Being a Spy Ninja for 24 Hours!

Alie starts her Spy Ninja for a day Challenge by gearing up in Spy Ninja gear! She’s ready for her first challenge! If she can survive each challenge, then maybe she will be ready for a Live Action Mission! Vy starts by challenging her into her first challenge: The Spy Ninja gadget challenge! She must use her hearing skills, decoder skills, drone skills to find the special object hidden somewhere in the Safe house! Next can she successfully complete Regina’s Tik Tok Challenge? The Spy Ninjas teach her the iconic “Come back Chad” dance, and they film a Tik Tok! Before getting to the question of the day, Chad and Melvin decide to check in on Cloaker! He’s been acting real suspicious lately! When Melvin decides to check in, he accidentally turns his computer into Spanish! Good thing Alie knows how to fix it! After that, the Spy Ninjas challenge her to her last challenge, create a simple jingle! They sing a little tune and Alie completes her Spy Ninja for a Day challenge! But suddenly the Cloaker calls Vy and challenges them to go to the Las Vegas strip! Is Alie ready for this mission?! Can the Spy Ninjas find Cloaker and get to the bottom of this? Comment below your favorite part of the video! Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2021!

Hey spy ninjas today we are gonna test out if ally can survive being a spy ninja for one day whoa wow yeah she got it we’re going over some spy ninjas tennis discover new talents and maybe some hidden skills melvin and i went at it and i realized maybe i don’t make the best youtuber but maybe i can be a great spy ninja oh yeah let’s test you out if you can survive

These challenges maybe you’re ready for a real life task i guess we’ll see okay ally your first test to becoming a spy ninja is completing the gadget challenge you’re gonna use all of our spy ninja gadgets to find the special prize that we have hidden around the safe house okay now listen for any clues okay perfect i don’t hear anything quite yet hi allie oh my

Gosh okay i hear a regina good luck to the right is a step please step down gently oh my gosh wait i hear something wait okay i think i just heard something indeed oh my gosh object is this it ali has captured the object that made the sound she found the best she found it good job good job you got the pen okay now you got to find the spy ninja notebook okay i’m

Assuming you guys probably hit it somewhere ali is using her logistic-ness skills to try to solve go through the drawers tip to narrate everything i’m doing daniel all the questions daniels daniel gets prepared for a slap it’s weird to see her mouth move when she chuckles just it’s been so long i’m just trying to look for the notebook okay it goes over to the uh

Wait dyson i found the notebook i found it wow okay wow you that’s some spinach equality you’re part way to becoming a spine ninja you’re about one percent through one percent uh-huh it’s tough to be a spy ninja what’s in the notebook though there’s more there’s more work for you to do to be a spy ninja would you look at that would you look at it symbols uh-huh

What does that mean yeah i think i need something is there like a i can use to decode this like did you say decode hey look what i got wow chad figure it out okay so i have to use this and look at the symbols yep and then i find the symbols on this wait so it’s a pointing arrow down so i’m gonna find the arrow arrow down is here uh-huh but it can be any letter

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Though i don’t get it if only we knew what something equaled so does that mean she’s getting it guys the book symbol equals l so here’s the book symbol i’m gonna move it to l so now all the symbols should be in the right spot so i’m gonna look for the arrow i don’t think you’re ready for this mission are we in a rush to go save the cloaker right now you should

Just stay behind and make sure the safe house is safe ally i’m ready to go let’s go oh wow first letter is d r o wait i feel like i don’t even need to finish this word it’s gonna be drone let’s level check drone not all find the drone all right melvin you were supposed to hide that better did you turn the drone on yet yes you sure about that oh okay okay

I’m taking points off for that at this rate we’ll never be able to arrest you justin not me don’t hit it okay too high too high it’s pretty steady for now don’t hit any spiders going too close to the house don’t hit the safe house oh no no it’s okay hell yeah this is actually pretty okay i got those guys oh whoa okay over the pool all right okay trust me guys

It’s not gonna fall in the water all right yeah don’t let it go over the fence okay got it okay my guy’s freaking out coming back hey i’m gonna see if i can land it the drone got caught in my hair a while ago you don’t know how to fly it’s going towards the fence stop it this is good if you can pass this you can pass anything oh oh you hit the wall there it is

Oh wait is it okay i mean i think so but hey isn’t this your guys’s collectible figures yes that’s one of them yeah congratulations sally you finished the final round of the gadget challenge oh was i just supposed to find this with the drone yeah yeah but okay well good she found it now we can go find justin right wait she’s got to do a promo for the the figures

First you guys can find these on amazon and walmart ah she’ll get better i’m working on it guys well you’re not quite done with your training yet to be in order to be a spy enjoy kind of big tic-tacs you have to learn the tick tock film it edit it oh piece of cake guys i got this i think we should do the dance v and i did five six seven oh my god that one

Guys yeah i don’t like it it’ll be a great tick tock it’s not good for tick-tock you know tick-tock’s about being a little edgy yeah this and that we should do this ours was a little edgy you know what i mean we almost can’t show up and then you went on the ground oh wow you wanna do that why would we just do this one though okay clothes on that’s too edgy we

