8 Tools Under 0 YOU Said to Buy

8 woodworking tools all under $20! Pick up these cool tools to help you with your DIY & woodworking projects.

And they’re all tools that you told me i needed to buy in the last video, i highlighted one of my favorites, as an engineer and a nerd, i absolutely love the look of this. but at first i was kind of laughing at this. on the package so i thought i would just click the end in the lead would come out. and so it’s not just sticking out and, you know, it that’s actually

What the little clip is for on the back. of what that thickness looks like on a piece of wood. delicate work, that point five millimeter is great. but i was actually a little bit confused when i read the comments. you know, where the weight room is? …i’ll check it out. ah, stud buddy is actually a name brand for a stud finder. now, i have always just used an

Actual rare earth magnet, and i will put so very similar to this little guy. so let’s see how this compares. sometimes i’ve noticed that the screws don’t go into the studs i guess it’s not working totally because it’s not picking up this stud here. but if you’ve already got a big rare earth so the first one that you said i got wrong was the utility knife, and i really

Love it. but you guys said, brad, you’re wrong. there were over a dozen comments about it’s a little bit smaller than the one that i have here. and there’s a few things i like about it and a few things i don’t. move it out, lock it in place, and then that thing is not going anywhere. and there’s people that say that sometimes that comes back. it is very well-made,

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Obviously, here, turn this knob so much to get it to move and turn it so much to lock it down. you have to completely unwind this little guy here all the way out, and then it kind of just flops around here, and now you can change the blade. all you do is put your thumb on the back and so that is a great value because the olfa only comes with one blade. you could

Use the tip for a screwdriver, but honestly, i will never do that. and faster to use and lock down and to change the blades when i need to. so last time i talked about these senor tongue depressors and these are great, but they are a bit but you know, you can depress senior’s tongues if you need to. and i picked up a pack of 500 coffee stirrers and this was $9.

To get into little tight spaces than these large guys. now, if you have a tool that’s under $20 that you think i should check out up to those ones that you want to see me bring in for future episodes. for getting glue out of tight spaces, and now this is a pack of 500 and these come in all kinds of different colors. you can probably get them even cheaper than that

At the dollar store. and this could be a drawer or frame or anything else. not get too crazy, but enough that we’ll get some squeeze out. i’m just going to cut this thing right in half on an angle, see how this works. all right. we can just get that. and it typically gets everywhere, but this just goes right into the straw i use this thing for a lot of different

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Purposes and uses on projects. so i love using that too and seeing the patina on it. you didn’t mention is the kreg multi mark” so this guy comes in at $14 and it’s going to do a lot of things it’s got a plastic body and then a ruler on the back that you can so the body is six inches and it also does have metric so this is the first position where the ruler just

All the way across your board, this would be a great way and that’s probably how i’d use this the most because when i’m trying to do it then to change it to the next position, you can just undo the knob and before i locked it down, i did notice a little bit of jiggle jiggle so the ruler is slightly smaller than the opening, that is much, much more than $20 and it’s

Actually dead on 90 degrees. in the last position that this will go into is a 45 degree angle. and you can obviously just use this to mark 45 degree angles on cool, inexpensive marking tool and i really like the form factor of it all right. so i’ve got a little bonus for you guys now and this is a silicone glue tray. this thing is five bucks. that has everything you

Could possibly need for woodworking, the thing i love about these is you can just put your glue right in here. i picked up these silicone glue spreaders, which are also under $5. so i went over to my local woodcraft here in nashville to pick these up, they do have a lot of things you can grab for under $20 and even more over $20, and a big thank you to woodcraft for

Sponsoring today’s video. cheapest one on the list and also possibly the most weird. and i can use it to measure depths when i’m drilling.” around all the way from 32/32nds, which would be an inch down to 0. because it is wrapped in a sticker that has the 32nds of an inch on it. versus each other to see if they actually say the same thing. that this is going to

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Be anywhere close to accurate. so it’s in the ballpark, i can tell you i’m surprised. and if you just wanted to quickly get a measurement and have it be sure, why not? i mean, i don’t think i’ll i cheated just a little bit, but i’m going to blame it on inflation. 1-2-3 blocks to the list, super useful, well, by the time that i actually bought them, they were $21.

Because you could quickly get a reference on any of those measurements. or anything in between one and six inches with the combo of the two. attach it down to a surface or to each other for fixturing so honestly, i don’t really use one inch, two inch or three inches a lot. and 2 1/2″ block because, you know, those are nominal lumber but what i do like about them

Is that they are nice and hefty. you know, i can do that finger flick. no, i can’t do that. especially like a bandsaw or a jointer for the fence. it’s a thick boy, we call this the thick boy set up block. ideas for me and give a thumbs up to those ones that you like. a big thank you to those folks that are joining the ftbt builders club.

Get out there and build something awesome.

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