Are these the best highway peg mounts for Harley Davidson? Ciro3d frame mounted highway peg mounts!

Are these truly the best highway peg mounts for Harley Davidson? We think so! We’ll walk you through the install and adjustment of the Ciro 3d highway peg mounts and twin rail foot rests!

Welcome back to the channel we’re in the garage again and uh i know it’s summertime still technically but uh if you watched last week’s video you know that we’re going down to k river campground in about a month and i’m always looking for something to increase my comfort as i’m going down the road and while we were up in sturgis we got some of those for one extra

Spot to put my feet while i’m going down the road as if i don’t have enough already but you know if you guys ride long distances you know as well as i do that the more places you can put your foot the better these aren’t super difficult to install so we’re going to do an install today but i also kind of want to go over the benefits of this mount as opposed to

Like a normal highway mount and i’ll show you that at the end of the video and kind of give you an idea for people like me that might have a little bit of a shorter leg i wear a 32 jean inseam but let’s be honest here i’m over compensating just a little bit and as always guys i’ll have a link to the highway peg mounts in the description and also the foot pegs

That i’m using which is actually a mini footboard which you’ll see here in a little bit enough of me blabbing let’s throw these things on and i’ll show you kind of where you can put your foot what you can do with them and how easy they are to install basically you’re going to take off this bolt and this bolt and this bolt and the mount’s going to replace this

Front mount the rear mount stays where it’s at so it’s going to mount right here and then just kind of come up in this area this top one has a nut on the back side of it so you can spin this all day long and if you don’t put a wrench on that nut it ain’t coming loose you’re going to reuse this one so just kind of set it aside so here’s what the mount looks like

Pretty heavy duty and uh it’s powder coated it’s got a nice um gloss powder coat on it so uh yeah all right just mounts like that pivot pin is going to go in there so we’re going to put that in first you could probably put a little grease on that if you wanted to but i never lower and raise my foot boards ever so it doesn’t really need grease so but you can put

Some on if you want to so it says to torque it to 60 to 80 inch pounds i don’t have an inch pound torque wrench so i am not going to grease it but i am going to put a little blue loctite on it which is medium strength and you don’t have to have heat or anything to get it off it’ll just wrench off it just holds it in place keeps it from rattling loose if you own

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A harley you know what i’m talking about this stuff isn’t going to hold all that great because it expired in 2017 so it’s a little over three years old but uh it’ll work and all we got to do is put our bolt that we set aside back in place and the upper hole once again so it’s a little bit of loctite i should note that the instructions don’t call out for loctite

That’s a blacktop devil thing that’s just a good habit to get into so the instructions say to put this in and then torque it but whenever i have multiple bolts in one moveable piece i like to put them both in get them both started and then you can tighten tighten one that way you don’t have to fight it and end up cross-running when you’re putting it down so cyril

Sends these uh this is a pretty bolt pretty bit torque them to 36 to 42 foot pounds all i have is this giant torque wrench that i stole from my father this kid and dad you know where it’s at that’s basically it for the main mount then we’ll put the clevis mount on here and you’ll get an idea of how it works this arm mounts on like this now the lighting’s not

The greatest but that just melts together with this bolt which i am not going to put loctite on this bolt because this is going to need to be adjusted depending on where you want your foot and then i’m just going to thread this in finger tight and then we’ll figure out where to put it adjustment wise later i don’t know if you guys can see that there’s a little uh

Cut out in there and then this has a little nipple on it they just mate together okay so you can see how this is giving me a little bit different foot position than my normal highway pegs if i may end up keeping these on we’ll see we’ll see how uh how i like all my foot positions here and what i can do with it so i mean as far as installing this that’s it so i’ve

Got these on but they’re loose i’m going to go ahead and throw my mini foot board on here and then we’ll kind of halfway adjust everything to where we need it these footrests are cirros footrests and i think they’re going to look really good with it i like that they’re all black those are all you can get these in black or chrome i chose black because obviously

I like black but uh yeah i think that looks good together and i chose this because although this is nice i would like a little more uh area for my foot and this kind of fits the bill it’s not super huge so it’s not going to look all crazy big on there but it’s not also not so small that it hurts my foot when it’s kind of resting on there well as far as these uh

