Foreign catastrophe the federal government of nigeria is reportedly compiling the list of assets that will be either sold or concession to fund the 2023 budget deficit of 10.7 trillion naira now nobody wants to borrow their money again nowhere to borrow money i’m sure that was the reason why buhari told him at the u.n that they should forget nigeria’s debt they

Should forgive nigeria for where they are dead just like that you are accumulating and accumulation thinking that one day they will just cancel your date now nobody is ready to give them loon again so they have now resorted to the federal government say what is it called the assets of the nation and some people i heard some people speaking already this morning

That uh it is good and in as much as some of those assets are lying follow because of their irresponsibility when they built a lot of user money to build a lot of infrastructures and they just abandoned them they cannot even dose them out and and begin to use them for the purpose which they were built they left them there so and people are asking who are the

People that will buy those assets it is out of your responsibility because those assets they believe that they are not useful they are just a lying them lying down there follow without being used because of their irresponsibility according to the sources that the ministry of finance budget and national planning the government is considering selling or consensually

The safariable square tbs in lagos as well as the national integrated power projects in a two plants the government is also planning to say or concession all the hydropower plants across the country including oya loa usman kasina allah and giri plants more than 25 of such projects will be turned into active assets that will be generating money in some ways for

The federal government that is what they’ll be telling you as we generate money see all the whatever they said they’ve used all the real they said the abuse all these they beat are they generating money they are supposed to be generating money but they are not generating money why if they want to get money they will not be telling you ah if you get this if we

Do this that’s why i when i listen to some people they will come and say yeah i want to do diseases they will tell you if i do this business ah i will make so much they say this business is so lucrative with this kind of economy that you have you want to come and tell me to be able to give to borrow you money really when i know what the the problems that’s go the

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Problems that go with a business in this country we have a lot of bottlenecks but the risk in that business the disadvantaged aspect of that business they will not tell you they will just be telling you cct so that you just release that money if you are that gullible you’re just going to release money to them after one or two months they will not be telling you you

Know that and they will not be speaking that english and the uh actually actually like this man would say actually they will not begin to tell you stories you have gotten the money one month two months down the line profits no profits the capital nowhere to be in fact a quarry would not start and that is exactly the pattern that the government is always using once

They want to borrow money they will now tell you the good things about all those the money they want to buy the borrow and they’re going well the benefits and the the gain they are going to get is a lie see all the all the money they borrowed are they yielding positive results are we making money just like the train whether the traditional training or the ones all

Over the country what what they are making is not even up to it’s not even it’s not encouraging at all and you begin to ask them with all this money that you buy if there is borrow you do not see that i said this one is not saying anything you know before he left he was saying that a nigeria must borrow this and that i think that the national assembly did not even

Agree to that he will say they won’t borrow they want to go and repair this they don’t go and repair that now he has left nobody’s talking about a other projects because he said the other project that he needed to do the ones you have done how much are you making from it at least when you borrow money for a particular project the money should be the project should

Be able to pay for itself and you use the profit again it will be something else no see what is happening i mean she’s not saying anything again that one don’t goes i think they have appointed another minister of transportation that one has not even said anything because i don’t think there’s any project that one wants to do before the end of this channel under

The channel of this uh apc government he’s not saying anything again so when they want to borrow money they want to get something they will not be telling you hey we are going to be making money a profit is a lie you see some of them will be offered to investors for equity why others will be totally so to reduce waste you see they are fond of their use it’s wasted


And one of the reasons why we are losing money in this country is the issue you know wastages in in governance in some ways if you hear it more than 25 of such projects will be turned into active assets that will be generating money in some in some ways for the federal government laurier the government is also adding revenue from calabar and kano free zones as

Well as abuja water vote aluminum smatter company of nigeria national film corporation here hmm national theater and lagos international trade fair okay the beauty of public enterprises enterprises confirmed that it was compiling the list of assets that would be concessioned the pbs and of public communications uzoma chidi ibe said that there was no bida yet

For the assets the list is being compiled there’s no better yet but we have a register of all the assets he told punch he said the interest of the government was to have reinvestors and not firms that would be stripping the nation’s assets the capacity is more important we don’t want to get someone who will be stripping the nation or national assets he said noting

That the essence of the effort was to fund the 2023 budget and somebody was asking questions i listened to people because a lot of people do you know calling in one of the programs on radio and the man said okay if you now fund the budget the 2023 budget and if you have sold all these assets if you now found that 2023 budget then at the end of the day after 2020

2024 where do you get money to fund the budget because they said in some of the assets they are going to be selling a concession that there will be there they will be making federal government will be making money in some way in some ways not in total to a hair so what are you going to use to fund you know this is the end of february now so this is the end of his

Channel the the last year of his channel so if he goes another person that will come he will not be the person’s a headache that’s why i think we say now so to go to go and do whatever whatever that a million means a lot it means a lot now after 2023 where do you get money to fund the subsequently budget subsequencies where do you get money and they will not

Say when we get to the bridge we will cross it and you see now wow who are the people that want to buy the asset where did they get such money well if we sell all our assets for 20 budget dead in 2024 we shall sell our individual exactly exactly in fact this person is you’re in the spirit we shall send all our individual is to fund 2024 budget ah this country

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Federal government should not sell any of our legacy in the southwest if they want to say some state property it should be from the north because they are the ones that mismanaging the country economy former accountant general should return the billions he stole nothing monica they come anywhere they talk about the money again just for you to mention apc and

Buhari sold are just said nigeria to phone 2023 budget simple so this is the first time we are signing or us okay signing and hearing budget god will surely punish anybody that supports epc the chinese will willingly bid for nigeria all they do is just to top up a little amounts to what buhari and his cohort are to pay them and the country will be theirs if those

That collected loan shared among themselves without considering the poor nigerians that’s what informed you that they will share the money to all nigerians when they say the entire country our problem is that we have failed to speak and ask for vote with one voice the early successfully introduced uh successful introduces enmity among the different components of

Nigeria through religious disarmony tribalism and gender inequality with which they use in manipulating the system i love in spanish when we talk about bad leadership some uninformed people we think it’s about your tribe or where you come from i thought that the list of the assets for the same is only the one in the south or north see anger does not ask you your

Tribe we need a positive change in 2023 or yes i will fold my hands here and laugh at our costly mistake of selecting bad leaders in 2023 if you love them of their costly mistakes if you say the independent if you lie from nothing eternity these people you are laughing at it they don’t even know whether you’re allowed them they don’t even know they just really

Say and i saw god just wants the system to be yeah what will you do this is a bad woman for nigeria what a prodigal leaders i am afraid the people of nigeria may be soon put on auction for say god help us so guys let’s say your opinion on this

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