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Hi everybody my name is richard mcmunn from the numerical reasoning testing website how to become calm that’s me there on the bottom right hand corner with no hair and in this video i’m gonna give you some brilliant numerical reasoning test tips tricks and sample questions for you to try now i would very much like you to take notes or at the very least pay attention

Watch the video from beginning to end as i promise you all of the following tips are gonna be of a massive help to you if you’re required to undertake any kind of numerical reasoning test this video is going to help you so to start off with i’m gonna give you 7 fantastic numerical reasoning test tips now we’re gonna move on to some questions each and every one of

Them is of same importance ok question so a tip number one before you go to the test try and find out how many questions you’re required to undertake under under what time so for example let’s say you’re given 20 minutes during your numerical reasoning test to tackle 30 questions do a very quick calculation to work out on average how long you have per question now

What happens is these numerical reasoning tests are required to be performed under time conditions and the timing is relatively tight so let’s say you work out you’ve got 20 or 30 seconds to answer each question you’re taking a minute or two on each one then you’re going to quickly run out of time but if you have a general idea of how long on average you can take

Per question this will give you some confidence in passing the test so if you’re given 20 minutes to tackle 30 questions as an example there are 60 seconds in every minute so do 60 multiply by 20 which will give you 1,200 divided by 30 as 30 questions and that will give you 40 seconds on average per question so that note that means he got 40 seconds per question

To work it out if you feel that you’re going overtime move on to the next one but make sure you leave a gap on the answer sheet okay so that’s tip number one make sure you do a quick calculation to work out how long you have per question and this is important also in the build-up to your numerical reasoning test because when you’re practicing for the particular

Test then you can spend it no longer than 40 seconds per question okay so give yourself 40 seconds per question in the build-up so you know how long the time is and have your time and next to you when you’re practicing to work out and feel how long 40 seconds is tip number to follow this format this is really important follow this format when answering numerical

Reasoning test questions that are based on information provided what i mean by that is when you have numerical tests we’ve graphs or charts okay follow this format these three important steps number one read the title of the information presented okay don’t look and absorb the information presented but let’s say for example you get a question like this and you

Have a chart there it’s got marks out of 40 subject 30 and above don’t read that information because it’s confusing and this is where most people go wrong so the first part is to read the title of the information presented than the title there is based on a hundred students marks in english maths and science examinations so i automatically straightaway have a basic

Idea of the kind of questions i’m going to get asked i’m not looking at that chart at all because it will confuse me i don’t need to know it at this stage so that’s the first part the second part number two now read the question again you’re not looking at the chart you’ve only read the title of the information presented in the next bit is to read the question

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So the question here is question one what is the percentage of students who achieved marks a 20 or above in their english exam now that question tells us that we only need to extract or dissect two parts of that chart we don’t need to worry about the rest of it at this particular point so the final bit number three is dissect to the end the only the information

Needed to find the answer so what is the percentage of students who achieve marks in 20 or above in their english exam so i’m just going to look at english and then i’m going to look at in marks of 20 or above and the correct answer is 52% okay now a lot of people when tackling numerical reasoning tests will spend time looking at the chart looking at the graph

You don’t need to okay so just to recap the first part is to read the title of the information presented the second part is to read the question and the third part is to dissect the information needed only to reach your answer follow that and you will save bags of time during your numerical reasoning test okay number three a quick one here if you’re running out

Of time during the test do not guess now lots and lots of different types of not just numerical reasoning test but psychometric tests mechanical comprehension abstract reasoning etc are designed to make it really really difficult for you to finish a lot of assessors will mark you not just on your speed but also your accuracy okay so and a lot of them as well this

Is really important believe it or not some employers will deduct marks for incorrect answers so if you’re struggling to finish the test and let’s say you’ve got a minute left and you’ve still got say six questions to answer don’t wild guess cuz you can lose marks it’s better to get the ones that you have done correct than to just ruin it in the last two questions

Because you’re guessing because a lot of these kind of numerical reasoning tests will be obviously under time conditions but they’ll give you multiple choice options in the answers and you might think to yourself well i’ve got a one in five chance of getting it right don’t go down that route okay unless you know for sure you’re not going to lose marks for for

Incorrect answers number four this is a creighton you’re gonna really like this one okay learn this percentage calculation trick it will save you again loads of time now when you’re undergoing numerical reasoning tests there is a big chance that you will have to carry out some form or percentage calculations now let’s have a look at a way to calculate percentages

Really fast let’s say you’re required to calculate 30% of 400 now most people will go through 30 divided by 100 multiplied by 400 but there’s a really quick way to do even without a calculator so what you do is you cancel out the zeros so these ones iran the 30% so you cancel out one more on the right hand side and then all you do is do three multiplied by 40 which