They just install in there with uh it’s really hard to do with one hand but you put the little d spring in there and then you’ll end up putting this in there and make sure you put this in the right way so it’s not like that because that’s wrong well let’s see if i can focus it this is wrong if you hit if you’re leaning and you’re turning and you’re leaning over

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And you hit your your foot board here this isn’t going to give it needs to be like that so if this if you end up hitting the concrete this can at least flip up as it as it you know drags for some reason my right one isn’t as scratched up as my other one i should show you my other one but uh yeah just make sure you put this on the right way because if you put it

On like that it’s not going to give and it’s just going to dig in that being said these don’t affect your lean angle according to siro’s website and a couple other people i’ve asked so if you’re worried about uh carving corners and stuff and these hitting they’re not gonna hit any sooner than anything else would and they’re designed that way i’m going to test it

Out we’ll see if i can scratch this up i’m going to try kind of goes in like that so there is a torque spec on that and it is 25 to 35. i’m just actually going to snug it up really good it’ll be fine so now you can see because of that little detent in there again these have the little teeth on them so that would tell us we’re not going to lock type this one

Because that’s an adjustment i know that’s not the greatest shot but you’re just going to kind of get this somewhat eyeballed to where you want it and then once you’re able to like sit on the bike then you can kind of tell okay i need to do this with it i need to do that with it so i just got that a little bit snug and what my plan is is once i get the other side

Put on then i’ll kind of sit on it and put my feet wherever that’s pretty much the install i’m going to do the other side real quick and then we’ll go through like how to adjust it and kind of how it fits me as a short legged rider i’m laying here on the floor and i got the other mount on on the left side of the bike and i wanted to show you guys something if

You notice here’s my my jiffy stand kickstand i know they’re different whatever this is the mounting plate for my jiffy stand and that’s the bolt you have to take out as well as that one the only other bolts in it are this one and this one so the reason i bring that up is because it was sitting here leaned over on the jiffy stand and i was taking those bolts out

And i thought it’s a lot of weight on that jiffy stand if that plate if i loosen the bottom side of that plate so it doesn’t actually say it in the cereal instructions to lift the bike up but i actually put my motorcycle jack under took the pressure off the jiffy stand and then did it but uh it’s probably okay since it’s not in the instructions but we all know

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Sometimes things get missed all right so you can kind of see where i’ve got my foot this one’s pretty high compared to my other side that i have really low which is too low but i would say first you need to just adjust the height as far as where you want your foot to sit there’s multiple ways you can put your foot so you’re riding you’re riding like that you’re

Riding like that you kick it up like that you know with the lower you don’t have a whole lot of area to put and these are the hd 360 mounts so there’s not a lot of places to angle that arm so they’re kind of stuck in that one spot i might be able to go up a little higher if i want to keep them but for a for a stubby leg rider as like myself that’s about perfect

I can rest my heel on that and i’m actually really happy where this one is right now so i might lower it just a hair so to lower it you would just loosen that a little bit and there’s those notches see how it just kind of went down one notch just kind of snug it up so it doesn’t come out of that notch again then you can put your foot up see if it’s comfortable

That’s actually pretty comfortable so once you get your height figured out then you can loosen this bolt back here and adjust your angle so that’s a good angle for the bottom of my foot it’s not you know kicked out too far this way or it’s not too far down that way i think i’m going to leave it there then the hardest part is trying to get the other one matched

To this one by feel you can use a tape measure or you can click you know you can count the clicks on the on the back side there and see you know where you’re at but it’ll take a little uh trial and error to get it probably perfect but that’s how you do it you just do those two little adjustments there and then once you find your spot that you want your foot then

Just tighten them up and you’re good to go the last adjustment is going to be what foot angle you have so uh mine was kind of sitting like that so i’m actually going to make it a little more flat with that and i’ll go i’ll just write it around like that for a while and see how i like it if i need to do it adjustments right down in here for this one get it kind

Of snug you don’t want it falling off on the highway all right now you guys have seen how they work and all the adjustments i’ll leave it at that and i’ll see you in the next video you

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Are these the best highway peg mounts for Harley Davidson? Ciro3d frame mounted highway peg mounts! By Life on the Blacktop