Are You STILL Buying These? Best And Worst Almond Milk

What’s the best and worst almond milk to buy?

Hello and welcome i’m annette reader from and today it’s another grocery discovery do you know what is in this almond milk you need to know you need to be aware because maybe you’re not getting almond milk you might just be getting a big lab experiment we’re going to talk about it today on today’s grocery discovery i’m going to share

With you which almond milks to buy which ones not to buy and is there a better option than buying almond milk at the store thanks for watching now be sure and hit like subscribe in the bell so you can stay notified because i have more videos to teach you in regards to this subject well these are just a few of the almond milks that i bought at the store today i’m

Going to show you also some images from whole foods and aldi and walmart where there’s other options yet are they good for you should you be buying them let’s start with the one that i just held up for you and that is this one almond breeze the most popular bought almond milk in the store now look at this one it’s bragging about extra creamy what makes it extra

Creamy so as you look at the ingredients it starts with almond milk but yet that’s in parentheses it says filtered water and almonds we don’t know how many almonds you’re getting in this carton of milk but we can just go by what’s in the ingredients next we have sugar cane so then when it says sugar cane always look up ahead and see how much added sugar are in

There so we have four grams added sugar total added is four grams go back down so we have filtered water which includes water and almonds we have sugar cane now here’s where the cream comes from they’re adding in almond oil to make it creamy then we move on to calcium carbonate potassium citrate sea salt tarragon sunflower lecithin gallon gum and then vitamin

A vitamin d2 and some vitamin e now recognize the vitamins are not really to increase your health they’re not really going to do anything for you they are more of a selling point the vitamin e is a preservative it’s just being used to preserve the milk so it can sit on the shelf a long time the sunflower lecithin is the same it is a preservative it is good that

They’re using a sunflower lecithin instead of a soy lecithin so that in its in fact is much better and that’s turning around because of so many people like me telling you avoid soy lecithin so the stores the manufacturers are having to comply whether they like it or not so good for you to start demanding better products now let’s look at the the guan the gum we

Got the tarragon some of the products are going to have a different gum called gallon gum well actually we do have it in this one too that is actually kind of a fermented bacteria that was discovered like back in 1940 technically it’s not bad for you it’s really just trying to give you that effect so you don’t have to shake it up now when i make my own almond milk

I have to shake it up every time because things settle this is a gelatin sort of that helps to keep everything already shaken up so you don’t have to shake so again our exercises are being taken away from us so that’s what that is about is just to keep a uniformity in the in the carton and then the other ingredients so really this just has a lot of ingredients

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And they’re all about taste texture and shelf life they’re not about the nutrition nothing at all that’s added to this milk is about the nutrition it’s all about taste texture and shelf life so the number one brand in the store that is bought is the almond breeze 30 calories this is the one i what used to buy a lot now i try to make my own so here we go again

We’ve got the almond milk which is the filtered water the same ingredients we’ve got the gallon gum and the vitamins the only thing we’re missing here is the almond oil which is for the creamy texture which is also why we have a huge calorie difference between these two cartons so we have a 30 calorie 180 calorie all because of the oil the sugars over here we have

Zero sugars and over here we have four because this had sugar cane and this one did not now if you’re asking me would i buy either one of these no more i don’t buy these anymore 50 more calcium than dairy milk that’s just a selling point because they added it not because almonds have more calcium and so just recognize it has all the selling points no msg lactose

Free carrot gene and free now that’s also was what they used before they came in with the gallon gum to keep create that make it so you didn’t have to shake it up but everyone threw a fit because their stomachs were all upset and so that got taken out of the products because you spoke up and that’s what this is good about learning everything you need to know now

We come to simply almond and it just says all natural simply made that’s what we want unsweetened original 50 calories so let’s look at the back and see what’s in this almond milk we have right there on the label we have almond milk filtered water and almond natural flavors what’s that we don’t know it really could be all natural where it’s all food-based for

Flavoring because there are companies that take natural foods natural extracts natural herbs and foods and make flavoring there are other companies that are allowed to do the same on they use synthetic we don’t know which is which so we have to trust the company and then sea salt and says contains almonds which is a good idea so this according to the package could

Be a good product and notice they’re telling you right off the bat no gums all right so they’re telling you no gums because some people are very sensitive in their digestive tract to the gums and so this is a selling point and for many people it’s going to make a big difference because it doesn’t have any of the gums it might require to be shaken each time you drink

It but i’m not seeing the need for it right there in the bottle that it would need to be shook up so not sure what’s keeping it all mixed really well but this would be a really good option the kroger brand simply truth once again is really the competitor to almond breeze it might even be the same product again we see we have the almond milk pretty much the same

