Best Places Italy | EXPLORE these Top 10 Best Places in Italy

Best Places Italy | EXPLORE these Top 10 Best Places in Italy

Welcome to revel the world’s best destination for adventurers and explorers for artists and romantics for the curious and the wild at heart step into the world of travel insight and destination inspiration revel in the experience today we will explore the best places in italy be sure to watch all the way to number one as it is a different world to see number 10

Rome wandering around europe there’s no way one will forget the iconic landmark of all time which is rome fade for its legendary coliseum this fantastic place in italy will ensure your ultimate ancient voyage besides the prominent treasure rome also highlights its other gorgeous relics like the vatican forum palatine hill pantheon and the appian way of course along

With those significant hubs you will get to see the well-known sistine chapel and the marvelous michelangelo’s pieda number 9. sicily if you talk about the entries in the unesco world heritage sites list sicily is top-notch seven of its majestic wonders are part of the historical record from its ancient sites natural treasures and beautiful architecture this

Paradise is genuinely at least gem hardcore historical buffs will never get bored exploring the area with excellent ancient structures all around the island one perfect example is the selenunte it is among the most significant of the greek temples that has the potential to make every explorer fascinated number 8. verona for avid fans of the legendary shakespeare

Visiting verona will make you reminisce about one of his notable works romeo and juliet this paradise happens to be the setting of the famous novel which urges the residents to craft their house with a balcony and a tomb intended for the prominent characters but it is the grand roman arches that perfectly symbolize verona’s historical medieval era of course the

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Gorgeous castle vegio is also a spectacular spot to see it is a stunning castle along the arch bridge in pontes caliegro number seven the sink terra remarkable wonders aren’t a new thing in italy taking the sink terra is an example it’s a sanctuary almost unreachable by land until a railway was created to serve as a link for explorers now the railway itself is

Among the state’s thrilling hikes which is famously known as the via del amore a highlight of sink terra is its colorful environment from its houses alleys and narrow streets it’s no surprise why there would be a crowd of tourists as every corner has an engaging flavor to taste and experience number 6. sienna in defining the epic art and culture of italy siena

Is a perfect match this paradise is highlighted by the majestic cathedral of santa maria ascenta inside you can observe epic masterpieces by notable sculptors and artists like bermini donatello lorenzo giberti and giovanni pisano however that’s not the only magnificent feature of sienna you can also stroll through dazzling medieval alleys and spacious plazas

To socialize if you visit during the summer you will have the chance to watch the chaotic horse race locally known as the polio number five milan if you love dressing up and matching different clothes this is where you need to mold your fashion talent milan is known for fashion and also among the best locations for discovering gorgeous architectural marvels

Besides the artistic hubs surrounding the city the ill duomo is an excellent sight to see it’s a famous flamboyant gothic style example and one of the world’s most iconic churches you should not miss the most sophisticated opera house the la scala be sure to personally see the legendary the last supper by davinci at the monastery number 4 naples fill your day

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With a beautiful blast of color when you visit naples you will feel alive when you choose to explore this lively environment take the chance to experience european royalty by strolling around the prestigious palaces surrounding the site you may also want to sneak inside the prime archaeological museum that houses various crafts and artifacts from pompeii and be

Sure to head over to mount vesuvius and reward yourself with some stellar panoramic landscapes number three tuscany this incredible region in central italy is home to florence and some of the world’s most famous pieces of art and architecture be sure to visit michelangelo’s david statue the duomo basilica and boritelli’s works in the effizi gallery it abounds

With natural wonders as well including beautiful vistas of the appenine mountains the beaches of elba and chianti’s olive groves and vineyards number 2. venice who wouldn’t want to explore a city by gondola venice’s magical atmosphere makes everyone fall under an addicting spell and it’s thanks to its glorious grand canal that never ceases to amuse tourists

Across the globe ready yourself to pass through a gate underneath the clock tower leading to the rialto bridge on your gondola ride feel free to get lost in the majestic paradise of venice as it is indeed the main game to have when you were here number one sardinia sardinia’s exceptional hue and enigmatic beauty make it an excellent contrast to what italy is

Famously known for however that feature isn’t a bad thing but rather an intriguing destination to discover if you happen to be a hardcore explorer that loves to go with a flow this is the perfect sanctuary to visit from soaking in the pristine waters to finding secluded villages and learning about indigenous life enjoyment will be everywhere of course the most

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Intriguing thing in sardinia is the nuragi which is the round stone towers concealing the paradise it is also the reason why this site is an ideal ancient haven to explore italy indeed proves that it is the authentic birthplace of the roman empire and the renaissance with its multiple stunning wonders there’s no doubt why this european country is a remarkable

Jewel to treasure which of these stellar places in italy will you pursue on your next adventure comment below we are excited to hear which ones thanks for watching revelers hey are you a reveller yet join the movement click to subscribe ring the bell to get notified when you upload a new video and grab some cool merch from our store and let the world know that

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