Against U.S. snubbing Europe! Germany unites with the Netherlands to muscle Biden!

Against U.S. snubbing Europe! Germany unites with the Netherlands to pressure Biden!

Welcome to ir news channel today’s topic is against the u.s snubbing europe germany and the netherlands pressured biden the world knows that europe is facing a natural g is crisis in the energy majors with natural gas resources biden want to take advantage of this opportunity to make a lot of money in europe some sources show that the profit of an lng carrier in

The united states delivering a single shipment of natural gas to europe has been as high as 100 to 200 million dollars even norway which is local to europe is supplying gas to europe at four times the usual price such expensive prices have caused discontent ammo in a host of european countries such as germany and france trying to get the united states to take the

Initiative to reduce prices which is simply a nightmare even if germany france is a traditional ally of the united states s the united states should be pitted when the time will still be pitted absolutely no ambiguity of course the european countries are not willing to be a big head after all when the russian ukrainian conflict is still unknown a long time to buy

The united states and norway s gas at several times the price is not a matter but germany and the netherlands the two countries together why not develop a program to limit those fire countries according to media reports the german and dutch energy ministers will soon meet in the czech capital prague when the two sides will propose a 10-point program to help the

Eu save energy costs it is reported that the 10-point plan named no regrets action plan is mainly to unite the eu countries to avoid soaring gas prices in the view of the people concerned the 10-point program is actually pointed at the united states after all the united states is the most difficult to nava bone in europe as long as the united states is willing

To reduce prices other countries will naturally follow the price reduction of course germany also knows want to take this to the white house let the united states take the initiative to reduce prices the difficulty is comparable to the sky for this reason in the 10-point program plan there are other elements included for example if the most affected countries

Can accept it then a price cap on imports of russian gas can be considered in addition the eu has decided to reimburse governments for military supplies provided to ukraine through several rounds of arms financing in the allocation of about 25 billion euros under the european peace fund mechanism here is an account the eu countries are now the highest aid to


Ukraine is germany followed by france and poland are also big supporters this money is enough to reimburse most countries for the cost of support at the beginning they were indeed reimbursed acc orting to the reported figures but with the problems in the european economy the reimbursement from the eu and epf organization has been getting lower and lower and now

It has reached the lowest point three days ago the eu announced that the reimbursement rate had been sharply reduced from 85 at the beginning to 46 percent a reduction of nearly half this has made it very difficult for the country s that are most committed to supporting ukraine with weapons and they feel cheated poland in particular declared 2 billion euros in

Reimbursement funds and is now told that it will only be reimbursed half of it and will have to bear all other losses in addition the eu has not actually paid for their share of the promised reimbursement but has only been paying blank notes the eu external action service which is responsible for foreign affairs insists that the reimbursement is on its way but

Whether the money is coming or not where it has gone is anyone’s guess and whether it will finally be transferred to the accounts of these countries is not known as for why the eu suddenly flip-flopped and drastically cut the reimbursement ratio there are two possibilities one is that they can’t get the money themselves and after the energy turmoil in the fall

Many parts of the eu need funds to fill especially the energy subsidies some time ago mp tied a lot of funds and in this case assistance to ukraine seems to be not so important so it can be leaned back the second possibility is that germany and other eu powers are very unhappy with poland’s attitude of asking for money and that poland’s reimbursement rate is very

High asking for reimbursement for almost everything in addition they asked germany for world war ii reparations some time ago the combination of these factors has led many to believe that germany the dominant power in the organization has lost patience with it it is also worth mentioning that in this environment countries are starting to go it alone for example

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Germany announced 100 billion euros in financial subsidies and then announced 200 billion euros in energy subsidies bill which can be very generous to their own counter ies in ukraine countries have lost interest in supporting since july they now only intermittently give ukraine some economic and military aid these aid cannot catch up with the u.s fraction in this

Regard one commentary said now zielinski is still eager for them to apply to europe for economic long-term grant subsidies after the war expecting the eu to send them tens of billions of euros in financial allocations to rebuild ukraine now that we see that the eu is pushing back even the reimbursement of more than 2 billion euros in aid it is hard to imagine how

Well this organization can do its best for ukraine we have often said that the u.s is too powerful in its so-called values lull it has captured a large number of publicists and he created a large number of nation haters in china in the middle east and eastern europe it has created round after round of color revolutions the zelinski’s willingly sacrifice their

Lives not only for the interests of the united states but also for the interests of the united states with the whole people and heroically for the democracy and freedom of the united states the european union which is also one of the world’s multi-polar polls is so weak under the yankees neglect that it has no resistance to the united states and even the sense of

Resistance has disappeared moreover it is understandable that the united states is suppressing china and russia the ideological confrontation between china and the united states and the geopolitical confrontation between russia and the united states but what about europe specifically what about the european union the u.s and europe are twin allies who are united

In values why is the united states so desperate to suppress europe what is the beauty of this american values theory obviously american political theorists have succeeded in doing one thing to make people think that america’s strength today is the inevitable result of this set of values countless people in the world have drunk this soup whether they are america’s

Allies or enemies europeans have been so mesmerized by this soup for so long that they no longer have a brain of their own do not feel the pain of being sucked or even fall into the abyss of hallucinations like drug addicts in fact america is strong neither as a result of values nor how smart and capable the yanks are but by robbery god did give the yankee the


Opportunity to rob and to surpass its predecessor the robber the yankees glorified this robbery while robbing the yankees have successfully exploited a common psychological flaw of people their willingness to obey the powerful is much higher than their willingness to obey the truth a common saying of publicist says if you say america is so bad and so bad why are

They so powerful in fact the values preached by the united states are not the cause but the result of america’s power higher than their willingness to obey the truth a common saying of publicists says if you say america is so bad and so bad why are they so powerful in fact the values preached by the united states are not the cause but the result of america’s power

And there is only one cause of power robbery the yankees played robbery to the extreme making it look beautiful beautiful like a work of art is robbed intoxicated by it producing an inexplicable sense of nobility thinking that they are sacrificing for a great sea oz good thing countries are waking up these days russian gas supplies to europe have been drastically

Reduced which has left the majority of the european gas market currently dominated by the u.s and norway the practice of setting a price cap on russian gas actually paves the way for the return of russian gas to the european market if the price cap is acceptable to russia the day will not be far off when russian gas will be able to re-enter the european market

This is the most unwilling situation for the united states after so much effort europe finally down to get rid of the russian energy dependence and instead send a lot of wealth to the united states if the price is too high so that russian gas reoccupy the european market the united states before all the work done will be abandoned therefore after the official

Introduction of this 10-point program the united states may really choose to compromise on europe

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Against U.S. snubbing Europe! Germany unites with the Netherlands to muscle Biden! By IR NEWS OFFICIAL