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Hello welcome to my channel please subscribe my channel first and share my video thank you we’re looking to alpha you see we have a very good uh formation here and the price is exploded here in this area let’s look more in detail what happened here before we look to high five let’s do bitcoin price and you’ll see we have some formation here from my old videos

A few minutes ago you can see you have something like that and that means we have a good possibility to go to the top side we have this channel here they have here resident lines now for us is important um to really go through this channels trend channels so target is 50 000 let’s look if this were filled but be careful we have also a possibility to lift this

Positive trend channel to the downside something like that and then go to the top side then we have not not so much power if we do that then we have only um yeah if something like that happened then we have only power to 41 000 yeah we have to stay at this channel then we have enough power to go to the top side yeah so let’s look to alpha uh i have to zoom in

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Oh where we are very good situation here look at that it’s very beautiful here yeah because i described you why this is beautiful you see we have this formation similar like that and this is look at this this moves here is something like that i have to look yeah it seems very good so let’s look here if you look to this here you can see that we have something

Like that but this formation here goes to the top side look at the information that bitcoin is going sideways and look at that power here and we are now preparing us to go to the moon yeah the reason is simple we expect that bitcoin price something like that a big this is this is also movement the really really good movement came here it can be puzzled that

We got to follow up let’s look more in detail here have a resident here at this level look at that now if you have to ask is the question will be the price go to downside you see also that here you have your falling price but if you look to this here you have to look um the possibility is there that the price can fall to the downside because you see the price

Was at 20 now the price is 10 times higher so i think if you want to go to the top side then you have to stay at these levels maybe at this level so you have to look more carefully here if the price can drop here but we take the positive part i think if the price not dropped to the downside let’s look yeah can possible that we go to 150 and then we can drop

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To top side something like that we can delete this here something like that is possible okay then uh that scenario if this if you don’t if you don’t break this yeah then the other scenario is something like that you stay at this level this is our positive trencher to the top side and uh we make something like that but stay at this level yeah make a left shoulder

Head and the right shoulder and go to the next make something like that and after that you see you have another power to go to the top so we have two ways way is something like that and the other way is something like that the target is the same the target is the same for dollar but or even higher but if you look to this year let us analyze this more detail you

See the prices here if you look to this my personal opinion is we will not fall to the power because we have here uh already good formations and i think this time it can be possible but i have to look a little bit more detailed please forgive me if i look here don’t speak let’s look let’s look you have the possibility to go even six dollars okay because we have

A strong so a strong possibility or information here so that we can go to six dollars i say this to you because let’s look to this year to history the history uh explain us the future and look at that if i say to you at the beginning of 2021 the price is at 30 cent the price will go to two lower then you not believe it yeah i mean the subscribers they are all

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Subscribers three thousand subscribers don’t believe this yeah but you see the power from thirteen cent to two dollars and now we are at two dollars we have 180 now you see the strong formation and the next move will go to six dollar i think four dollar six dollar in this area that’s a good uh crypto i think that has enough power to the top side so thank you

For watching please share the videos become a channel member today i make it this for you free yeah but such information belongs to a channel membership next time i will make some movies in channel membership please become a channel member so that you can get the information thank you have a nice day

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#Alpha #Finance #ALPHA Analysis & Price Prediction, Alpha HOLDERS MUST WATCH Best Crypto 2021 By The Wolf of Trading