First somewhere one one to seven message translation all right church please let’s read together are you ready are you ready let’s read there once was the man who lived in ramadan he was descended from the old sub family in the ephraim hills his name was what he was connected to the shops from ephraim through his father jeruhan elihu and his great-grandfather tohun

He had two wives the first was hannah the second was penina penina her children hannah did not every year this man went from his hometown up to shiloh to worship and offer a sacrifice to god of the angel armies how often did he go to the to shiloh i can’t hear you total often all right let’s continue eli and his two sons hoffney and finnifer stepped at the priest

Of god okay when elkana sacrificed he passed helpings from the sacrificial me around to his wife penina and all her children but he always gave an especially generous helping to hannah because he loved her so much and because god had not given her children but her rival wife taunted her clearly rubbing it in and never letting her forget that god had not given her

Children let’s read that to that verse again what did her arrival wife do her rifle wife taunted her clearly rubbing it in you know when people are rubbing things in rubbing it in and never letting her forget meaning even if she wanted to forget if anina will remind her that she does not have children i have okay verse seven the this went on year after year every

Time she went to the sanctuary of god she could expect to be taunted whenever she went to the house of god what could she expect what could she expect what does it mean to be taunted hannah was reduced to tears and had no appetite all right we know the story of hannah we know her story so we are not we are not reading the whole scripture but we know that finally

Hannah carried what her baby god gave her the answer that she was looking for so i just want to run into a few things that i want us to look into today as it is our thanksgiving service so verse 5 and 6 if media will take us there’s still a message translation the bible says but he always gave i always give an especially generous helping to hannah because he loved

Her so much and because god had not given her children if you read some translation the bible say that he always gave her double portion he always more or less like she he gave her more than he even gave and let me do an aside let me do an aside as your two hands are lifted up you may not deserve it it may not be what you deserve or you are what but you see in

This season god will give it to you god will give you what you do not deserve god will give you what you do not qualify for god will give you what do not know what if you believe it your amen would have been louder can i pray for someone before to use them on it receive something that is bigger than you receive something that is bigger than your position something

That is bigger than you deserve you will be the one asking you see me they are doing it for carry that kind of evidence carry that kind of miracle let your enemy turn down because the bible says that she did not she didn’t deserve to be given more got much more than she deserved and that is going to be the portion of a lot of people in this service today but let me

Run into what i wanted to say so the bible now says that and the bible now tells us that when you know if you notice what happened in hannah’s life the bible says that when arrival taunted her so see verse 5 verse 5 her husband gives high gift comes to start taunting her instead of allowing this woman enjoy what has been given to her you know the bible says here

That even when she wanted to forget what had happened that she does not have children penina will remind her so my husband comes and gives me something and instead of me to just enjoy and say i have plenty let me enjoy and eat penina will come and say see you they are giving you you are dead celebrating what they are giving and don’t you remember you don’t have a

Child ah you are here only you will eat all these things so for every time something good was about to happen or something good was happening there was a penina that tried to make her not to enjoy the good that was coming away and god says that such people and penis of that nature are joy still us and today god says that we are going to their choice dealers that

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Have come to rob us of what god is doing in our lives when you look around you you begin to god is doing things i like the song that um little miracles we call them little little miracles if you begin to count them one two three four you can’t count them all but most times as you are here instead is counting the miracles the devil is coming like penina until you

Are here celebrating this remember that this has not happened no this is your number one on your prayer list god has not done who knows what i’m talking about and what is he trying to do to steal the joy that you have just received to steal the joy that is swelling up in your heart how do you know joy still us how do you identify choice dealers from the scripture

Number one one way of knowing a joyster i’m going to tell you seven ways of identifying joy still as number one they constantly remind you of what you don’t have constantly remind you of what you don’t have and can i put number two beside this day they never allow you forget what you don’t have one they will constantly remind you too they will never allow you

Forget what you don’t have even when you’re saying i’m grateful to god and i’m satisfied i’m okay where i am i know god will do it they will not allow you forget what is not working three they show up anytime you are happy or whenever something good is about to happen in your life they show up number four they blow or paint what is not working in your life out of

