case where 10 percent of holders of that stock bet against it i would be very scared because obviously a lot of these people will focus to come up with negative news to drive the price down because in that case they will make money so the lower this number

Is it gives confidence that people actually bet on long-term appreciation of the stock the higher that number is it means more people want the stock to fail to go down and that for me as an investor hoping on increasing prices is really scary so normally i stay away from stocks that have a short interest of above two percent but it’s something you have to figure

Out yourself you can see different companies of course certain stocks like tesla have a higher short interest and more established companies have usually a lower short than just but always make sure to find it and you can see it right here and then you have a few transcripts from the last earnings call because they have quarterly earnings calls and that can be

Interesting press releases sec filings income statement balance sheets so you have all of them here and you can click into them if you want to see more details the cash flow statement etc there’s even way more you can go up here in terms of ratings but to be honest with seeking alpha now most of the other things as you can see are all paid features in that way i

Think the main summary page is the most insightful right with this let’s move to the second page which i’m sure all of you are aware of is yahoo finance that’s really a classic that has been around for many many years but still a really powerful tool that i always make sure to check before buying any stocks very simple you pop in the company you’re looking for over

Here in this case once again apple apple to apple comparison and a lot of the information will be fairly similar but they do have certain things that seeking alpha and other pages don’t have now in terms of graph it’s fairly similar once again but here you can see if you click the different time intervals you don’t see immediately how much the price has moved and

I like to see that here one thing i really like about this graph though is when you click onto it it opens in the full graph and here i really enjoyed the comparison feature so for example if i click on here and i want to add tesla and i can select the color i want to see tesla i’ll make it in red to have a good contrast save and then you can see here let’s say

Over to your interval i can see how much the prices have changed and here it actually shows me the percentages so in two years tesla grew by 112 versus apple only grew by 33 so it’s a really nice visual representation you could even add a third company to see how different companies trend over time so i think that’s really really powerful but if you only want to

Have a quick lens then i think seeking alpha provides a nicer interface other than that you see here also consolidated information fairly similar to what we’ve seen before and then i really like that they usually have some kind of videos around the company as well so if you look for apple you see apple related videos and that’s nice to have a bit more interactive

Rather than just articles and then to decide you have some nice graphics one is recommended trends and that’s kind of a consolidation of different analyst ratings you can see here how it changed over the month over the last few months and what it is a lot of people are saying either it’s a strong buy or buys you can easily see most people saying it’s a buy it’s

Again just an analyst recommendation but it gives you confidence that obviously hopefully they know what they’re saying and you see it also over here where you have sort of a 1.9 out of five so more or less more people saying definitely go for buying this dog right now and of course the endless price targets which is once again consolidated some analysts saying

It might reach 122 dollars currently it’s 150 but there’s high upside might reach 220 and the average actually says 182. here some news at least it’s more visual and seeking alpha you have some pictures and communication of what it is if you want to read it then you have charts we clicked on this before then you can click over here on statistics and then you have

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A few more statistics we have seen also on seeking alpha so yeah kind of consolidated you see also the short interest once again is presented short percentage of float so yeah pretty much similar information we’ve seen before historical data kind of shows you all the different prices for the past the profile the company profile if you want to learn more about it

Who’s the ceo etc you can get a bit of better insight into the company as such financials here all the financials of the company from their earnings report so if you want to go into that you can see that over here plus some more analysis from the current year plus estimates for next year in case of trade options you also have some more information here but i don’t

Do option trading and what’s quite interesting is holders and you can see all the majority holders what we’ve seen before but then also more specifically who are institutional holders you can see vanguard actually i’m buying my stocks through vanguard so that’s good to see that they’re a big holder actually the biggest one of apple but then interestingly you

Can also click into inside roster and you see here individual holders and their most recent transactions so when you see a lot of the inside people selling and selling then you might ask yourself maybe it’s a sign and you want to wait because most likely they know more than us that potentially the stock might drop even further otherwise why would they be selling

Right now right if they knew it would go up they wouldn’t sell so that’s a good good indication as well and then you have inside the transactions where you get even more deep dive into what the insiders of the company employees so to say are doing with their stocks and shares so that’s really good to look at and see what’s happening because yeah if everybody sells

Probably it’s not the best time to buy right now right moving along to the third page i usually use is walmart.com so once you select the company from here in this case once again apple you have really most of the information we’ve seen before but really under one pager which i quite enjoy rather than having to click around you see everything very consolidated

Now if you’re buying stocks for the first time i think that page can be a little bit overwhelming because it’s so much information usually when you hover over everything i also enjoy that it explains you every single thing because some of those numbers i even didn’t know that when you click over it you have a quick explanation on what it is and what it means so

