6 BEST Green Flags in Girls… You SHOULD Ask These Girls Out

Have you ever been confused by the RedPill YouTubers who tell you about which girls to avoid? But they’ve never actually told you about the girls you should not avoid. Let me introduce to you the concept of “Green Flags”. You should totally go out with girls with these characteristics.

Geoffrey is like the male version of the women who hates all men he hates all women he was given a choice to be better or to be bitter and he chose to be bitter jeffrey jacks off to the girls who rejected him on instagram those i hate them they can’t say no to me they have to sleep with me i don’t care if that’s someone’s sister or daughter i i know i’ll send her

A dick pic that’ll work it doesn’t work jeffrey is the type of guy who constantly sends abusive messages to your girlfriend or your sister don’t be like jeffrey when i was a little younger i never thought about the green or red flags to look out for i’m not gonna lie i just didn’t have standards i had been quite unattractive and awkward around girls that when i

Finally started to attract some women i jumped straight in but this is a huge problem that a lot of guys face you have to have respect for yourself i’d literally fall in love with girls that i just met from nightclubs and dirty university student parties let me describe these parties to you these student parties just so you know what kind of girl i was meeting as

Well as what kind of guy i was you get to the student house at 10 p.m and the girl who invited you hugs you okay so far so good you enter the kitchen and there’s around 12 people here straight away you see a white guy smelling his keys hmm i wonder why he’s smelling his key is it like a aftershave thing oh there’s a bunch of girls here and they’re dressed pretty

The music gets louder the white guys are dancing to house music the one black guy is your savior he doesn’t fit in either every time a new girl comes to the party all the current girls scream in this high pitched noise oh man oh my god sarah i haven’t seen you since yesterday oh did you get the cat why is everyone smelling their keys and then you hear it that’s the


Sound of a balloon being filled up with laughing gas and you hear the metal canister fall to the floor it’s a stampede soon everyone rushes to the person who’s handing out balloons everyone’s his best friend for the next two minutes just like everyone becomes your friend when you have chewing gum in school you make eye contact with one of the girls she’ll suck

Your dick for a crumb of mdma deal or no deal that’s the type of place i was meeting the love of my life from don’t make the same mistake as me bro understand the green flags of high quality women and always be on the lookout for them adonis expects only the best he has ultra high standards for the women who enter his life that makes him even more attractive but

It wasn’t always like that adonis thinks back to his early adult years just like you he made mistakes he didn’t have the experience or the wisdom to look out for the right green flags but over time adonis became a fine judge of character a very important skill indeed knowing what green flags to look out for can literally save you years of your life from dating

The wrong girl and i imagine you could remember a bunch of these green flags in your mind you could effortlessly navigate your way through your day in life you’d know what you want and it’s so important for young men to have standards you all seem so different whilst all the other guys ragdolled themselves at girls please please please just a crumb of you’ll be

Evaluating her just like she is with you you’ll be taking your time you won’t know straight away whether you like her or not and that makes you so much more attractive to girls and you might be thinking right now that this isn’t that important because you’re not really ready to start dating yet fair enough focus on yourself but you may as well keep these green flags

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In mind just in cases you come across any women green flag number one she has a great relationship with her father her relationship with her father is almost always similar to her relationship with men in general the way that her father loved her as a child is the same type of love that she craves as an adult so think about it if her father loved her in a healthy

Happy way that’s what she’ll want from you but if her father abused her or if her father left the home generally that’s similar to the type of relationship that she might get into as an adult green flag number two her parents are married and they’re still in a loving relationship to this day marriage in the modern day isn’t so great almost like half of marriages

End in divorce but if her parents got together like 20 years ago it’s a really good sign if they’re still married and they’re still in a loving relationship because couples can stay together but not in love and your girl’s understanding of love and intimacy comes from her parents you want your girl to have seen like a long lasting healthy happy love green flag

Number three you see a lot of attractive feminine traits in her mother generally if you wouldn’t date her mother you shouldn’t date her most people end up very similar to their parents that’s because that’s how they were raised and most people don’t go through a drastic self-improvement change so she is likely to end up pretty similar to how her mother is today so

Ask yourself would you date her mother if you were that age is her mother attractive does she look after herself by going to the gym is her mother feminine is she intelligent does she read books and does she grow and is she nice is she a kind person that’s an awesome sign or perhaps is her mother undesirable that’s not a great sign green flag number four and an

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Obvious one she has a nice personality ask yourself is this a kind person she might be nice to you right now but see how she interacts with other people is she rude to some people does she gossip about her friends and talk badly about them believe me when i say that she will do the same thing to you or does she talk nicely about people does she treat everyone

With respect she’ll do the same to you green flag number five she’s had none or very limited casual sex experiences the number of hookups that a girl has had is like a symptom for how much of the hugo girl blue pill feminist narrative has went inside of her most men find that unattractive in a serious relationship and her high body count literally increases her

Likelihood to cheat on you or to split up if she’s had a very limited amount of casual sex experiences like hookups and one night stands it shows that she’s good at delaying gratification also that she’s unlikely to have spent a lot of time in like the low quality like sex orientated places like tinder and nightclubs all those student parties that we just talked

About generally if she has a low amount of hookups she’s probably come from a pretty good family with great values green flag number six she has high quality friends if her friends genuinely seem like good girls that’s a huge benefit sometimes you’ll date a girl and it seems like her friends are almost like a threat to your relationship because they’re always

Trying to like encourage her to do bad habits she of course has to be very similar to her friends to be friends with them if her friends are educated with great values that’s an awesome sign if they seem like low-quality party girls who take a lot of drugs and they gossip and they’re quite rude and they cheat on their boyfriends what does that say about your girl not

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