6-9 Months Away From DISASTER!!!

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You’re six to nine months away from disaster you and your family should really start to prepare this stuff real quick warriors rise grand rising warriors good evening to everybody all over the world first of all from my heart to yours i love you i want to start out by saying this just to let you know we win in the end so already win the war in your mind

And take your throne king and queen if that type of talk does not turn you on or get you excited knowing that you already win in here and you already win in here then this is not the channel to follow i’m not going to you i’m not going to come to you with ego or anger there is no enemy it is you you can change right now by changing your activities your behaviors

And understanding that nothing that’s happening right now is nothing new under the sun some people will study the word and carry the word or whatever that means but they don’t actually live it if you know that you win in the end wouldn’t you act differently so it’s about changing your mind it’s about connecting to your heart and feeling that it’s already finished

Now there’s a process that we have to go through to get there but i’m here to tell you that it’s about to get pretty hairy within the physical world the next six to nine months are going to be wild and about six to nine months from now many of your jobs many of your fam families will be in a completely different situation we went through one of the worst economic

Times we’ve ever been through in 2020 the whole job market got flipped upside down they changed the way we communicate the way we date the way we talk the way we do everything and it was a test to see exactly what we would do and what we did is we bought toilet paper we fall in line we did everything they asked us to do so now we’re going to be tested beyond our

Wildest dreams now this is a test of human consciousness it’s not a battle against anybody at all okay and i’m going to break down some facts figures numbers logic but as you look this way there’s another narrative going on this way remember they’re always going to fear you’re out of the thing that they’re building so they told you cryptocurrency is a fraud as they

Were building the infrastructure of cryptocurrency warren buffett tells you cryptocurrency has no value as he invests deeply in new bank when new bank just launched their own cryptocurrency maybe he doesn’t have it in his portfolio crypto but the company’s investing in are starting their own coins bank of america doesn’t let their clients invest in cryptocurrency

But they have a hundred cryptocurrency over 100 cryptocurrency patents one being with ripple wells fargo same thing they’re with r3 they’ve been with r3 since 2017 around 2018. j.p morgan jamie dimon tells you bitcoins a fraud and you’re a criminal and you’ll be fired in 2017 if you invest in bitcoin at the same time morgan stanley was investing in cryptocurrency

And they built their own cryptocurrency platform jpm coin and their own platform onyx blackrock aladdin connects to coinbase i’m not going to continue down the rabbit hole but here’s what people are not paying attention to in the crypto space is we have a massive massive recession coming okay this is going to change our lives as we know it we’re about six to nine

Months away so they were saying the economy is fine of course the economy was fine companies were still living off stimulus people were still living off stimulus people still had a little bit of extra on their credit cards and credit lines and they had a ton of money in their home equities and now that the market and the interest rates are changing it takes about

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Six to nine months to see that reverberation effect throughout the economy you’re going to start to see companies start to do massive laughs at job market’s good right now of course it’s good right now the interest rates went up and it didn’t cool inflation of course it didn’t because it just started so they’re trying to keep you calm as they’re changing the whole

Infrastructure of your financial system so first we had some great news really really special news for the xrp army out here so uh stuart aldry uh altory sorry with my pronouncing of names uh from the ripple defense team over 18 months and six court orders later we finally have the hinman docs internal sec emails and drafts of his infamous 2018 speech will they are

While they remain confident for now the sec’s instance i can say that it was well worth the fight so they got access to them we’re good to go things are and then brad garland has put a powerful powerful tweet he said all things are going to be revealed but today i want to talk about where we’re heading okay i’m just going to show you these articles really quickly

And then i’m just going to speak from my heart to yours so the imf international monetary funds cuts global growth forecast for the next years warns the worst is yet to come october 11th okay this was september 21st i should have flipped these two prepare for long and ugly recession says dr doom the economist who predicted the 2008 crash okay the banks that were

Saying ah we’re in okay shape goldman sachs ceo david solomon now says there’s a good chance of a recession and it’s time to be cautious they’re all going to start moving into liquidity and cash this is serious j.p morgan’s jamie diamond warns us likely to tip us into a recession in six to nine months october 10th let’s watch this short video here hopefully we can

Catch the audio andrew russell okay so watch this short video of what jeff bezos is saying about the economics with us squawkbox co-host andrew is just just the rich people figuring out what everybody else bezos is warning americans to brace for recession in a tweet last night the amazon founder wrote yep the probabilities in this economy tell you to batten down

The hatches bezos comments came in response to a cnbc video clip of the goldman sachs ceo david solomon in an interview on squawk box yesterday he said there’s a good chance a recession could happen soon i think you have to expect that there’s more volatility on the horizon now that doesn’t mean for sure that we have a really difficult economic scenario but in the

Distribution of outcomes there’s a good chance we could have a recession 10 years solomon and bezos are not alone other businesses or i should say business and executives and financial institutions are bracing for an economic downturn and a lot of people believe we’re in a recession already yeah we are it’s like it’s it’s such an interesting dynamic and the thing is

