Amphitheater plans fueling real estate hopes

Amphitheater plans fueling real estate hopes

That it will improve their quality of life, plus their property values, which based on what i was told by a property custom cabinets, you know, all the way to the ceiling. when they bought this 1910 home, it was in shambles. in fact, malcolm and his wife have been flipping houses here the last house that we’ve flipped over here, we bought for much of the community stroll

Is the convenience to downtown pawn now news that a $50 million amphitheater could be built 5 i’m very excited about it for the main reason that it just brings more people, more people to the neighborhood, even if it’s just somebody coming to a concert that comes through and sit in the druid hills neighborhood or rickie gosh, bought a home just two months ago and knew

Entertainment also to bring a lot of people in or, you know, associated to malcolm predicts projects like the possible amphitheater will only lure more investors like himself to this nook of north birmingham. of community and neighborhood over profits, then it can really turn into a beautiful neighborhood and help transform history. now, all this talk about a high end

Amphitheater is very funding for the project must still clear or survive about votes from five different funding partners, the first of we have learned about new charges for a bessemer man in evan lucas has been charged with five counts of attempted murder. rage incident that led to an officer being shot on sunday. county jail on a two and a half million dollars bond.

Arrested on charges of sexual misconduct with a child. the alabama board of medical examiners filed a petition to suspend the license of a trussville doctor arrested for dr. janaki eroglu was arrested last week after investigators say he attempted to have relations with one of his patients, who is a minor. commission is set to have an emergency session and make the decision

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Whether to revoke his medical practice license. if your child is one of the thousands diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, there’s a good chance they were prescribed adderall to treat the symptoms. effects of the adderall shortage that we’re experiencing right now. well, according to the fda, one of the major makers of adderall, a drug company called

Teva, is experiencing manufacturing delays. a supply from the other producers to actually keep up with the demand. commonly prescribed drugs to treat adhd in children and adults and many parents have gone to the pharmacy recently to prescription, only to be told it’s just not available. pediatrician today who says there are other options but no guarantee those other drugs

Will be as beneficial to every patient. some people feel like they’d respond better to one than another. adderall was their first choice, their first line drug, then switching to another one, most of the time they’re going to but finding out would be, you know, through switching. important to talk to your doctor if you’re not able to find adderall and make sure you

Consult with them before use any a winter weather outlook has been released and you may want so because of the line in your weather coming in this winter, for the third year in a row, many of the southern half of the it doesn’t spell out some of the greatest news for us as we the weather pattern only expected to make things worse. normal conditions along the southern tier

Of the u.s. and so a la nina is also expected to go up and down, which can make those patterns even more difficult to predict after the warmer days are scheduled to start back up over the next jason simpson joining us now with a breakdown of just how it looks like over the weekend will be back into the mid and upper seventies for highs by saturday and sunday morning lows.

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The forties, early saturday morning, not quite as cold sunday morning. warmer saturday afternoon, that warm up continues into sunday as well. of very nice, but very dry weather for the next several days. we still have cool mornings, lots of sunshine and in the picture, but there is a chance at least of some rain coming in next week. birmingham, gadsden anniston coleman,

55, alabaster tuscaloosa in the sixties, eutaw sitting right on 60 degrees. will work out and check out that south wind that’ll make a difference. a little bit warmer tonight than they were last night. so still chilly in the morning at the bus stop, but a really we’ll talk in more detail about how things are going to be changing over the next seven days and when you

Can expect coming up in our seven day forecast now, jason, see in just a bit. series of grants aimed at improving access to healthy foods. this allows places like food banks to supply fresh and healthy foods right to department of economic and community affairs, kenneth boswell, said, quote, community providers of healthy foods are need help in meeting the demand of other

Areas, adding, quote, the program helps provide these resources that they need. barrett blocked attempts to halt the student loan forgiveness program. an emergency application in to prevent the program from going forward. administration has officially launched the student loan forgiveness application. the applications will be among the first to be processed for relief.

As a reminder, here’s the breakdown on student loan forgiven as applications are married couples making less than $250,000 will automatically qualify. to learn more, you can visit student aid dot gov slash debt hyphen relief. security administration will allow you to self-select your gender identity. is part of the biden administration work to increase gender identity

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Acceptance as they seek to decrease burdens self-identify gender regardless of the status on other formal documents and future policies are expected for those who identify as non-binary. resign after what some call a disastrous six week tenure in office. well, liz truss will be britain’s shortest serving prime minister in history and it seems like her term in number ten

Downing street was doomed to fail from the beginning. series of economic measures that in the midst of a cost of living crisis, gave tax breaks to corporations and some of the country that did not go down well with mps, the markets or the british public. much liz truss tried to scrape and claw her way out of the hole that she had dug for herself, she just could not get out.

Chancellor and firing her old one, and she tried eventually and so liz truss read the political tealeaves and realized that even if she could managed to survive her leadership challenge from within her own party, it would be very party’s deep, unpopular clarity and the deep unpopularity of the opposition, labor party is calling for a general election to be called given

That they say that the conservatives no longer and president biden commented on her resignation, saying the well, she was a good partner on russia and ukraine and and the and she was a good

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