AppleThe CEOs jealous punk son tries to ruin my career but ends up ruining his own life

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Foreign to college and all you have is your ged huh no wonder i guess that explains why you’re so unlikable uh yeah dude you’re right that i never went to college i’m not your dude bro just because we’re the same age doesn’t mean we’re friends my dad owns this company so be more respectful when you’re talking to the ceo’s son sure but you just started working here

Right so i’ve been here for eight years longer than you since i was 18. besides your father says that no one should be given special favors because that just spoils them and he treats us all as equals and expects us to do the same in return man he’s never any fun whatever how is it that you’re even working here in the first place maybe you didn’t know but this is

One of the leading design companies in the country all the employees have graduated from top-notch colleges and actually earned their positions through a competitive job selection process so how is it that someone like you was able to get hired without even having a college degree well when i was in high school the company offered an internship program targeted

Towards students at the time i applied for the position and presented about what i thought our future city might be like and i guess your father thought highly of my presentation because he wanted me to stay on full time as soon as i finished my internship what are companies actually involved in the local community like that yeah and ken is a strong believer in

A performance-based system oh yeah dad’s always been all about the results which means you have to prove your worth if you want to keep working here of course i know that very well said you’ve been here for eight years already so that must mean your performance is worth something i guess you can say that so whose ideas did you steal what there’s no way that

Someone with only your level of education keeps earning high marks at our company i bet you’re just taking credit for someone else’s work a true employee with a college degree that’s not true i would never do such a thing then how is it that your proposal got approved instead of mine what do you mean you know i was really confident about this proposal but they

Rejected it and to make things worse my dad told me that my work doesn’t even compare to the quality of yours he completely embarrassed me in front of all the executives i heard them snickering since they all know you didn’t even go to college so it’s all your fault well what do you want me to do just so you know there’s no way i’m ever gonna admit to losing

Against you by the way i heard this project is worth like three million dollars yes i believe it’s worth that much crazy i doubt you’ll find any client to be on board with that actually we already found a company that’s interested in closing the deal just waiting on the final approval from ken before you start working on the minor details then we should be good

To go what how is that even possible you already have a client lined up yeah exactly fine in that case let me take over your proposal what do you mean just tell my dad that you were getting overwhelmed or something so that’s why you asked me to help you out and don’t worry i’ll take care of the rest okay i don’t think i want to do that this is my proposal so

I’ll see it through to the end dude are you really gonna go against your future ceo don’t you think it’s wise to butter me up now and win some points if you know what’ll be good for you in the future but ken told me that no matter what you should never let your ego be the reason you lose pride in what you do so i vow to always take pride in my work and to make

Sure that i take full responsibility for all my work until the very end well fine then i gave you the chance to take the easy way out but you’re just gonna throw it all away huh it’s too bad you’re not smart enough to see what a waste of an opportunity this is i’m sorry it had to turn out this way i knew from the beginning that we’ll never be able to see things

Eye to eye that’s why we shouldn’t have any uneducated people working here in the first place anyways i’m gonna do whatever i can to get rid of you just wait and see you should prepare yourself for the worst because i’m gonna make you regret everything you’ve said today laughs congratulations on your done deal what a huge relief that your big contract completely

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Fell through that was your doing that’s right i told you that i was going to get you back you know the three million dollar contract that you’re about to close on i went ahead and trashed it that’s what you get for stepping out of line with the future ceo well the presidency oh it’s absolutely enraged he’s just about ready to bite someone’s head off oh really but

That’s towards you right there’s no way my dad would be mad at me i’m his only son and the only successor of this company besides this company will belong to me one day so i can do what i want your inferior work means nothing for this company there’s no way my dad should have anything to say about what i did really i don’t think your attitude is very professional

You’ve been raised in such a blessed environment and just look at all the opportunities you have right in the palm of your hands you should consider your position more carefully before you do something of regret what who do you think you are i have no reason to be lectured by you go get yourself a college education first it doesn’t matter how much you dislike me

But it’s just wrong to cause the company such a huge financial loss you should really reconsider your actions and how it affects the company’s reputation well shut up you and me we live in completely different worlds so the same rules don’t apply to the both of us we’re not meant to see things the same way no matter how hard you work you’ll never make it to the top

