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please help me budget this. my family is dying.

I declare bankruptcy i was never in this for the money but it turns out that the money was an absolute necessity for me he’s always been terrible with money i bet his jam spending them straight to the poor house yeah women be shopping i can’t believe he has a second job he’s not even good at his first one hey guys what you talking about okay i know what’s going

On talking about jim and pam if they’re having sex what it looks like michael i think hey hey hey michael are you having money problems monkey problems now i’m not having monkey problems why would i have monkey problems i know you heard me correctly i hate monkeys what’s going on why do you have a second job i don’t have a second job maybe i am having an affair

With suzanne summers doesn’t jan have money i don’t talk to my girlfriend about money it is rude and unsexual true it’s best to hide our money problems from women i totally agree with you but i don’t have money problems i bet all right you know what watch this if i had money problems would i do this you just well you’re just going to bring me back yeah yeah but

I destroyed it it’s not even usable anymore i’m going to give you a piece of paper i want you to write down how much you want and i want you to slide it back across the desk to me why can’t i just tell you because that is the way these things are done in films now slide sliders oh come on be serious i am serious mike that’s a 10 percent raise that’s what i

Want i can’t give you that i i don’t make this much come on be for real mike i don’t i’ll prove it to you there is pay stub are you serious you earning this plus perks yes mike this is barely more than i make you been here 10 years dawg 14 years oh no please please oh sorry mike some more folks got to hear about this ah okay let’s take 15 again a boss’s salary

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Isn’t just about money it is about perks it for example every year i get a 100 gas card can’t put a price tag on that michael here’s the uh 15 i owe you no thank you yeah i heard you might need it so here’s the 40 dollars you gave me i didn’t give you 40 dollars in a way you did yeah i heard how much michael makes i still think he’s way overpaid i declare

Bankruptcy hey i just wanted you to know that you can’t just say the word bankruptcy and expect anything to happen i didn’t say it i declared it still that’s it’s not anything this is a lot of credit card debt yeah tell me about it you know jan has my credit cards and she’s using them as if i’m made of money she thinks i’m a human atm machine okay 125 amazon

Oh best of them upper show on dvd classic twelve hundred dollars what’s a core blaster extreme that is by far the best way to strengthen your core this machine you sit on a stabilizer ball you put your feet into the power stirrups you reach up and you grab onto the super rod and you twist and you twist and you twist it strengthens your entire core your back core

Your arm core your the marine core actually uses it i think that’s how they got core okay the green bar is what you spend every month on stuff you need like a car and a house that’s so cool hey you have my name at the top the red bar is what you spend on non-essentials like magazines entertainment right things like that this scary black bar is what you spend

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On things that no one ever ever needs like multiple magic sets professional bass fishing equipment how do they do this so fast is this powerpoint what’s wrong with you i don’t know it was a weird day i accidentally cross-dressed and then daryl made me feel bad for not making any money and then i had to ride up here with stupid toby and then your assistant was

All young and hot and i okay michael i can offer you a 12 raise but you have got to ask for 15. well that’s ridiculous i’m never gonna make just i just need you to ask for it so i can record that you asked for it okay ah so all right levinson here’s the rub i would like a 15 raise no but we can offer you 12. but you just said 15. and then i just need you to

Sign here at this era what kind of mortgage did you get uh tenure well 10 over 30. so 30-year tunnel what what you said 10 year fixed over 30 30 year total oh 30 years okay okay wow you’ll be paying this off in your mid-70s forget about retiring when you’re 65. hey i got an idea you know that extra bedroom if the whole girlfriend thing never happens that’s

Where the nurse can live okay all right oh boy yeah this is it whenever you’re ready yeah oh um okay is that supposed to come off hey look cool carpenter ants um i’m gonna take a little uh breather for a second excuse me it’ll be here waiting for you oh man a 30-year mortgage at michael’s age essentially means that he’s buying a coffin if i were buying my coffin

I would get one with thicker walls so you couldn’t hear the other dead people oh whenever you’re ready michael oh i already have the ring don’t think you need the corpse then there’s a ring holy is that real yeah they say three-year salary oh is she not gonna like that no she’s gonna love it well i just want to take a minute to talk to you all about something very

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Serious once every hour someone is involved in an internet scam that man is michael scott he’s supporting about 20 nigerian princesses hey you know what forgive me for caring right what am i doing i am blowing dodge i’m getting out of town whatever you call it i am running away from my responsibilities that feels good i hate disappointing just one person and

I really hate disappointing everyone but i love burlington coat factory you going there 645 you are literally a king what did we learn this week well one thanks to me my team is much much faster coming to decisions than i thought they would be number two never buy a fur coat with a credit card until you absolutely have the money to pay for it and three you

Should know that some people think it’s cool to throw buckets of fake blood on you as you were walking out of burlington coat factory i’m sorry i’m so sorry you lied to us yep i lied to myself too i’m not a millionaire i thought i would be by the time i was 30 but i wasn’t even close and then i thought maybe by the time i was 40 but by 40 i had less money than

When i was 30 maybe by my 50s i don’t know my money my problems i was never in this for the money but it turns out that the money was an absolute necessity for me you

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