Best Budgeting Apps for 2022 (ALL-NEW Features!)

Best Budgeting Apps for 2022 (ALL-NEW Features!)

Today we’re going over the three best ios and android budgeting apps for 2022 and beyond all three of these apps offer great tools to help you thrive financially whether that be through the awesome budgeting features expense and subscription tracking or the net worth and spend analyzers hey welcome back my name is ryan mcgregor and by the time you leave this video

You’ll know with confidence which of these three budgeting apps is the right fit for you as we’re going to take a first-hand look at all of the great features that make these the best budgeting apps for 20 20 22 20 20 22. what each one of these apps offers a unique budgeting experience so there is something for everyone now that said make sure to stick around through

The entire video because i’m going to discuss some safety and security information that you need to be aware about before you even think about connecting your financial accounts to a third party service like the apps we’re going to cover in this video the first budgeting app on our list is true build trouble is a personal finance and budgeting app loaded with features

Including extensive budgeting features expense and subscription trackers financial insights as well as several cost lowering features that truly makes a true bill stand out among its competitors jumping into the trubil app on my iphone you’ll first land on the dashboard tab which will provide a general snapshot of your finances this includes a chart of your spending

Over this month as well as a breakdown of your checking credit card and investment balances plus the option to open an fdic insured savings account directly through truebill however there are better options for savings accounts than what truebill is offering another feature that makes truebill great is the extensive subscription tracker so scrolling down you can

See a carousel of my upcoming subscriptions this is very very important for me at least because there have been times where i’ve forgotten to cancel a subscription so having this reminder say if you check into the truebill app on a daily basis can be immensely helpful and important for a budgeting or personal finance app next down we have a master list of all of

Our transactions across all linked accounts which can be sorted by account and you can also manually add or remove a transaction if needed next up we have our budget here we’ll jump into these features in just a second but down at the bottom you’ll notice your credit score here like competitors drupal does provide free access to your experian vantage score credit

Score however if you do pay for uh true bill premium for as little as three dollars per month you get access to your entire credit report as well as some additional features which we’ll cover in just a second now before we jump into the budgeting features let’s talk a little bit about the cost lowering features that trubil provides because this is really where they

Stand out among competitors drupal has a much heavier emphasis on bill management and cost lowering features through the services that they provide like the bill negotiation service subscription cancellation service in addition to their fee refund retrieval service next video is actually going to be testing out the true build negotiation service live so make sure

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To stay tuned for that video let’s jump into the budgeting features google provides up to 22 categories to choose from when creating your budget so as you can see from this list you can get pretty custom with your budgets now there is one really really big downside about budgeting with true build which we’ll cover in just a second as you can see you can get pretty

In-depth with your budgets there are several financial insights that you can check out including how much money you have left for spending spending based on the budget categories you’ve set up in addition to your largest purchases now here’s why budgeting with trubil has a major downside as i mentioned earlier truebill has a free and premium version however on the

Free version users are only limited to a maximum of two budget categories out of the total 22. the next budgeting up on my list provides unlimited budgets for completely free so if that sounds good to you stay tuned for that the second app on our list is intuit mint mint is a powerhouse of a personal finance and budgeting platform with a full-fledged mobile app

In addition to website something that tribal does not currently offer mint is one of the best budgeting platforms thanks to its excellent user interface budgeting features with the user experience at the forefront expense and subscription tracking net worth and spend analyzers in addition to the fact that there are new features being consistently added including

The latest feature a bill negotiation service which seems to have been added in direct rivalry to trubil you can create up to 21 budget categories but even better than that you can create an unlimited number of budget subcategories this is exactly what i meant earlier when i said that the user experience is at the forefront having that flexibility is so important

When budgeting jumping into the min app you’ll land on the overview tab which provides a similar experience as what trubil provides in their app and that is a general snapshot of your finances with mint this is gonna be a net worth and spending chart over time and then your cash credit loan investment balances and then you can assign uh value to your property as

Well and add that into mint scrolling down you’ll also have a transaction master list where again you can sort by category account and also custom tags you create for each transaction the monthly tab is where you’ll go to create and manage your monthly budget you can also view other financial insights including your month’s cash flow spending based on category

Upcoming bills and subscriptions as well as any financial goals you’ve set up additional features of mint include free access to your transunion advantage score credit score and you can also set up push notification and email notifications for upcoming bills plus you can sync your upcoming bills and credit score reminders to your actual device calendars the third best