Like me so you have no choice but to desperately hang on to every perspective offer that comes your way don’t try to act like you’re such a dedicated and noble employee preaching my dad’s policies to me as if you’re so much better fine i was thinking that i could still help you to recover the loss you brought on but never mind now don’t worry there’s nothing that

You can do that’ll help me anyways why don’t you worry more about saving yourself instead it was your deal that fell through wasn’t it and one that was worth three million dollars as a matter of fact knowing my dad that’s more than enough reason to get you sacked oh you know what let me just remove the extra burden from him and fire you myself as a ceo’s son and

Future owner of this company i should have at least that authority so pack up your things and leave the premises right away you can’t do that why not as soon as you leave we’ll finally have a pure workplace with only highly educated people roger was kelvin the least bit sorry for what he’s done to be honest not at all when is he ever going to grow up i never

Intended to raise him to be such a spoiled brat but perhaps it was the environment in which he was raised i’m not going to lie we’re a wealthy household so he was provided with pretty much anything that money could buy i wouldn’t exactly equate someone’s upbringing with their actual personality i mean not all wealthy people are spoiled brats right my mother used

To tell me all the time that i shouldn’t ever use my upbringing as an excuse for bad behavior she never forced me to study but really encouraged me to dive head first into anything and everything that caught my interest and thanks to her living in poverty never became an excuse for me to not become successful if there was even the slightest chance for success

I grabbed it at the first opportunity and that’s how i ended up getting the chance to work for this company let’s see i’m glad you feel that way but unfortunately it seems that his lack of responsibility runs in this family what do you mean well to tell you the truth i somewhat had high expectations of kelvin when he started working here but he just can’t seem

To shake his lack of responsibility out of himself i see and there’s nothing left that i can do to change the way he is by the way that three million dollar contract is there no way to try and recover that deal anymore i’m very sorry but i think we need to consider that deal as being completely lost damn this is just terrible news without that deal we might be

Close to bankruptcy ken there’s actually something i want to show you because you’ve done so much for me already as a mentor friend and boss i wanted to give something back to show you my appreciation so i’ve worked out a new business proposal that’ll probably bring in just as much money as the last one a new proposal in this short time yes i already have a client

Lined up that’s interested in closing the deal right away i’d like to hand the proposal over to you so that you can proceed with finalizing the contract i want to do everything i can to prevent this company from going under and to protect my fellow colleagues and their families from facing financial hardships in that case you should be the one to take full credit

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For this it’s your proposal to begin with i’m afraid that’s not possible since i was let go earlier today what do you mean i know nothing of this i need to take responsibility for losing one of our biggest deals this year and in fact i have to admit that there were some minor details that i may have missed so that’s why and also your coughing seems to have gotten

Worse these days and i’m worried about your health i want you to be able to take some time to rest without worrying about the company facing financial difficulties and i want to repay you for everything you’ve provided me in the eight years we’ve known each other i know it’s nowhere near everything you’ve done for me but i went ahead and found a client for this

New deal no this isn’t right i can’t let you leave this company needs you your skills your determination your ideas you’re indispensable to this company’s success and i already have a very important position in mind for you in the future i really appreciate your consideration but for someone with only my level of education your academic background means nothing

To me i’ve seen what you’re capable of i care more about your performance than the results you’ve brought in there’s no way i will allow you to be fired that’s the ceo’s orders but leave everything to me i’ll take care of that stupid son of mine dad guess what i just got rid of a big piece of garbage for you so you’ll buy me that new mercedes as my reward right

Really are you sure that it’s really worth a brand new car yeah of course i brought out the big guns and everything and completely destroyed that loser of an employee oh i felt so powerful telling him that he no longer worked for us i even told him to clear out his desk and leave the premises right away really and who exactly did you fire without asking me first

That o’connor dude of course he’s so stupid he completely flopped on that three million dollar deal he needs to take responsibility for that catastrophe so i saved you the trouble and fired him myself you’re absolutely right anyone that inflicts such a huge blow to the company’s reputation needs to be removed immediately exactly i did good right so you’re gonna

Get me the mercedes right i want it in red stop being so ridiculous you’re the one that’s going to be clearing out his desk and leaving what the house as well you’re being let go as of right now so you better not show your face around me ever again wait i don’t get it is this some kind of joke a joke are you saying that you went and completely destroyed a three

