Are these the BEST STARTS in CK3?

Are these the BEST STARTS in CK3? In todays video we delve into what are some great campaign ideas for you in crusader kings 3. there’s lots of CK3 characters so of course its good to delve into in my opinion the best starts in crusader kings 3.

Ah crusader kings 3 a game where people can live out their wildest medieval fantasies who doesn’t want to raid england as vikings or become the new charlemagne effectively controlling all of europe have you ever fought yourself though what are the best starts within this game considering there are so many characters to choose from without doubt this question is

Incredibly subjective and depends on how you like to play this game i personally don’t like to play as kings or emperors at the start of the game because it’s simply too easy in today’s video therefore we are going to discuss what i believe are some of the most interesting characters to play as within crusader kings 3. i’ve faced these characters on a number of

Factors such as interesting challenges you can have within your campaign and the unique differences to characters within your proximity i’m sure some of you would disagree with me as everyone has a different opinion when it comes to paradox games but without further ado let’s get into it the first character i wish to talk about is the petty king dumnar ii he is

Situated in the south west of england and we can see the cornish kingdoms stand out the british isles has always been a fun campaign but cornwall in particular with its unique culture and difficult starting position makes this a bit more interesting than the rest of the nation surrounding it the cornish king himself is actually a fairly average ruler and not much is

Particularly known about him except he was the last recorded king of cornwall and his death is surrounded a mystery when he died eight years after the ck-free start date in 875 a.d it was said that he drowned which could have been an accident but it was recorded in ireland as a punishment for collaborating with the vikings there’s also two richly carved pieces of

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A 9th century celtic cross in cornwall with an inscription commemorating this king in terms of expansion within the game you have quite a few options you can either try and take control of south wales or look south and take the lyon province starting your european domination eventually you may even be able to spread the cornish culture which has some interesting

Perks such as ancient miners referring to cornwall’s vast wealth in minor resources such as tin and copper the interesting history combined with the exciting avenues of expansion makes his character interesting to play as the second character i want to talk about is count herbert iv of roman dua who is at the 1066 start date although not too much is known about

Herbert himself his dynasty has been dominating europe for centuries and it’s known as the khaling dynasty most of you i’m sure will have heard of charlemagne who was once the most powerful man in the world even his sons controlled vast kingdoms such as france italy and the holy roman empire now in the game at the start date of 1066 this is what remains of the

Khalin dynasty which is one obscure province in the north of france that gives herbert only around 400 troops can you however rebuild the karlin dynasty and perhaps get it back to its former glory with multiple other counts around you progress will certainly be slow but eventually you could become king of france and then take both the holy roman empire and italy

Herbert has some fairly average stats but regardless it’s a very interesting campaign for you to try and achieve we now go back to the 867 ad start date and the next character i want to talk about is perhaps the best character you can play out at the start of the game jarl dyer the stranger has some absolutely amazing stats since he’s both a genius and has grey

And misses given the fact he’s only 22 years old and surrounded by enemies you can have some really exciting campaigns and maybe you could even try and form russia zhao dyer also has 540 gold to start off with so there’s not really a worry that you’re going to go bankrupt any time soon with so many troops and gold you could also take on the much bigger kazaria

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Empire what’s a little strange about his character is his father is a famous viking warrior known as half dan historically though it’s not completely clear whether this was the case and historically it was quite difficult to find out information about this character doing my own research shall die of a stranger refers to ascold and deer which are brothers written

In the chronicles as the earliest known norse rulers of kiev i don’t think asgold has been added into the game but both his brothers were eventually slain by grand prince oleg vasir although there’s not a lot of historic references about them it doesn’t really matter and then credit kings 3 you can just imagine how interesting it would be to play as this character

The next interesting start you can have within crusader kings 3 begins in africa’s arid sahel we aren’t going to particularly focus on any specific character for this one since none stand out to me but there’s around five characters you can choose from what we are more interested in is the kashid religion in this region the kashid religion was so similar to the

Egyptian religion borrowing most of their gods amon who was shown as ram was a primary god the reason i believe this could be an interesting ck3 campaign is because you could establish yourself with his religion throughout egypt perhaps going around and taking holy sites which could be an interesting campaign idea becoming the ancient pharaoh let me know what you

Think in the comments though the next singular character i want to talk about is a man known as roddy the great he was born in 820 a.d after his father violently died in battle against immersions in 844 a.d rodri was able to take the kingdom of graned for himself with the king of powers dying in 855 a.d rodriguez also able to claim this throne for himself for him

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To keep control of a land around him rodri would have to constantly fend against his neighboring enemies such as immersions in 872 a.d rodriguez was able to claim a huge amount of territory in southern wales for himself due to inheritance historically rodgery would die however 11 years after ck3 start date when he was reportedly killed in battle overland therefore

Was divided among his sons he however will be remembered as king of britons and would be remembered for his many victories could you however make rodri even more great and claim the kingdom of wales for yourself there’s certainly some interesting expansion routes to pick from the last character i want to talk about is dewitt gideon not much is known about the actual

Ck3 character during this time but the gideon dynasty is legendary you start off with two counties as a vassal of a duke of aksum who in turn is a vassal of a coptic kingdom of abyssinia being jewish you therefore have to secure your religious freedom or get wiped out by your liege although your situation is bleak have a start of a ck3 867 start date historically

The kingdom of simeon rises up with the gideon dynasty and one of your ancestors queen judith is legendary in this region being active between 960 a.d and 1000 ad i therefore think it would be a great campaign idea to try and become a great empire starting as this lonely count but then again that’s just my opinion so i believe all the characters i’ve spoken about

Are some of the most interesting in crusader kings 3 for a number of reasons these suggestions are obviously going to be biased though so please let me know what you think in the comments if you think i’ve missed anyone that’s definitely worth mentioning thank you guys for watching i hope you enjoyed the video and i’ll see you soon goodbye for now shout out to our

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