BEST Places to Buy Over-The-Counter (OTC) Hearing Aids!

Best Places to Buy Over-The-Counter (OTC) Hearing Aids! Doctor Cliff Olson, Audiologist and founder of Applied Hearing Solutions in Phoenix Arizona, talks about the best places to buy OTC Hearing Aids.

Hi guys cliff olson doctor of audiology and founder of applied hearing solutions in phoenix arizona and in this video i’m talking about the best places to purchase over-the-counter hearing aids coming up well it is official today october 17 2022 is the first day that you can purchase over-the-counter hearing aids after five long years of anticipation we now have

A regulated category of over-the-counter hearing aids that you can purchase direct without having to go and see a hearing care professional first of course you might be asking yourself where you can actually find these over-the-counter hearing aids can you find them online can you find them in an electronics store at a pharmacy a grocery store a doctor’s office

Or somewhere else the answer is all the above but some of them will offer better technology some of them will offer more options so let’s go ahead and talk about the best places to purchase over-the-counter hearing aids but before i do if you could do me a huge favor and click the like button it really helps out my channel because it gets these videos in front

Of a bigger audience and while you’re at it if you have not yet hit that subscribe button with notification bell go ahead and do that as well because that ensures that you never miss one of my newly released videos and i release multiple new videos every single week that being said i really appreciate it let’s go ahead and take a look at where you can find these

Over-the-counter hearing aids online on my website i’m developing a comprehensive list of different over-the-counter hearing aid companies as well as the products that they sell and giving you a detailed description of these products as well as a video review in addition to all of this i will be giving you links that you can click through to actually

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Purchase those particular products whether i have an affiliate link or not this would probably be the best place for you to start your online research into over-the-counter hearing aids since new over-the-counter hearing aids will be released all of the time and i will be able to stay on top of these new releases and give you updates in a few weeks i will also

Be publishing my new over-the-counter hearing aid buyers guide and depending on when you’re actually watching this video that buyer’s guide might already be available on as far as electronic stores go best buy will probably be the clear front runner because not only will they have a dedicated space inside of their stores for over-the-counter hearing

Aids but you can also purchase over-the-counter hearing aids through their website and since direct to consumer hearing aids have been around for a while best buy has already been retailing companies like ergo lucid lexi and hearing assist on their website not only can you expect best buy to add these current online offerings inside of their brick and

Mortar locations but you can also expect them to add other brands like sony new hera and jabra just make sure that you do your homework before going into best buy to purchase over-the-counter hearing aids because i suspect that the staff at best buy will not have a really good understanding of these particular products and have really no idea which one would be most

Ideal for you pharmacies and grocery store pharmacies will also be offering over-the-counter hearing aids and possibly some other supplies that you may need to upkeep your devices some of these stores will likely include walgreens cvs walmart and pretty much any other major chain that you see out there just expect these over-the-counter hearing aids to be locked

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Behind some glass or have display cards that you take up to the pharmacist because these devices are going to run around seven hundred dollars all the way up to a thousand dollars and they would probably be a very easy product to steal again do not expect the pharmacist or a pharmacy tech to have a good understanding of these different product offerings inside of

Their stores they’re basically just going to take that card and hand you the product without giving you any advice and last but not least you will be able to purchase over-the-counter hearing aids from your local hearing aid clinic now i know that this sounds counter-intuitive because your local hearing aid clinic primarily diagnoses and treats hearing loss with

Prescriptive level hearing aids but a lot of these clinics or at least some of these clinics starting up will have some over-the-counter options that they will either keep on their shelves or that they will actually retail through their website some clinics may even offer these as an option after having a comprehensive hearing evaluation if affordability is an

Issue for you for a prescriptive level device just keep in mind that a lot of prescriptive level devices are going to cost roughly the same as some of these over-the-counter hearing aids so you ultimately just have to decide which one’s best for you no matter where you purchase your over-the-counter hearing aids from whether it’s online an electron onyx store a

Pharmacy or a doctor’s office you will likely be getting those devices at the same price no matter where you purchase them as long as you’re purchasing the exact same brand through any one of those channels now some over-the-counter hearing aids will be more expensive some of them will be less expensive but do not expect to be able to go from online to a store and

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Expect a big price difference so if you ask me it really comes down to convenience and the level of service that you get from wherever you decide to purchase those devices from some people it will be easier to purchase online and have them shipped directly to you others might feel like hey i want those devices right now so i’m just going to drive into the store

Pick them up so i have them immediately and then other individuals are going to want to purchase over-the-counter hearing aids from a location that can provide them with a little bit of advice and potentially some servicing if those devices end up having issues overall there is no bad place to purchase an over-the-counter hearing aid as long as the brand of

Over-the-counter hearing aid that you are purchasing is from a reputable company now how do you know if the a company that you’re purchasing from is reputable well you just go to my website and i will tell you exactly who the good companies are and who the bad companies are the most important thing here though is that if you have a perceived mild to

Moderate hearing loss and you’ve been putting off treatment waiting for over-the-counter hearing aids to arrive well they have arrived so now you actually need to go do something about your hearing loss so stop watching this video go to and start looking for the best place to purchase your over-the-counter hearing aids that’s it for this video if

You have any questions leave them in the comment section below if you like the video please share it if you want to see other videos just like this one go ahead and hit that subscribe button also feel free to check out my website

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