Million dollar deal as a joke but that was o’connor’s deal wasn’t it why didn’t you just have someone else come up with a different proposal we could still make up for that blunder right it’s already too late the client already closed a deal with one of our biggest rivals since they were quick to act with a similar proposal as soon as alice fell through there’s no

Other company that is willing to close on that deal now are you serious i had no idea i’m still new here so i didn’t know sorry dad we’ll do something to fix all this though right like the way you always used your money and power to get me out of trouble when i was in college don’t call me dad anymore what do you mean i never imagined that you would grow up to

Be so selfish and ungrateful you were given everything you ever asked for and yet you still expect everything to be handed to you on a silver platter someone needs to put a stop to this as of today you’re no longer an employee of this company or my son so go on and keep living your life the way you want but this time all on your own dad what’s going on with you you

Seem to be in a pretty bad mood today let me come back at a better time in that case there’s no need for that i told you i never want to see your face again and today will be the last day we’ll be tied to one another through the adoption that agreement is also done i’m adopted that’s right but you’re too self-centered to even notice didn’t you ever question why

You didn’t inherit the kenneth name passed down through our family now that you mention it yeah well we had a baby boy way before you came along our precious boy kenneth iv what but he only lived for a few hours after his birth before he took his final breath it was a difficult delivery for your mother as well she was very delicate and never very healthy so the

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Doctors didn’t think her body would be able to handle another pregnancy and delivery she was absolutely devastated because it had always been her dream to raise children but then you were delivered in the room next door to a single mother who had no idea who the father of the baby was no you’re lying that’s just impossible well that impossible is what took place

Because when we heard you crying next door i knew that it was a miracle being handed to us so there is only one thing i could do i had to give my wife this baby born on the same day as our poor kenny and raise him like our own and that baby just happened to be you your birth mother such a young girl accepted her offer right away so the adoption process didn’t even

Take long to complete from that day on you became her son and we gave you everything and provided you with every opportunity but what did i get in return this selfish piece of garbage because if you’re an aptitude this company was close to being bankrupt and you threatened the livelihood of our employees you can bet that i no longer have any more affection for this

Kind of garbage i’m completely fed up wait no i’m done dealing with your stupidity your mother bless her soul is finally reunited with her son in heaven right now and i’m sure there’s nothing more she could ask for you on the other hand always blinded by self-interest have never done anything to repay us for everything we’ve given you i refuse to have anything

To do with you anymore wait don’t say that but what are you gonna do with this company if you cut me off there won’t be anyone to take over the company right there’s this young fellow that i’d like to take on as my new adopted son he’s very thoughtful of this company and our employees and even shows concern about my health his educational background may be lacking

But he makes up for it with his dedication and hard work he has the true heart of a business executive that’s right it’s roger o’connor i’m sure you’d know him very well too don’t you o’connor he’s gonna be the future ceo of this company that can’t be right you can’t let that happen a ceo that doesn’t even have a college degree that’ll be a complete disgrace to our

Name and it’ll ruin our status as an elite company who would have thought that you even cared enough about this company to say something like that you hardly did any work unless it was for your own benefit and your selfishness and condescending weights never went on well with our employees or clients if there’s any reason why this company should lose its honor that

Reason would be you but that’s just because i’m still young i was being thoughtless because i didn’t know any better but that’s why we learned from our mistakes right i get it now i won’t act out of rashness anymore i’m really sorry for ruining that deal promise to make it all up to you so just give me another chance it’s already too late you’ve had more than enough

Chances anyone that intentionally tries to cause such damage to me or my company is just a piece of garbage that needs to be removed so security is on their way now to collect you foreign after that ken went through the adoption process and named me as the successor of his company unfortunately for kelvin after he was thrown out from the office he was never able

To stay on at one workplace for long since he was so used to having everything provided for him he was completely lost when he got cut off from that kind of lifestyle i heard that he ended up in the streets and now just hangs out under the bridge with all the other homeless people despite the affluent childhood he had and having even graduated from elite college

Kelvin realized he was nothing without his father’s title and money behind him and with nothing left to his name his downfall in society was nothing that could have been avoided it just proves that whether you make something of an opportunity or not depends on the way you decide to handle it thanks for watching don’t forget to click the like button and subscribe to see more content

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