Blockbuster returns from the dead with a millennial-focused pop up store

Zack Guzman reports on the Blockbuster pop-up store in New York City.

For youtube and a slew of streaming services brought us the miracle of on-demand video there was a store that went by the name of blockbuster and while the only running blockbuster franchise left is located in bend in oregon new york fans nostalgic for the video rental store experience are in luck because streetwear and pop-culture apparel brand um good is partnered

With the iconic video rental franchise to design a blockbuster inspired collection and open a limited-time pop-up shop in new york city’s soho neighborhood we met dumb goods co-founder and creative director amelia bell at the store to see if the 90s are really back in style check it out so we’re here in the blockbuster pop-up store and um good wade you want to

Do blockbuster as well well we do all 90s and early 2000s properties and we focus on like tv shows and movies so we’re kind of just like what is like something huge that everyone remembers and is not around anymore and blockbuster just is the first thing that came to mind and just it’s such so cross-generational like i went but also my mom is one that drove me

There so just everyone kind of has their own memory of it how much like thought obviously it looks like a lot of thought went into figuring out how to actually lay out the pop-up but you guys are popcorn it smells like popcorn here yeah i’ve got the snack um’s which is a typical blockbuster touch yeah how much time did it take to plan the actual physical store

Layout takes a lot of work yeah we just like we wanted to both recreate part of a blockbuster but then also have enough room for like all of our merchandise and just everything have its own place and time to shine yeah very good i want to try on the rugby and then we can do a little bit more i mean out of all of these which ones have you been selling the most of

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The piece that you’re wearing right now actually the rugby is really popular it’s our interpretation of the employee polo remember the following yeah i don’t remember being this fancy walk poster was around now this is what we would like this is what they would actually be wearing because you got to update the look ever since they’ve you know went bankrupt and all

That what i actually love about the store is the details not only is the gumball machine here but you guys also have real all the tapes are in there you can’t rent or purchase them but you can pick one out and pop them just like all of these are real yep like even the ferris bueller’s day off would be all of them that’s a real vhs yes that’s money and it works too

Yeah i don’t know why we’re testing you say it’s ferris bueller’s day off but do the honors do the honors prove me wrong and also a test to see if the people who have had it before rewound yes or if they’re all jerks see do you know any remember if they put what they put at the front of the vhs tape it’s working this is why we switched to dvds all right so

Most of the blockbuster merchandise is around sixty to eighty dollars this rugby is about eighty-five but their most expensive item for the biggest blockbuster fans is a limited amount of 14 karat solid gold necklaces in the shape of a torn ticker many women for the collection each costs 368 dollars guys that that is a pretty steep price tag that’s really really

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Got a lot of blockbuster but i mean the nostalgia is real everybody that was there and the store was blown away when we were there i mean the details are all there but that’s something that’s really big right now the 90s nostalgia the 90s it’s all just huge and one thing it’s interesting is i speak to a speaker agent in an appearance agent at a monthly basis we

Talk about trends who we can book hopefully maybe i could book myself but she’s telling me that right now that 90 stars are blowing up so if you look at seinfeld full house that friends like right now this is the trend and they’re going at the highest prices and the highest demand she’s seen yeah and i mean we’re seeing that play out in the streaming space to you

And everyone’s paying a bunch of money for all friends and all this stuff exactly i mean look at netflix just you know bought the rights for seinfeld like you were saying it’s again it’s this 90s revival i think of disney their entire business model is essentially built on nostalgia and doing remakes and bringing back older shows to their actual disney plus new

Streaming platform and it’s been extremely successful i’m just impressed i mean also the quality of the stuff too from dumb goods very good and the idea that they are pairing up with these companies and citing legitimate like actual arrangements because we’ve seen a lot of people maybe get into the merchandising space that don’t necessarily do that and they have

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Always gotten the approval to be selling some of the stuff but very interesting i mean blockbuster is one of those things a dish owns it now but it’s just you know it’s gone and down to the last door and it’s interesting the psychology of it like even myself i look at that i’m like that’s cool i want it and i’m wondering what happened that now blockbuster company

That is out of business that i’m saying i want to wear that where’s an opportunity missed right and the psychology that it’s just a pop up you know it’s really creating this artificial demand because it’s just here for a couple of days or a couple of weeks but whereas blockbuster as a whole when out of business yeah i mean it is interesting when you talk to dumb

Good about how much sales actually come through their doors they do sell everything online as well but open until december 15th that experienced a feeling like you’re back in a blockbuster very strange hey investors sac guzman here are you interested in learning more about the markets and getting the latest financial news well then click right here to subscribe

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