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Thing as the other product we have the gill and gum back again they say it’s natural they say it’s just fermented bacteria it might be we’ll know over the years as after people have tried it for several years just a note about this brand simple truth it is a kroger brand it’s very common for people to think simple truth is organic it’s not it’s not organic unless

It says simple truth organic but they’ve done an extremely good job at branding this to make people think that it’s better than the regular brands next we have the calafia farms and this is another almond milk i always look at the unsweetened so i’m trying to compare pretty much the same quality with each one so we look at the ingredients looking at the back

We see pretty much the same exact ingredients we got the almond water calcium the sunflower less than sea salt natural flavor the locus this time we’re using a locust bean gum and a gallon gum and the potassium citrate so pretty much the same exact product just a higher price point before i go on and tell you my answers what i want you to do let me just finish up

With this a lot of people love the chocolate almond milk well of course they should because you look at the ingredients and you see right away we have 20 grams of added sugar of course people are going to love this this is chocolate milk this is exactly what everyone can create an addiction towards so we’ve got the gallon gum we’ve got all the same ingredients we

Have vitamin d2 added to this one and then notice this is part of what i teach in the healthy living treasures class the dl alpha tacaro tocopherol that is a synthetic when you have an l after the d after the it should just say d alpha tocopherol you can say it takaferro or tocopherol the dl means it’s synthetic so this may be simply truth brand but the ingredients

Say scream actually synthetic so we’ve got some cocoa we got a lot of sugars we got a lot of flavorings so yeah just not an ideal product to be given your kids now here are two brands that i picked up at whole foods and they literally just have almonds water and salt and that is all you need to make almond milk that’s all you need that’s all you want on the label

And these are the most excellent options out there now for the fun of it i just wanted to add in an oat milk to see if that’s any better and oats definitely are a beta glucan we get a lot of nutrition from oats but we need the full oat to make that nutritional transition into our cells so we have calcium vitamin d this is an unsweetened so if we flip over and look

At the ingredients we see right here we’ve got our oat milk which is just filtered oats and water same pretty much ingredients stabilizers we’ve got the gums again we got the vitamins this time they’re adding in b2 and b12 you know pretty much it’s just a processed food so here’s what i want you to consider i want you to consider looking for and buying almonds

And making your own milk i have a video for you go watch that on how to make your own almond milk almond milk just takes two ingredients it takes almonds and it takes water now you might want to add some salt you could add some dates and that would make it more delicious yes but you only need almonds and water so this is why this is a perfect prepper food is to

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Have almonds in your storage in your prepper storage so this bag was seven dollars it’s getting higher every time i go to the store it used to be six dollars about six months ago you’re going to get four cups of almonds in this bag so seven dollars divide that by four and that’s your price of the milk because one cup of almonds plus three cups of water is going

To make your almond milk plus you’re going to have the leftover almonds as a high nutrition a high protein kick that you could take what you press out as far as the almonds and throw that in your smoothies in fact i don’t even filter mine i just keep it chunky because it’s going to go in my smoothies anyway so why not just keep it chunky and that way you can use

The almond milk in your smoothies or you could strain it so it’s nice and clean and and tasty and just put it in a glass and drink it so if you want to make your own chocolate milk then make it with your own milk your own milk your own cocoa powder and your own stevia perfect chocolate milk and you’re good to go without all those additives gums and natural flavors

And all of those other things that we don’t want we don’t want processed i want you to touch your food and no one else that’s what i want so yes making your own almond milk is always going to save you money it may take a little time you may have to soak them overnight and then blend it up in the morning and voila which saves you the gas money of going to the store

And getting the almonds so anytime you’re at a store just you know just shopping on vacation and you see almonds and that they’re at a good price keep your price list on your phone so you know is that a good price or not keep the list running a tab on your phone so you know and if you got a good price grab them take them home and save them they store well in the

Freezer so this is just really what i want you to understand is you can control your health by buying the best products and those cartons of milk no they’re really not a good product and to get the good quality ones you’re going to pay double and triple what it would cost us to make it ourselves make it yourself you control it and you can make it delicious add

Some vanilla add some cinnamon add some dates so much you could do to make a delicious almond milk thanks for watching and letting me share this with you and don’t go buying those brands of almond milk thanks for watching be sure and hit like subscribe and the bell and if you haven’t been to the biblical nutrition academy yet you might want to go check that out

That’s where all of our courses are so you can start studying for yourself at your own pace god’s recipe for excellent health thanks for watching you

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Are You STILL Buying These? Best And Worst Almond Milk By The Biblical Nutritionist