Gotta think of a tick tock we can all do together this tick tock has to be iconic iconic yes yes if you’re gonna be dancing has to be iconic well definitely our most popular most watched video comeback chat yeah all right let’s practice this thing i never even learned this move to begin with i just played the guitar we can learn it together yeah yes um down up

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Up right right left right right right left right left left yeah that and then the other way twice only oh and then you gotta i don’t think we do that daniel that’s a different one how do you know this i thought he was the one that didn’t do this before well i watch the music video all the time because the guitar playing is so cool pretty good you know we got

This let’s just do it yeah oh not perfect but close it was pretty close to perfect perfect thank you that was so good put her here thank you muchacho yes good job did you hear what she called you macho man yep that’s what she meant i think ali did fantastic are we ready to go save justin ally’s not ready yet she could carving us my ninjas is engaging with

The spy ninjas at home so we’d like to answer questions and comments from them oh yeah what’s the question for today while you guys do that melvin come out let’s call justin yeah about time that’s good here’s a comment from alola lead al-rashid sorry if i put your name the question for all the spine ninjas what was the most inappropriate thing you’ve ever done on

Camera or not i have a good answer what the end of melvin and ice dance oh what have you owned daniel done probably the kiss part one that was pretty inappropriate me and chad you know we don’t even kiss on camera so you know we don’t really do anything inappropriate okay now last time justin called me well i think it was him as an unidentified number let’s just

Call him and see if he answers this time i haven’t got him to answer yet i haven’t heard from cloaker slash justin in a long while he’s not answering his phone well at least it’s ringing this time a couple days ago it was just going to do this number has been disconnected all right let’s just keep calling him let’s call him later let’s get back over there ah are

You sure yeah we’ll just keep trying him he’ll answer eventually we’ve been spending all this time trying to train ally huh she could help us we don’t even need her sure she’s a great person and a cool addition to the team she doesn’t have to be a spy ninja she’s not one yet you know she’s learning our techniques right now spanish is at home leave a comment down

Below do you think ally should become a spy ninja or are you a little unsure you’re not sure about her yet i’m unsure it’s like a newborn baby you gotta learn how to talk and walk first all right let’s get back in there come on sorry how about this question from fantasy director roblox question to all who is the most exhausted after a mission and who is the most

Energetic after a mission yeah i feel like it depends you know we lose the mission he didn’t answer this phone he didn’t no but it wrong yeah so his numbers still connected i guess maybe he’s okay maybe you know the cloaker he’d be out meditating and stuff yeah maybe he put his phone on silence mode yeah a retreat a retreat a meditation or someone snuck up behind

Him while he was meditating and i don’t know it doesn’t feel good could really be anything well there’s a mystery to be solved i’m going to start i’m going to scour for cloaker and justin social medias that’s definitely going to be the way to do it eventually dude what’s wrong with your computer i was trying to search for justin i know he’s in costa rica and all

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Of a sudden most of it’s in spanish i don’t know how to change this even my youtube’s in spanish for real music and how to read it’s like tagalog which is the philippines language but i don’t know you can’t even find the settings menu now how do you restart it okay that sounded legit why do i do is this your hidden skill i mean i guess so it’s not so hidden

Anymore yeah i speak spanish guys wow that’s really cool hey i speak vietnamese wow melvin and regina speak tagalog virginia doesn’t know i understand regina doesn’t speak anything what do you speak okay i restarted it it should be good to go wow i can’t believe you have that secret talent you can speak spanish v can speak vietnamese yeah melvin can speak

To collage regina can kind of understand it daniel you can just look cool i can create a spy ninja jingle in fact all of us need to because being a spy ninja means you gotta be able to make some music okay okay daniel the music guy are you gonna teach me how to write a song well yeah we’re all gonna teach you we should make a song about about you maybe being

A spy ninja soon yeah right yeah yeah yeah yeah but we need to write a little jingle let’s write it together first we need lyrics lyrics so let’s write some lyrics right wait okay what’s that racing what is that it’s nothing it was just some stuff we had written down earlier it’s okay it was just before when we were super sus about you we have no reason to feel

That way anymore so we just forgot to erase it it’s no problem oh what do you know it’s gone we’re in we’re erasing the past a few moments later we’re gonna be here forever if we’re just gonna try and say whatever you know what i’m saying we’re gonna just be here forever just what about we go in a circle each spine engine drops aligned perfect oh good all right

Whatever you say is going to be the official lyrics i’ll start and take a look at my face it’s the end of the chase i’m done with my soccer face i hate mayonnaise it’s for hours that doesn’t make sense just write it down and then we’ll start a new rhyme i got one question for you though should allie be a spy ninja yes you know one two take a look at my face this

Is the end of the chase i’m done with my stalker face i hate my own eyes i got one question for you though should ally be a spy ninja yes i know leave a comment down below hello i know you’ve been spying on me if you’re smart enough come and find me follow these clues i’ll be down on the las vegas that’s the cloaker’s voice it’s just justin yeah it’s him he’s

Okay he seems mad he’s accusing us of something we didn’t do anything wrong why would he want us to go down to the las vegas strip ellie are you ready for a mission yet i mean i can try my best i’m ready i hope you’re ready all right allie if you’re ready for a mission if you’re in it’s gonna be dangerous oh my gosh hey i think i’m ready

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Being a Spy Ninja for 24 Hours! By Vy Qwaint