Are These The Best New Keycaps? Drop DCX

#Keybored #mechanicalkeyboard GMK Keycaps BUT 30% OFF?! DCX is DROP’s Own GMK!

Hi guys welcome back to the channel this is scott k today we’re going to be talking about this right here the new dcx keycaps by drop i won’t go into the whole mt2 and dcx naming fiasco i’m here to tell you about these keycaps and not about the drama so i made a pretty strong claim in my title that i don’t have to buy always gmk anymore and it’s true if there’s a

Staple set like this white on black here i’ll just pay 20 to 30 percent less and just get the dcx over gmk why well that’s what i’m going to tell you about today over the years there has been so many gmk alternatives but honestly the true gmk alternative is now here for 89 let’s get started so the gmk keycaps are ubiquitous in the keyboard hobby as the premium

Keycaps to go after it’s probably one of the best options for nice crisp legends consistent double shot process glassy abs sound and so on and also all the vibrant color options from designers that work with gmk however it comes with its drawbacks as well one it’s usually only offered in group buys and it could take up to two years to get your set and to add

Insult to injury it starts around 130 for a group eye if you go for extras expect to pay upwards of 200 dollars that’s why when drop introduced to mt2 i mean dcx it genuinely peaked my interest double shot abs check nice legends check cherry-like cylindrical profile check glassy sound well we’ll find that out later and finally drop let me know that they are open

To work with any designers and once the colorway kicks off can get these keycaps out in four months not 2 years or even more but is it worth it we’ll be reviewing this against the ever popular gmk white and black set to show you how it stacks up against the class champion for the record the dcx set was provided to me as a early review sample by drop but the gmk

Set is actually my own first thing we will be looking at is the actual physical characteristics of the caps at initial glance these two sets look the same but as you get deeper and deeper into it you can actually start to see some nuances first of all the profile is similar but not exactly 100 the same gmk uses the classic cylindrical cherry profile it’s the

Classic standard profile that has a concave surface and provides a very comfortable typing experience dcx mimics that profile but in my opinion has a slightly more aggressive concavity versus the standard cherry it’s not quite noticeable but if you do put them side by side and like zoom into it and start to like keycap peak you can see the slightly more aggressive

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Scooping on the dcx these are both abs keycaps but the overall surface texture is also very different the gmk set is a bit more i guess textured while the dcx set is definitely smoother so take a quick listen right here when you put these caps side by side each row is pretty much nearly identical to each other in terms of sizing as well as height even when you

Take a look at the space bars they’re pretty much the same as well during use i didn’t really quite recognize any difference in terms of comfort or feel or anything major this is actually a big plus for me because this is the one thing that i could not stand on signature plastics dcs not x but dcs one other thing that i also didn’t notice is that when installed

The dcx does sit ever slightly higher than the gmk caps i feel like it’s probably because of this these are both double shot abs which means that there is the outer layer that your fingers are actually touching and an inner layer that makes up the actual legends of the key however how they go about this is actually very different between gmk and dcx take a look

At gmk’s approach to the double shot process the actual keycap typing surface and the stem is pretty much one piece and the legend layer is actually mixed into this weird matrix formation so the area that you touch and the area that fits into the switch stem is one in the same for a gmk keycap now the dcx is interesting where the area you touch and the part that

Fits into the switch are actually completely different layers i feel that this may be the reason why the dcx may sit that tad bit higher versus a gmk keycap not sure which is better but both the gmk and the dcx sets are double shot all the way edge to edge if you recall epbt also makes abs double shot caps but they only double shot the legend layer halfway down

In my opinion this is probably the reason why epbt doubleshot abs actually sounds a little bit thinner and more clackier than gmk does but if you compare the thickness of gmk and the dcx caps they’re pretty much the same i did notice that anywhere between 1.4 millimeters to 1.5 millimeters on average for the gmk and the same 1.4 millimeters to 1.5 millimeters for

The dcx as well in terms of weight i did notice that dcx weighs consistently more than the gmk equivalent by about 15 or so remember typically more weight equals more thought so let’s see if this actually makes an impact later now let’s take a look at the actual legends themselves but before we do that a quick word from our sponsor atlas vpn do you like keyboards

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Be able to produce very nice crisp and consistent legends honestly in the area of legends i feel like dcx actually has gmk beat gmk does a great job don’t get me wrong but when you do a close inspection you can see where the new dcx does win one thing to note is that gmk legends are much thicker versus many others it’s like if you take a letter and you do control

B to it that’s pretty much what gmk looks like dcx just generally does a great job with the consistency and crisp legending like take a look at these mods right here so i probably talked a lot more in detail about these keycaps than you probably care to know but what about the sound this is an area that is very important to me so let’s jump right into it alright

So what i’ll do is compare the two keycap sets in terms of their sound on various different roles their modifiers their space bars and then finally i’m going to put them through a full on typing test as well this test will be conducted on my beautiful hope 75s on a pc plate and with some lubed and filmed taxi carrot switches first up is the alpha and num keys at

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Various different rows check this out now let’s take a look at the modifier shall we now the space bar what do you think i feel like the two sets are very similar to each other perhaps the dcx sounds maybe ever slightly deeper i’m sure that a little bit of extra weight the 15 more weight is helping out here but they really do sound very close to each other so

What happens during a full on typing test let’s check it out once again here the two sets sound so close to each other to my ears maybe the dcx sounds a tad bit deeper but seriously guys they’re like 95 of each other so i just call it pretty much the same so what are my final thoughts on this i think it’s fantastic why because now i have another premium keycap

Option i could buy without just relying on gmk it doesn’t mean that i’ll never buy gmk again if there is a specific color or colorway an artist makes with gmk and i happen to like it i will buy that however the same thing with dcx if a designer makes a nice set with dcx in some original color way hey i’ll get on that too but in the situation like this right where

Like white on black sets let’s say or black on white sets these are staple sets that are available and they might be available for both gmk and dcx in this situation i would actually suggest just get the dcx unless you’re absolutely enamored by the thicker control b alphas you really don’t get much more with the jmk in this situation as most people know abs caps do

Shine after some use as evidence here on older white and blacks that i have right here i haven’t really used a dcx set long enough to give you a viewpoint on the shine factor but i have been using these for about a week now and so far so good if drop is using the same abs formulation as their mt3 caps i think we’re in the safe because my two-year-old susuwatari

Side has aged very gracefully on my kbd8x this is one week of use on a gmk space bar and this is two years of use on the mt3 spacebar yeah i probably smashed my hand spacebar is a little bit too hard but you know you get what i’m saying all right before i leave you guys because i know somebody will ask do these work north facing well no it’s the same as gmk in

This case so i guess you can’t really have everything right hope you enjoyed this quick review of the dcx cabs and how it actually compares to gmk once again if you like the video please like and subscribe and i’ll have more content for you in the future thanks

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Are These The Best New Keycaps? Drop DCX By Keybored