Bible Question: What does the Bible say about divorce? | Andrew Farley

What does the Bible say about divorce?

What does the bible actually say about divorce the answer may surprise you in the old testament there were provisions for divorce that’s right there were certain conditions that if they were met then god permitted divorce because of the hardness of people’s hearts i mean think about it all of humanity born in adam with those hardened hearts trying to relate to

One another under one roof well that’s why we see in exodus and throughout the old testament some instances in which divorce was permitted if someone was not being treated fairly if they were not provided with food and shelter if they were not given conjugal rights that is the right to sexual intimacy with their spouse if one spouse was withholding from the

Other spouse then god permitted a certificate of divorce now the key word there is certificate because if the divorce was not done legally then it would leave the woman in a no man’s land she was now semi-divorced but not legally and then she couldn’t get remarried because she had no certificate and as a result then she was stranded perhaps she was living on the

Streets with no source of income she couldn’t marry another man so she couldn’t look to him either and she couldn’t look to her prior husband because he had kicked her out so this is why a certificate of divorce was essential now paul picks up on this theme in first corinthians chapter seven he’s urging the christians to remain in the condition in which they

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Were saved i mean if you were saved as a single person don’t seek to be married if you’re married don’t seek to be divorced if you’re widowed don’t seek to be remarried but if you do remarry you haven’t sinned so paul’s focus was on the current situation i mean the circumstance was that they were experiencing all kinds of persecution and maybe even famine at

That time so if you got married you wouldn’t know am i coming home tonight will i end up being persecuted and killed because i’m a believer could our family end up with no food because of the famine that’s happening right now there were a lot of present circumstances that went into paul’s concerns about marriage in first corinthians seven but even more the idea

Of the certificate comes up once again the verbiage used in corinthians seems to imply that paul was saying don’t be illegally divorcing your spouse make sure that you’re doing it with a certificate if you release the wife then she is in a no man’s land so do the right thing do the honorable thing do the divorce from a legal standpoint in a way that the wife can

Remarry in that way you’re being loving to that spouse even as you divorce them so it was never meant to be a passage that we turn into law you know inscribing it on tablets of stone and declaring that if you get a divorce then you’re a second-class citizen in god’s kingdom remember that your righteousness doesn’t come from your marital status your righteousness

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Comes from the death burial and resurrection of jesus christ so next time you’re relating to someone who’s been through a divorce remember that your status is all about jesus and so is theirs our righteousness was a free gift from god given to us apart from the idea of us being single or married or remarried or widowed or whatever it might be your righteousness

Comes from jesus christ and on a scale of one to ten you’re an eleven you’re off the charts okay with god no matter what and he will never ever leave you so this means we got to stop treating divorced people in the church like somehow they’re the black sheep in god’s family on a different tier or spiritual level nothing could be further from the truth the simple

Fact is that if we do get a divorce let’s do it in a loving way you

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