Am I Rich?! How much Money I make from Youtube Shorts with 603 MILLION VIEWS!! *INSANE*

In today’s video we take a fun dive into our Youtube analytics to see how much money I’ve made so far, with 603 MILLION Short views!!😱I’ve seen a few people do this video, so I thought it would be super cool to check out my own analytics, and it SHOCKED ME SO MUCH!!😱✨let me know below if you were expecting that?!πŸ’—

Hey my lovelies it’s ria and welcome back to my channel so today we have a super fun little video going on where i am going to be revealing how much dollar i have made from youtube shorts during the past three months that i have been posting them so i get the question on a daily almost how much do you actually make from shorts are you rich now that you’re getting

Millions and millions of views a day so i thought it would be super fun for me to just sit down and be honest with you guys and see how much money i have actually made from shorts i haven’t even checked these figures myself so i’m a little bit nervous but this is going to be like a live reaction so basically if you’ve been living under a rock for the past three

Months youtube shorts are a very new phenomenon and they’re basically apparently inspired by the tick tock for you page there’s now a short shelf where you can like scroll videos that are no longer than 59 seconds but there’s always the buzz the thing with shorts is that they’re not monetized you don’t get ads on them because when you’re scrolling on the short

Shelf like when you’re scrolling on the face your videos don’t get an ad before them so we’re short you only get ad revenue if someone goes on to your youtube page and visually clicks on your video so it’s like if people are watching your shorts on the short shelf you’re not gonna get any money but if they’re watching them on your page personally you are so i’m

About to find out if i am actually getting any revenue from these shorts so let’s do this i started posting shorts um three months ago i think it was roughly in april and i’ve posted 27 since then in the past few months and all together the views i’ve got on my shores add up to 603 million that is crazy to think that 603 million people have watched my shorts i

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Don’t know how someone looks at me on the bus it’s a big figure to deal with i think my lowest feed one is around a million views which is crazy that’s my lowest field short and then my highest future is 100 million plus views so let’s dive into some analytics and see how much we’ve actually made i’m actually nervous okay so we’re gonna start off with one of

The first ever shorts that i posted that has one of my lowest amount of views let’s start off with that one see how much money we made from that one so we’ll do the starbucks trying starbucks bubbletastic frappuccino this was the third short i posted and it has 1.5 million views currently so let’s see how much revenue we made from it ah we made a grand total

Of six pounds and 86 pence i mean in all honesty you could buy a kfc boneless banquet box with her so i’m not complaining because you know you get some chicken but i mean for 1.5 million views i think people think that oh my gosh she’s making coin on that and in reality i didn’t even make seven pounds okay let’s move on so next i’m gonna look at the first ever

Short that i uploaded which was a golden water barbie unboxing this one got 80 million views so we’re stepping it up here now so let’s see how much money we made okay that’s a big jump 208 pound and 36 i mean kfc for everyone now i have enough money here to buy chicken for the whole brigade you know so we have jumped from seven pounds to 208 pounds here but 18

Million views and you’re getting 200 pounds if i posted a normal youtube video with ads like an eight to ten minute video and i got 18 million views i would be looking at 400 000 payments and i got 200. i mean i’m grateful obviously but i’m just showing that difference there between shorts 200 pounds a normal youtube video would be 400 000 pounds so there’s a

Massive jump here okay next let’s just look at a more recent water barbie one and see what we got on this one so this one got 44 million views and we made so i think what’s happening here is at the beginning my first ever short that was posted people were only really seeing it on the short shelf gaining no ads but now people are coming onto my page and clicking

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On the videos on my channel that’s when you get the ads so i think that’s how i made more money on the half field one okay let’s quickly check some of my boxes so i’ve got a series going on called tick tock mystery boxes which have been doing insanely well so let’s check the first box box number one i posted and this got 7.7 million views and we made 140 pounds

61 for 7.7 million views okay so that was box one let’s compare it to my highest tick tock mystery box which was 48 million views let’s see if there’s a big jump here 170 pound 58 okay so we’ve jumped from 7.7 million views to 48 million and the money has gone up like 30 pounds so i guess the 48 million one was just trending on the short shelf and nobody actually

Came on my page to watch it right i really want to see what we got from this big egg that got 100 million views oh wait let me just quickly check the toilet one because that’s funny okay so i made a short unboxing like this toilet mystery water toy thing it got 9.5 million views let’s see how much dollar we had 79 pound 81 okay so we made a solid 80 pounds from

A toilet can’t complain about that i made my money back from what i spent on it anyway so this is just so random like i’m trying to explain to you guys what the pattern is and i don’t really have an explanation because i’m not sure what’s going on here okay let’s finally look at what we got for the 100 million viewed short we need a drum roll okay we made 78

And 98 401 million views if you got that on a normal youtube video you’d be balling you’ll be like you’ll be rich but we made nearly 80 pounds that’s so good i’m so happy life is fabulous you know i’m healthy and every little help okay so before we add up all of the money that i’ve made from the whole 27 shorts i’m just going to quickly check one of my normal

Videos so let’s check this one so this is a normal youtube video with proper ads and everything eight minutes and three it’s not sure and this got 5.8 million views yes so let’s see how much revenue we made from this okay so from this video 5.8 million views we made 3173.52 so we made this from 5.8 million views on a normal video compared to this on the 100

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Million sure so as you can see money-wise it is definitely more beneficial to just make normal youtube videos but if you just want to have fun like like i don’t ever think oh i need to make a youtube video to make money today like i always just think oh my gosh i have so many ideas i’m so excited to make this youtube video like i just do this because i love it i

Don’t do it for a paycheck if that makes sense okay the big reveal guys it’s time for me to add up all of the money that i’ve made for my 27 shorts and see how much money i’ve actually made from 603 million views okay i’ve typed it all in done my little concentration face and we have it ready so the last figure i had was 103 so we’re going to click the equals

And see how much money we have made from 603 million short views in the past three months okay so all together we have made 3239 pounds from the 603 million views so i did literally make the near enough this same amount from just one youtube video of 5.8 million views so that is our answer guys how much i made from 603 million short views and if you’re still

Thinking whether you can do this for a career and you’re wondering like how much money i make like i’ve been as open and honest as i can with you guys if you have any more questions though please comment them down below me personally i will definitely keep doing a mix on my page i will keep posting normal youtube videos because i absolutely have a passion for it

And i’ll keep posting shorts too because they’re fun like i said i don’t do this for money i do it because i love you guys and youtube with all of my heart so if you have any more questions comment them down below but apart from that have the best day on this planet and i’ll see you in the next video bye guys

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Am I Rich?!😱 How much Money I make from Youtube Shorts with 603 MILLION VIEWS!!πŸ˜±βœ¨πŸ’° *INSANE* By Rhia Official