B-0139 Purchase order Module Basics

Welcome to databuild’s audio visual instruction this training video looks at purchase order basics from the drop down quantities menu on the main toolbar click the orders icon the order screen appears the order screen is similar to all other data build screens with drop down menu toolbar and icons these icons display a tool tip when you hover your mouse pointer

Over the top of the icon the next row has some check boxes that you can use to filter what jobs are displayed on the screen for example if i uncheck no orders any jobs without orders disappear only the two order jobs appear see they are color coded let’s have a look at job double 01 by clicking the small plus symbol in the job code cell all the cost centers appear

With the suppliers selected to order the goods or services from there is an ordered check box these are empty but when the order is placed a tick appears in the check box and the record turns blue job double o2 has no supplies selected to select supplies for this job click into the supply cell a drop down menu appears you can select a supplier from the preferred

Suppliers on the drop-down list do this for each cost centre job double o 3 also has no supplier selected but this job is the same design as job double one to save selecting supplies for each cost center you can copy the order profile from another job to copy an order profile select the job you want to copy into and click the load copy order profile icon the

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Copy order profile screen appears select the job you want to copy from by highlighting the job in the table select the options or components of the order profile you want to include in your copy and click the green go balloon icon in the toolbar when the copy screen disappears the job is done to view the results click the plus symbol in the job code field they’re

All there to process an order select the cost center and click the load order printing and email icon for a concise description of how to set up the order print defaults see the order print support guide in this session we only concentrate on the icons to the left of the word batch batching orders is beyond the scope of this training video to preview the order

Click the preview order icon a simple purchase order appears this is the data build default layout but you can modify layouts to suit your own requirements we’ll cover this later and there are also support guides covering rtf layouts once the order has been processed a tick appears in the ordered check box and the record turns blue you can process a number of

Orders at one time by selecting the orders go to the order print module where you can preview print or even email orders to your suppliers the purchase orders module allows you to process all your orders in one place it’s a very powerful and useful part of the data build system there are numerous other functions in this module but this video covers the basics

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That’s it for this lesson thanks for watching

Transcribed from video
B-0139 Purchase order Module Basics By Databuild Software