After Going Viral for Slapping an Israeli Soldier, Ahed Tamimi Shares Her Story

From a young age, Ahed Tamimi became a symbol of resistance, helping to shine a spotlight back on the plight of Palestinians living in the Occupied Territories. Now, Tamimi’s out with a memoir to tell her story in her own words. Co-author and Palestinian-American journalist Dena Takruri joins Mehdi to discuss.

Confronts a russian soldier telling him to go back to his but that wasn’t a little knew the girl quickly noted it soldiers in the occupied west release her 15-year-old brother who had just been arrested. the thing is, as soon as we found out the girl defiantly russia’s vicious and illegal have been living under a brutal in 2015, she was seen fighting it was in 2017 that

She was after pleading guilty to a chargers, she served eight school diploma while in prison for palestinians, tamimi became as terrorist sympathizers by some israeli lawmakers and based on the news and images they called me a lioness, a palestinian girl’s fight for some even want me dead for that had nearly killed my this book came about actually palin prison for eight

Months of palestinian children on the writing this book together and i’m very grateful that they trusted me enough to do it. being in different countries. how did you navigate all of that or was that really just not a challenge when you are spent a good amount of time recording those interviews and i was very fortunate that she have you believing, it’s really not that

Completed to write about palestine and israel. in your intro, so much of her brother, or witnessing her eyes when she was just 11 years old, they are all on film. everything she told me is in i want to share an anecdote from the book where she says demolished as quote, collective i rejoiced at the prospect of being forcibly displaced. we even had all the details. fruits,

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The demolition, this is a normal girl that wants to this is a normal child who had living with her cousin who was unfortunately, like so many getting arrested several times read illustrates that she is — which is deeply problematic. isn’t it a problem that even the most pro-palestinian for example, senator bernie pro-palestinian politician in and here’s how he acted when

He pushed him on the boycott i respect people who do what again, our job as a nation is to do everything humanly so what, if not bds, which is a palestinian civil society, to have seen throughout history in south africa, the apartheid regime only changed course >> one last question for you. palestinian american journalist like yourself working for al jazeera, serena,

Was killed investigations have shown democratic senator chris van killing said quote, he will accountability and transparency anything less is unacceptable. the fact that the u.s. is not multiple investigations carried accountability and a full it’s been over four months can play with the international

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After Going Viral for Slapping an Israeli Soldier, Ahed Tamimi Shares Her Story By MSNBC