That’s really really powerful and helps you to better understand those numbers and other than that yeah a lot of the similar things we’ve seen before just differently presented you have here the apple news from different dates etc and quite nice you can see here per day let’s say on that day things went up so you can see the news rounded white went up then when

The stocks went down basically again maybe there was certain information that led towards the job so if you’re a trader you can start seeing patterns when certain news happen the stocks react a certain way so that’s quite powerful to kind of study the company you have your notable sec filings etc recent insider tradings by apple once again you can see here a lot

Of people selling so yeah you may ask yourself probably not the best time to buy it right now and then this graph over here is also really interesting it shows you how many people on robinhood own apples so that’s kind of the retail investors sentiment so to say so you can see a lot of people got really interested and now that the price start tumbling and the

Markets cool down immediately people drop off so it gives you a great indication as well of what’s happening with the stock once again some overall analyst rating simulator we’ve seen before the price target and you can see the slightly different average and that’s just because different analysts give different predictions and not everybody uses the same pool so

They may use different analysts than yahoo finance so that’s why it’s always good to check different pages so you get different ideas once again apple executives etc apple in history some more graphs over here cash flow etc the income statement annualized you can always change from quarterly to annual the balance sheet institutional shareholders once again and

Recent institutional transactions so that’s also very good which other pages haven’t seen as institutional transactions are very important because we’ve seen before that institutions are actually the biggest holder of apple stock so if they make moves that’s really powerful for the stocks so that’s why this is great to see if some are buying some are selling you

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Can get an indication of what’s happening there next up we have clip ranks now tip ranks in many ways is very similar to other websites as well there’s nothing really completely new just differently presented but still i like to check it from time to time you get a smart score where they kind of take different sentiments and put it into their own score and as you

Can see very much outperforming and a very good score obviously so that’s a and from their side very much a buy the graph is similar like we had others apple news so you see a lot of the websites have similar flow to it just differently presented and you will see which one resonates more with you and which one you like better analyst forecast so that’s a very easy

Visual representation of what analysts are saying the price is here right now and once again the high side the average on the low side so that’s really good a lot of the other things are actually behind the paywall so you have to go to premium but you still have some more free features like insider trading you can see you know people buying or selling the news

And insights once again a dedicated page for that crowd wisdom that’s kind of using social media and analyzing what the people are saying mostly retail investors you can even have it by demographics so people under 35 you know how their holdings change people between 35 and 55 and over 55 so really nice way to segregate and see how different people in different

Demographics think about a particular stock earnings once again similar to other pages just like dividends just you know very good way to see and visual representation of what’s happening with the stock and you see you get more information for free here than you got on seeking alpha so sometimes certain things are behind the payable on one web page but if you go to

Another one you get actually the information for free so that’s why i like to have five different pages so i can jump around and usually get most of the stuff i want for free website traffic is also very powerful too because you can see how much website gets more traffic and more traffic usually means to more revenue and more revenue is good for the stock price

Gives you a good idea of what’s happening where the growth comes from the user geography is really really good and something i haven’t seen other pages doing and lastly we have simply wall street which is yet another platform that i always use they kind of dissect into value future past health dividend and you can see immediately what’s happening to a particular

Stock and they kind of really always have the same graph which they break it down and i like it because it’s kind of broken down like a chapters in the book you can see and go by flow you can either scroll to that particular thing you can see here how it changes or you can click directly into dividends for example and it takes you into the dividend sections where

You get a specific breakdown of that particular stock and really some more information that other websites don’t have just once again always make sure you cross-reference different pages and make sure all the information is aligned and for me i prefer visual graphs than looking at some of the dry numbers we’ve seen on wall mine but then again some informations

Are available on other websites that are not available on here so always good to cross-reference across different platforms what i really like that they interpret the numbers for you so you can see immediately the sentiments for example for the analyst future growth you can see here what is positive what people are saying and then you can also see what is negative

Highlighted in red and they interpret these numbers and actually contextualize them so i really enjoyed it as well and yeah the graphs are super powerful and much cleaner than some of the other websites we’ve seen before so there you have it guys those are the five pages i use the most whenever i buy any stock or just want to check in and see how my stocks are

Doing all of those websites also have apps you can easily download them to your phone and check them on the go they’re probably way more websites out there that offer similar information and if you have any good recommendations that you use let me know in the comments i’m always happy to learn and check out new pages check out the video over here if you want to

Learn how i check all my stocks online for free i hope you found this video useful if you did please give it a like subscribe to the channel means the world to me as always guys thank you so much for watching stay healthy get wealthy and i’ll see you in the next one ciao

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