Audi Q7 Deals are WAY BETTER Now! (Invoice Price, Lease Payment, Maintain and Insure)

Here’s what to go after in terms of a discount on a brand new 2021 Audi Q7 55 Premium Plus Quattro as well as average insurance rates, and maintenance and repair costs!

You’re gonna get a great deal on an audi q7 after watching this video i have no doubt about it what’s gonna happen is is that after you realize what can be saved off of msrp then subtract the discounts coming from audi and hopefully you got yourself a costco membership because you’re going to be able to apply all these things to your particular vehicle and see

Exactly what you’re going to be targeting as far as the best possible deal whether you’re planning on purchasing or leasing i’m also going to give you some average maintenance and repair costs as well as some average insurance premiums that way you get the whole picture painted for you as far as what this audi q7 is really going to cost you what is happening

Guys ari here from boston automotive consulting in the description below you’re going to find various resources to help you not only land the very best deal on a brand new car but you’ll be able to shop around for insurance rates get your auto credit scores as well as shop for an auto loan and if you haven’t already please consider subscribing because this whole

Channel is gonna teach you everything you’re gonna need to know so that you can negotiate your best possible deal now audi inventory in the united states right now is comprised of both four-cylinder and six-cylinder models what we’re seeing in the united states is 1310 four-cylinder models and 2125 six cylinder models and when you look at the audi inventory you’re

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Going to see 45 and 55 45 is the four cylinder 55 is the six cylinder what we’ve got is is 560 45 premium 745 45 premium plus 330 55 premium 1070 55 premium pluses 725-55 prestigious because we’ve got the most as being six cylinder the 55 the 3.0 t whatever you want to call it because we’ve got the most as 55 premium pluses and because i’m into six cylinders at

The very minimum what i’ve got picked out for tonight’s negotiation guide is a 2021 q7 55 premium plus it’s the 3.0 t 55 whatever with an msrp of 66 620 now the markup in the q7 is typically about six percent so go after six percent at a bare minimum that’ll land you to a target selling price before rebates of sixty two thousand six hundred and ninety now audi

In my region is offering two thousand dollars and it’s comprised of both a thousand dollars for anybody and then another thousand dollars because i’m in the eastern region things could change in your region i’ve got my course in the description below that’ll not only tell you rebate information but how i find out about lease rates residuals etc how to scrape

All this information now hopefully you got yourself a costco membership because that would entitle you to 2 000 more dollars whether you’re planning on purchasing or leasing the audi q7 and i just find that to be absurd anyway the promotional apr this month is 1.49 at 60 months however you lose a thousand dollars if you’re going to be taking the rebate i would

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Say just take as much as you can take all the rebates that you can get finance it at a higher interest rate which is roughly in the low twos say 2.49 and in essence taking the 2000 in rebates and foregoing the 1.49 gets us to a final target selling price of 60 690. now financing the 60 690 would land us at a target payment of a thousand and eighty six dollars

A month and that’s assuming that you’re paying your taxes and fees up front now if you’re planning on leasing here’s where things may get very very clear as to whether you’re planning on purchasing or leasing because the lease payment is awfully close to the purchase payment now assuming you’re going after that same six percent off of msrp our rebate our lease

Cash if you will is the same it’s at 2 000 i’m not plugging in costco just to keep things on an even keel however if you want to plug it in feel free we’ve got a residual of 54 at 36 months at 10 000 miles a year and a money factor of 0.00079 now plugging this all in into the lease calculator and assuming that you’re giving just your inception fees do it start so

Your first payment acquisition fee dock fee registration all that stuff do upfront roughly about 2575 bucks we’d be talking about 810 a month and that’s including sales tax you guys assuming six percent off plugging in a costco incentive of two thousand dollars would save you another fifty bucks going after you know a thousand two thousand below invoice at the

End of the month you can definitely try and land this thing in the low sevens i wanna encourage you to use the links in the description below use it to shop around your local audi dealers make sure you got a few audi dealers trying to get you to this low seven figure now as far as some average maintenance and repair costs you guys here’s where i really hope

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You’re you are leasing it because it’s not cheap average maintenance cost on an audi q7 after the warranty period runs up is roughly 11.85 and average repairs according to your major resources online are ballparking this to be around 1790 during years four five six even more after that be careful find yourself a local mechanic if you’re planning on keeping this

Out of q7 for quite some time average insurance cost wasn’t too bad at all you guys in arizona we were seeing 1395 1915 in california 2100 in florida 1250 in illinois 1345 massachusetts 2920 in michigan 1770 new york 965 north carolina 1605 pennsylvania 2025 texas and a thousand and five in virginia i want to encourage you guys to use the links in the description

Below so that you can shop around for the very best audi q7 deal you’ll also be able to check out insurance rates get your auto credit scores as well as shop for an auto loan and if you found this information useful please consider subscribing thank you so so much for watching guys we’ll see you next time

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Audi Q7 Deals are WAY BETTER Now! (Invoice Price, Lease Payment, Maintain and Insure) By Anxiety Explored