Budgeting app for 2022 is ynab or what’s otherwise known as you need a budget the key difference about ynab compared to mint and true bill is that it follows a zero based budgeting strategy so effectively that means when you set up your budgets at the beginning of the month you’ll assign every single dollar that you currently have available to those categories i’ll

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Show you exactly how this works in the mobile app in just a second but why this is so important and so effective is because it ensures that you stay accountable to every single dollar you have so when you go ahead and set up your budget categories at the beginning of the month it doesn’t leave you room to spend money anywhere else without affecting another budget

Category winab almost exclusively focuses on the budgeting experience in contrast to mint and true bill as they do not provide a subscription tracker financial reports or cost lowering features however this is not a bad thing considering that many people prefer a straightforward budgeting experience and see those extra features as just fluff jumping into the ynab

App as you can see i have my january budget set up and if we look at the top you can see that all money has been assigned so as you can see scrolling through here you can see all of my different categories and you might be wondering what are the green bubbles and what are the gray bubbles okay so since i assigned all the money at the beginning of the month that

I had to these budget categories that means for green we’re good to go everything is properly budgeted but then when you look at the gray bubble that means that i’ve already made those expenses so initially those were green i allocated money to those categories i spent the 99.95 on expressvpn marked that in my ynab app and then it turned great meaning okay that

Bill is already paid i’ll create a new budget category in just a second to show you how this works but looking at the top where it says all money assigned whatever this balance is for you is the cash available for allocation all right so let’s create a new budget subcategory and i’ll show you what to do to assign money even if you’ve allocated all money already

So we’ll hit the edit categories button in the top right click the new group and then we’ll click the plus to the right of that oh gotta put the name in first let’s say we want to budget for let’s say soccer balls we’ll hit the plus and then let’s say we want to budget for green balls we want a green soccer ball every single month and then let’s say we want a

Hundred dollars for that i’ll select monthly every end of month save done and bam now as you can see there is an orange bubble around that this means that it needs a hundred dollars to be assigned so if we click on that you can see that right there and we can do that by clicking on this and now there we go right now it’s a green bubble and we’ve properly assigned

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But the problem is we don’t have enough dollars to properly assign that now we have negative 100 because we don’t actually have any more money if we’re spending money in all these other areas so let’s click let’s fix that and let’s find a category that we can draw from so let’s say you know what let’s take a hundred dollars out of investing because green soccer

Balls are more important so i’ll hit schwab investments and then that will move 100 from my investments over to green soccer balls click done and there we go it is now fixed and it’s as simple as that as you can see from the zero based budgeting strategy that ynab offers you know where every single dollar is going to go across the entire month so if you say well

Ryan what if i have expenses that i like i don’t know if they’re gonna come up or not like they could just be unexpected well not a problem you can create another budget category called unexpected expenses assigned maybe 200 for that and then anytime you have an unexpected expense you can draw from the unexpected fund another feature that makes ynab one of the best

Budgeting platforms is the ability to create custom categories similar to mint again the flexibility that this provides is insanely important because we’re all human we don’t know what’s going to happen all the time we’re going to have expenses that fall fall outside the box a little bit now let’s talk pricing ynab does offer a 34 day free trial to give you a good

Feel of what the app has to offer thereafter is 14.99 a month or 98.99 annually that is kind of steep but if why not at all interests you i’d urge you to try out that 34 day free trial they don’t require that you sign up for a subscription then get the free trial you get the free trial immediately and then you can choose to subscribe so even if you were to forget

About ynab you wouldn’t be charged that monthly or annually fee we wanted to include three different budgeting experiences in this video which is why i chose mint a completely free yet extensive budgeting experience truebill a decent budgeting experience but does provide greater value in cost lowering features like the build negotiation service and subscription

Cancellation and then also ynab for the totally different budgeting strategy strategy the xero based budget strategy what of the three budgeting apps that we covered in this video which one are you going to go with make sure to let me know down in the comment section below now this review was just a broad overview of what these budgeting apps have to offer so be

Sure to check out my full mint and trouble review and subscribe and stay tuned for my upcoming full ynab review help your friends and family start the new year right by sharing this video with anyone who would find it helpful that said cheers to a prosperous 2022 and i’ll see you in my other videos

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