BEST Money Methods to Make Millions in GTA Online

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We’re back with another exciting week in gta online and the reason i’m saying it’s exciting is we got some great new content including some new types of races which of course have some bonus money and rp on them which we’re going to go over in today’s video we’ll go to them pretty soon but first thing we’re going to do is go in our ceo special cargo warehouse if

You don’t have one just go in your ceo office and inside of the computer you can buy these warehouses this money method is more of a long-term one which i have showcased before but it’s got some great additions to it this week so go up to lupe which is going to be this lovely lady standing somewhere in your warehouse that sounds kind of creepy knocking live but

Go up to her press right d-pad and you might notice that instead of seven and a half thousand bucks it only costs half that this week so it’s gonna cost under four thousand to source the special goods which means you’re gonna spend less money and make more money which is a big plus so go ahead and press a or x if you’re on playstation and then she’s gonna go and

Source some goods for you now usually it takes a full gta online day to do this for her to deliver the source goes to your warehouse but this week not only does it cost half the source but it takes half the time for it to get delivered so instead of 48 minutes irl which is once again one full gta online day it is gonna take only 24 minutes irl to get delivered

Which is a big big plus there’s more than enough good reasons to grind this method mine is empty right now so i definitely need to get some cargo in here and you do want to fill it up to the max ideally but you want to fill it up to the max which is going to take a bit once again this is a long-term type of money method and so that’s pretty much the strategy

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Just fill it up and eventually you’re gonna sell it for a lot more than you actually spent sourcing the goods now while we’re waiting for those 24 minutes to be up we can do another money method which is going to be the new one i briefly mentioned it is going to be the ko puriko series races there’s a lot of different types of them there’s land races air races

Bike races going to rockstar created jobs go into races and then scroll a little bit down to c and then you’re going to see ko perico not only that we got new races but of course they have the double money in rp on them which is awesome also a big reason you should grind those races is when you complete 10 of them you can actually unlock the trade price for the

Brand new off-road vehicle the draugr which is a very good vehicle if you haven’t checked it out yet the 1.4 million dollar trade price is well worth it so definitely grind some ko perico races so you can unlock that too and let’s start off with this plane race right here no no no no no no i almost crashed all right well one guy rage quit hopefully that doesn’t

Affect the payout almost missed that one sideways nice well we’re surprisingly doing good here another sideways one we’re gonna finish after about four and a half minutes let’s go first place and we got just under 20k for some reason we’re getting a lot of rp but not as much money like just about 20 000 bucks for first place it’s not terrible but it’s not up to

The standard that we’re used to so let’s make a lot of money with the next one and while we’re waiting for the 24 minutes to be up with the ceo special cargo we can do a quick security contract to make us a nice bit of money so go into the agency computer go into security contracts and you’re gonna see on the bottom right the different levels you have with these i

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Only have professional options right here the highest difficulty can make you up to like 70 sub 5 000 but i just have these easier ones presented here so the professional i’m pretty sure is the easiest difficulty you can get and that’s going to get us just over forty thousand dollars so let’s accept this contract if you’re gonna do one of the more difficult levels

I recommend you get some people to help you whether it’s friends or just randoms in the session because those ones can get annoying and they’re not easy to do alone but once we go outside it should tell us where we have to go i definitely recommend the weaponized helicopter or an oppressor for these missions they’re extremely helpful for these types of things they

Could save you time you see now we just have to lock onto these guards fight your way through the los santos vagos find and eliminate their captains so we basically have to take out a bunch of guards which shouldn’t be too hard we’re gonna lock onto them like this and we actually got lasered what the heck i guess i’ll just do this on foot i don’t mind this aimbot

Is ridiculous bro all right i eliminated one of the captains there’s four total see even these levels can be difficult which is crazy because this is meant to be the easiest one down here all right that’s another captain captain number two out of four we found captain number three all right that’s captain number three where is the final one come on and that

Was the final captain so now we just have to leave the area and that should be about 41 thousand dollars honestly fairly easy 41k although we died a few times it still was pretty easy i mean that only took a couple of minutes for us and we did it solo better than the koper eco races i’d say so let’s go in our ceo warehouse and now we should have the crates source

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And there we go we got a couple more crates in here now i’m just going to briefly show you guys how it works with the cell mission we’re in an invite-only session and up until the new update you couldn’t do this in an invite-only session just to give you a perspective i’m just gonna do a small sale for four crates which is worth fifty two thousand dollars but the

Strategy with this is to fill up your warehouse to the max and if you get a full large warehouse that’s worth over 2.2 million dollars which is a hundred and eleven crates and you can have up to five warehouses i think which is a ton of money so definitely grind this in overtime you’re gonna make a stupid amount of money for this one i guess i can take my oppressor

And it looks like we have to go on a little boat and then we’re just gonna drive the boat to the drop off so once we go here and then press wire triangle if you’re on playstation and then just slowly go to the yellow circle which is gonna be a bit out here in the ocean it’s very easy we have a 30 minute timer but this shouldn’t take over a couple minutes honestly

And we have a little belt waiting next to it as well that’s it 52 000 bucks very very straightforward and easy sell mission that was just a brief showcase of how it works but you’re gonna be selling hundreds of thousands but most of the time millions of dollars if you want to see a full guide of it i did make a video on that make sure you click the video on screen

Now for it i hope you all enjoy that video and peace

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BEST Money Methods to Make Millions in GTA Online By Hakiii