Proportion depends they blow it up they make you you notice that some people so many things will be happening too many good things happening around them but the way they focus the way the devil will blow out of proportion the things that are not working you begin to downplay on the things that are working that’s number what have i called number what number four

Number five now they leave you feeling very very hopeless pessimistic and number five six they never okay number six they make you compare yourself with others who have what you don’t have you to compare who has done that before you begin to compare yourself with people that have what you don’t have and you start feeling like this person is better than me and

The person is not better than you this life is torn by tone when you say it is our time an attorney means that finally it is now your own words your own turn your turn has come hallelujah who believes that his son has come in this service and number seven they make you stay ungrateful they make you stay unthankful and this is one of the end time signs that the

Bible talks about in the new testament they make you stay ungrateful they make you stay untenable today i pray for anybody still us just dealers can be a human being it can be a system it can be your mind it can just be happening inside your mind it can be the devil himself but they have a way of showing up in your destiny but should i pray for everybody here any

Choice stiller around your life around your family that wants to take your joy i yakata as your email with thunder i command them to disappear by fire i command them to disappear by fire as your two hands are lifted i pray for you you will not lose your joy you will not lose your trust as you walk out of sadness you will not lose your joy what the lord has started

He will complete it he will complete it any power that is trying to make what god is doing not to last in your life when god begins to bring good news and he wants to stop it on the way as your amen will thunder such powers are collapsing right now they go down by fire they go down by fire let your amen turn now let your enemy thunder verse 7 says every time she

Went to the sanctuary of god could expect to be taunted the sanctuary of god in this scripture is silo what does silo mean silo means peace silo one of the meanings of shiloh is the full one or the peace giver talking about the messiah the peaceful one even another meaning of shiloh is a gift from god but i want to stick to the devil one so means the peaceful one

How do you go to the place of peace and be taunted she went to shiloh peace but every time she got to shiloh she was taunted in shiloh she met pain in the place of peace in the place of rest she saw hot in the place because this is in the presence of god they have come to church this is like you coming to church they enter church and instead of her finding peace

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And finding comfort and solace in what she’s hearing there was someone that was costing pain in a place of peace and god says that there are people maybe yes for some two kinds of sets of people some people the place of their peace that wants to turn to a place of pain you have been enjoying peace in your family in your marriage then the devil now wants to come

And now put what pain in the place of peace or some people already you know you are already in that same place where you have been you know that peace this place these things have been peaceful but right now things are trying to scatter today i pray for anybody that finds himself that an exchange wants to take place in your place of peace and the devil wants to

Exchange it break my fire let it break my fire your place of peace will not turn to a place of pain you are blessed of peace will not turn to a place of pain you didn’t hear me that thing that makes your heart joyful you will not wake up one day and it will bring pain your children will not bring your pain your husband will not bring you pain your wife will not

Bring you pain your business will not bring you pay let your aim and thunder any demonic exchange that wants to take place in this season we refresh it by fire we refresh it by fire let your amen turn down it was an anomaly that wanted to occur where a place she went to shiloh and instead of seeing what she wanted to see in shiloh there was someone taunting her

But you see something i like about this scripture the bible says every year i pray yeah anna showed up despite what was happening to her she showed up say the scripture this went on year after year year after year every time she went to the sanctuary of god she could expect with taunted she knew what to expect the expectations when she gets to the statue but

She showed up every year had a choice not to go she could have changed her mind and say i won’t go after all if you continue reading this scripture whether it’s verse 21 there about now you see that when she had somewhere when they were going the time they went to go to shiloh she told her husband i’m not going she said i’m not going to go and the man and she

Told him why because she was winning she wanted to win her son first and after winning him then she now said i will now take him there and the husband said whatever please this you do as you like so meaning that she could have done that she like she could have come up with an excuse why she wouldn’t go but she knew that sheila was the place her answer was in so

