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Should this woman’s boyfriend allow her to have her favorite animal at her birthday party? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Okay thank you so my favorite animal in the entire world is the sloth it is my dream to meet one might walk it’s my dream to meet a sloth one day what does he got a book sign-in somewhere very very exotic they’re cool they’re different i don’t know like day in africa awesome they’re in like a costa rica kind of area tell you how much i know about them what day in

Africa well costa rica my next question is where’s that i’m so uneducated i might visit one too he’s cute i think so wait ain’t that the real slow animal yep okay so what it was well my birthday is coming up and i would love to have a real-life sloth yet my birthday party but the issue is that my boyfriend is the one who’s planning the party and like you he seems to

Be just terrified of sloths so i was wondering how i could get him over that fear in order to get what i want for my birthday i can tell you right now your birthday party is gonna be – a sloth i got to tell you that let me tell you something oh man ain’t gonna pay no money for something he’s scared of i’m not gonna do that look i love margery but if she wanted a

Slob we didn’t would it well if he loves me you should learn to love things that i love what did we all get these rules are who told you all this about men don’t notice yet about us if it ain’t in our dna is not an idea we ain’t got to love that cause you love it i dated a girl one time to had a chihuahua and i’m alright with dogs i’m okay i hated him and i was in

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The ninth grade but no matter how much i like the girl i see how hated to down and then tragically the dog got hit by a car when i got over to the house and i heard the news i rolled my bike over there everybody’s on the porch crying i came up i said what’s happened mr. sam he said debbie dog just got ran over by a car i’m young i don’t quite know how to do this

Yet so i said so what y’all doing y’all watch the tv today i didn’t bring the damn dog up no more it meant nothing to you we broke up after that cuz i never because i didn’t feel the same way about her doll so what are you saying for me and my boyfriend this sloth could be the end of y’all i think your boyfriend loves you i think he’s absolutely crazy about you

But he don’t have to be crazy about the slaw his hair is it is it brushed is it is it afro what is it what is what is he working with right here his lady said that’s donald trump’s hair hey folks welcome on thanks for checking out my youtube channel don’t forget to click here to subscribe to my channel that way you won’t miss a single hot new video some really

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