If you know your times table then you can do it really quick three x four is twelve add to zero on the end is 120 we do another one quickly seventy percent of 600 all i do is cap its cancel out the two zeros i know 7 times 6 is 42 because i’m out of my x table therefore the answer is 420 now of course you’re going to say to me yeah but richard what about percentage

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Calculations that are not multiples of 10 well it is just as simple okay and learn this one as well let’s say we have a question or we have to work out 30% of 81 so what you would do therefore is cancel out the 0 but you would then move the decimal place one point to the left so even though it doesn’t show it we know that the decimal place would be eighty one point

Zero so we move the decimal place from there to one point left so it is then 3 x 8.1 and you can do that in your head is 24 point three so if i look at 30% of eight point one i do that in my head cancel out the zero move the decimal place one point to the left and under the answers 24 four point three let’s do another one ninety percent of 97 so we cancel out the

Zero we then move the decimal place one point to the left so it goes there and the calculation is 9 x 9 point seven and the answer is eighty seven point three and that is a great way practice these okay just calculate and write out a few calculation percentage questions yourself and then work them out using this process and if you need to watch this video again

Please feel free to do so by the way and at some point during this video i’m going to give you some free percentage calculations and other numerical calculations that you can go on access on my website and try them out for free under timed conditions okay tip number five because i’ve been talking about using the times table please make sure you know it many of you

Will do but you should be able to calculate if i say to you what’s 8 times 9 you should quickly be able to go 72 what’s 3 multiplied by now the 27 you should know these off by heart really quickly and the way to do it if you’re not too sure about your entire times table then use a blank sheet like this and again i’ll give you a copy of this in my website area very

Shortly so you can just print this off and you can start practicing your times table if you’re going to pass your numerical reason test knowing your times table in your head off by heart is really important so that’s tip number five tip number six let’s say you skip a question leave a space on the marking sheet okay really important the majority of psychometric

Test questions and numerical test questions will require you to do them online but again if you skip a question make sure you leave a space on the mark and she because if you’ve got time later on you can come back but if you don’t leave a space then all of the preceding questions or answers are gonna be wrong number seven calculators now if you are required to

Use a calculator make sure you know how to use one most people think they’re now to use one but they don’t but make sure you know how to use a calculator and these are the things that you’re going to look out for on the basic calculator functions because if you look at a calculator the majority have all of this mc + + + – mr ac and if you’re honest with yourself

Do you know what these mean these are the basic functions that you should learn very very simple but confusing to a lot of people for example ac is all clear so you clear absolutely everything on it for example c e is clear entry so you clear the previous entry but the rest of them prior to that will still be live x 2 which is squared and also don’t forget the

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Percentage button if you’re required to do percentages and you have the option to use a calculator make sure you know how to use it really really important and practice practice using a calculator before you go to the numerical reasoning test now if you contact the test center or the employer asks a question are we going to be allowed to use calculators yes or no

And if they say yes what kind of calculator are you required to you so you can practice with one so practice practice practice is really important for you in the highest scores possible in your numerical reasoning test want to do is i’m gonna give you seven sample questions i want you to work through these now without the use of a calculator please okay so do them

And i want you please to put your answers to each question in the comment section below so what i’m gonna do i’m gonna put them on the screen i’m gonna give you seven numerical reasoning test questions you’ve got 12 seconds to answer each one that follows so i can say don’t use the calculator got 12 seconds i’ll put a timer on each page to show you how long you’ve

Got left so work quickly treat it as a proper test and then i’m gonna give you some more sample numerical reasoning test questions for you to try in your own time question number one what is nine eleven of 88 and there’s a timer going down on the left nine eleven survey ta you’ve got abcd or here’s your options okay don’t forget to put your answer in the comment

Section below question number to calculate four point nine nine plus nineteen point zero nine choose from a b c d or e there’s a timer going down moving on to numerical reasoning test number three calculate six point four seven minus three point two nine a b c d or e moving on to question number four if you count from 1 to 100 how many number how many numbers

Containing the number 4 you pass on the way abcd or e how many number fours where you pass along the way question number 5 what is 48 percent of 900 abcd or e question number six what is 1888 divided by four a b c d or e question number seven on a school trip at least one teacher is needed for every eight students work out the minimum number of teachers needed

For a hundred and thirty-eight students a b c or d okay well done well don’t go don’t forget to put your answer to each question in the comment section below and i’ll mark them for you now to get more numerical reasoning test questions simply click the link below this video to get more free practice testing go free to my website get loads of free practice test

Questions on numerical reason and assessment to help you prepare and i love creating these videos for you everybody i would very much a brief it appreciate it if you gave the video a thumbs up and say hi in the comment section below don’t forget to subscribe to the channel i’m making these kind of videos every week so you’ll get an email notifying you as soon as

I make one thank you very much for watching guys and i wish you all the very best in your pursuit for parsing your numerical reasoning test

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