Like do you learn about this stuff in school do they teach you what’s going on know what they do is they try to keep your attention that’s all they do they don’t teach you economics they don’t teach you how the cash flow quadrant works they don’t teach you what an entrepreneur is they don’t teach you that having a job makes you trapped right in this vicious cycle

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They don’t teach you that they taught us to borrow against our future selves to not save to not invest to not be like the richest man in babylon and grow our money so it’s another thing that’s happening right now by announces sale of 15 million barrels of oil reserves a president said he also plans to refill the strategic petroleum reserves which is its at lowest

Level in decades so now he’s tapping into our reserves we have oil in america the reason why they work with the saudis is because they wanted all dollars to be traded in u.s oil when nixon detached from the gold standard in 1971 and what that did is it put us in a particular position because that gave the dollar no value right the dollar’s values just collapsed

Since 1971 what you could buy in a dollar now takes about seven dollars don’t quote me on this exactly seven dollars around 46 cents now has your pay gone up that much so the same thing you could buy for a dollar now costs 7.46 for that same thing that’s how much your dollar has inflated or deflated i guess whatever way you want to look at it this is the next

Narrative right here so he is pushing right now to keep this at bay uh the oil thing because of midterm elections right so after midterm elections i predict that gas prices are going to skyrocket at the same time mortgage rates rise again creeping closer to seven percent so let’s have a heart to heart here okay so what does this mean so for the normal everyday

Working in america for the working class us right so number one our dollar strengthening does not help us at all as working class americans doesn’t help us nor does it help our brothers and sisters all over the world we as america are bullies we are crushing other people’s economy as our president eats his ice cream cone and talks about the strength of the dollar

And says yeah we’re hurting other countries yes we are hurting our brothers and sisters all over the world so a strengthening dollar does not help us so a strengthening dollar what that does is they’re raising interest rates and so other countries wealthy people in other countries are pulling their money out of their own country deflating the value of their own

Currency and put it into the american dollar because they’re making more money it’s all about gain right monetary so when that happens now we have this narrative with the oil right so saudis are trying to detach from the petrodollar opec is trying to detach and they’re reducing supply so again that hurts the americans because of these political decisions that are

Being made okay they don’t care about you they’re not here to save you they’re not here to help you okay that’s why i’ve become sovereign myself i’m not left i’m not right i’m not up i’m not down the left and right create the left and right to make us fight and we’re fighting a battle that exists within human consciousness that’s what the battle is it’s against

Human consciousness that’s what the true battle is it’s not a battle against anybody it’s a battle against attention and human consciousness and they learn whoever they are they learned whoever they are that the more you can capture someone’s attention and get them to pay for their attention the more you can mold and manipulate and inspire whatever it is right

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It’s not good at bad it’s just information so i’ve chose to understand through my teachings and my teachings my learnings that we win in the end so i took my throne i won the war i already won in my mind i’ve already won in my heart i’ve developed my own life i became free so that’s something that i want to help you understand that we’re not here to change your

World we’re not here to save you when somebody says they’re here to save you that’s a dangerous dangerous person nobody can save you somebody says they’re here to save you they want control over you when somebody comes around you and empowers you to save yourself that’s a very very powerful person we’re not here to change the world we’re here to teach you that you can

Change yours through doing it ourselves so our battle is not against anybody but against our own consciousness that’s why i’m launching my own project x royalty ex-royalty be launched on xrpl this is my project built by my company collecting labs owner’s ceo is uh salmon selman and i teamed up together to start a company called collective labs which is an incubator

For cryptocurrency projects like nft projects we are launching this is not a pump and dump this will not a get rich thing this is a complete change in how companies do business and connect it is tons of utility built in in regards to where we are heading as companies we are going to be the forefront and leaders in teaching companies how to transition slowly you’ll

See the roadmap very soon transition slowly into this new quantum field and use technology for good so again our battle is not against anybody but our battle is against our own consciousness so if you want to be on the waiting list not a white list this thing is going to probably sell out in 15 minutes we already have a thousand people on the waiting list for this

Project so get on the waiting list just to get information to see when it’s going to launch we’re going to continue to launch projects they’re going to change the world because we already have changed here you’ve already changed here we’ve removed ego right ego is gone we are here for you guys the people and i don’t mean that in a way where i’m trying to gain control

Over you or save you i mean we’re here to align with you to rise with you to help to be a a a amoeba in your ecosystem through our warrior academy over nine companies have been created it’s it’s a it’s a a group of people just rising up into that higher king and queen consciousness however that shows up for you whatever religion you are whatever color you are we’re

Breaking down the walls and barriers of the separation that’s been created for thousands and thousands of years so i love you guys so so much i appreciate you if you can do me a huge favor if you can share this video with somebody uh from multiple people lots of people are telling us that uh our videos are not hitting the algorithm which is totally fine um i’m

Not trying to get this just whoever it’s supposed to reach if you feel this was beneficial to people send it to your friends and family uh make sure to hit the like subscribe comment all that notification stuff um and you can help us get this video out to more people i love you guys i appreciate you we’ll see you on the other side warriors rise let’s get your together let’s go laughs

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