Adsense / cloudflare anomaly, mortgage calculator, inflation example and book reading.

Today’s video is about an adsense / cloudflare anomaly causing blank adsense on my website, a mortgage calculator on my website, an excel inflation example and a book reading from my SF novel ‘Those Who Live Forever’.

Good morning and welcome to aquavision on today march the 29th 2021. first of all today i’d like to start with um a bit of it news which i found quite interesting for a number of months now i’ve noticed that google ads on my website weren’t always working properly sometimes they showed sometimes it didn’t with just a blank white box and at first i thought maybe

It was google but the other day i had an idea where i just um because i’ve been using cloudflare to as my dns um i turned it off and then i noticed that google adverts were working properly again so i’m guessing this um my website was working properly for other people but for myself it doesn’t wasn’t working because i was using cloudflare so i’ve closed off

The case job done there’s nothing wrong with the adsense on my website at all now a bit of financial news if i share my desktop with you now here you see my website on the previous video video that i’ve done if you go down you see i’ve got a mortgage calculator which i’m putting in that so if you put in there say 500 000 pounds and so 25 years an interest

Rate of five and hit calculate let’s see your monthly payment will be 2956. this could be a pounds dollars anything which is why not put the currency in there couldn’t work in any currency but interest only would be 283 but if interest rates were duck were to double which is possible you see how much your mortgage per month will be so you need to be careful and

Because um interest rates are going up a bit and also now if i swear if i share with you a quick spreadsheet i’ve done say if you have savings or 50 000 in the bank and they’re talking about wanting interest rate at two percent which will cost you one thousand pounds per year or whatever currency you’re in but the interest you’re getting is rubbish in the bank

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At the moment so say 50. if you take off the inflation add on your interest you lose out by 950 pounds or 950 of whatever currency you want to use now governments are saying that you want all the fast people that save money to spend to keep the economy going for me personally if policies by central banks are causing me to lose this much money on cash unlikely to

Spend less so this plan of getting us to spend more looking at work the financial first day i do a science fiction book i wrote a while ago which i’ve got on amazon i’ll read you a little it’s a little bit for my book so it’s called those who live forever chapter one the death of warrior death of a warrior tulsi solidico was a medium-sized planet millions of

Light years away in the andromeda galaxy it start unseen from our earthly viewpoint sponsored by dark matter of the universe this atmosphere very similar to the earth 72 nitrogen 21 oxygen and its life formed essentially carbon-based it was the late afternoon of what can be described as a typical spring day for it was warm humid and misty you can almost believe

The location to be the edge of a forest on the mountain side of the syrian on the planet kinsissi a strong breeze blew from the west bowing flowers like an unarguable monster as they themselves flourished in pink red and blue blossom a dense couple of trees portrayed a green carpet whichever direction one turned almost that is interior itself on doing so the

Realization that this was the planet consistently vanished from the mind the wildlife of an acrobat was another dead giveaway one percent of animal matter at this point in time was sulphur-based and will reduce in the following 3.5 million years that’s 19.8 billion earth years to 43 million millionths of a percent because under such planetary conditions sulfur

Fires itself unable to form the complex structures indicative of intelligent life the only reason sulfur organisms existed in such large proportions near the planets beginning was the volcanic activity sun 2 300 kilometers to the north many of the areas lakes were filled with a hot sulfuric acid including lake gasser the largest of the planet 433 kilometers

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Long and 200 kilometers wide at its extreme points five rivers flowed into it about four billion cubic meters per day tulsi solika orbits an o type style called solika at a distance of 300 million kilometers solika is eight times as hot as the sun which enables the distance to support life for the evolution of intelligence the dna of which did not develop on this

Planet in a few hours time an event will take place that introduces us today the complexity of which out involved local organic material just over lightly away off towards the center of the galaxy a battle was in progress like all walls there was a good side of the bad side which is which being a matter of interpretation or personal bias two strike craft were

Heading in this direction at a velocity that would raise an earthly eyebrow the pursuer is the bad guy group defender takachi born and bred for this particular situation the sanchez did not at all like zeta leader fraudulent strafer report who was considered to be the most annoying lucky persistent hickory that had ever created his own planet the senseis were

Dog-like creatures have been very obtrusive strong jaws over time they evolved into bipeds with two hands and two feet much like humans except one and a half times as large hickories on the other hand very similar to humans in shape and size brought on by the evolving under similar conditions have you ever stopped and wondered at how vast the universe is and

How it began this question has confused many nations and began many a war each nation and nation within nation standing on its own beliefs the universe has seen a great number of advanced civilizations rise and fall on all occasions it was and will be time travel that supplied or will supply scientists with the answers to this question experimentation showed that

Time machines if kept in the same space were unable to go further in time than the split second they were switched on they were only able to go forward more problems surfaced when time machines did not return from their 100 million year trips into the future trying smaller time distances gave an answer to the problem willow jebos a professor in sciences in our

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Planet to diesel famous analogy will help to explain this reason take two flip-ons further animals not too dissimilar to panthers that live and breed in the dark forests on the southern mountains of his own planet and stick them in a time machine about twice the size of a standard dustbin and send them forward in time the female flip on is in one corner and the

Mouth flip on isn’t another when they get to their destination they change places and go back in time assuming the box occupies the same space going to and fro the female flip-on will be in the same place going back in time as the mouth leopard was going forward and vice versa this is impossible the machine is prevented from going back in time by the basic laws

Of our universe taking this one step further down the microscopic level two molecules of oxygen will be in different positions on going back in time and stopping the time machine for the same reason therefore unless a space can be found that there is no matter present prior to the time machine time travel will be impossible our universe is filled with large

Numbers of particles but if the time machine is made small enough it will eventually get back stopping temporarily when it hits a particle in its space prior to its present time to move into an adjacent space in order to continue on its journey and it hits another particle or gets to its destination the bigger the machine the larger the space occupies and hence

The greater the charge is stopped by a particle in its space in a prior time well i’ll stop there for today as you’ll probably drag on well thank you for watching the aqua vision channel today and i’ll see you again later take care bye

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Adsense / cloudflare anomaly, mortgage calculator, inflation example and book reading. By AcquiVision