Even if i don’t like what i am getting each time i go i am not getting what i want to get i will always show up god said i should speak to someone whether it is working or is not working whether you have gotten what you want or you have not gotten what you always do what show up show up in church every morning every weekday show up it may not have happened but i

Will do what i will be present because where else will your answer come from where else will he come from you not ask them as early in our marriage i can remember when my daughter should be very ill maybe she’s ill not very ill but maybe she’s still on a sunday and i’m and i’m telling papa maybe oh probably maybe she will stay at home i used to say how can she

Stay at home where will she receive her healing in is it in the church let her come like that with the sickness we lie down but she’s in church there are things if that is where your answer is how can you now stay far from your answer he still let her come like that and that is however i am i will show up look i never tell anyone i will show up i will show up but

The god says show up with your praise shut up with your thanksgiving show up with your dance offering i know you cried last night but when you enter the presence of god start dancing start shouting her acting like you do act like what happened to you is a different person it happened to and it’s a different person in church do you know that there’s no heart you

Will always show up that one day one day one day the bible says every year she kept doing the same thing but one year one particular year changed doing what you are doing they are laughing at you now they are mocking you now training us are laughing every day you are crying every day you’re coming to church nothing has changed please come into church keep coming

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To church because you know what when your answer comes to be waiting for you in church the angel carrying the answer if he comes and he does not see you he’s not going to look for you your house he will take you back home and take it back to heaven and tell god she was not around he wasn’t present ayakata tell your neighbor i’ll always be present i’ll always be

Present whether you wake up from the right side of the bed or the left side of the bed what will you do i will show up look i never tell him i’m showing up i’m showing up i’m sewing up that you showing up with your thanksgiving now who is showing up with praise her who is showing up with thanksgiving i know january till october has not been what you want but can

You show up with a shout of praise can you show up with a shot of thanksgiving so the bible says every time every time she showed up every time this woman came and invested okay every time she came the place i wanted to talk about was that 21 and 22 yes i was right so she showed up every time every year akana took his family and every year hannah believed god every

Year she believed god do you know that when anna’s change came nothing really changed as in she did her husband did the same thing he was always doing it was still the same routine but so something happened in the middle of what they always used to do i don’t know if you understand what i’m saying she came to as usual things she always does to hannah remind

Her of so as far as spending i was concerned is this same thing that will still happen after i do this do this you will now cry after cry we will go back nothing will change next year i will still do it again but penny and i did not know that this particular year was the difference here it’s not like last year can i announce to someone you came to church like usual

And you did not know that you kept doing the normal thing you used to do you can’t do it your normal routine but you don’t know that today is that day of visitation you walk up and brush your teeth the normal way had your butt want your clothes take your makeup come out as usual but while you are doing the normal routine god says i should tell you that he is by

Cutting he is bypassing protocols and processes and he’s giving you evidence he will not be like the ones you have done before it will not be like you as usual oh yeah as rise up on your feet everybody raise your two hands upper i pray for you the same way hannah stepped in her this then when hannah came out and the day she showed up was her day of visitation i

Pray for you today is your day today is your day your time is now shall i rise and have mercy on compassion on zion for the set time yeah that’s the time to favor her yeah that’s that time is when it’s now it’s now i have come to pray for somebody carry your own now miracle your now answers you are now turn around when we say it is your time and your turn we are

Not talking about the neighbor outside we are talking to you whatever it is we have been waiting for in this season two weeks from now you will carry it as your evidence seven days from now carry it as your evidence three days from now cut it as your evidence today today take it as your evidence taking out your evidence you’ve got to work and do the usual things

But this time around your boss will call you off and i will lift you up they will recognize you all you will got to sell your supper as usual but this time around monday morning the kind of customers that will flock in her as the time you have not had from january up until now if you are that business woman or man receiving it’s in the name of jesus receive it in

The name of jesus the time is now i hear god say her and changes our story that is another turning that is going on attorney that is going on it is coming to your own table he’s coming to your life he’s coming into your life if you can’t believe he let your aim at thunder seven times i decree this done

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