Bringing Cattle in! Spraying! JCB Digging, trip to Dentisits and even a Police Chase Busy Day!

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Morning and his first today’s opening the gates looks like we’ve got clear skies these guys are just eating a bit of meal it is a little bit chilly this morning um yeah i think it might be the first date of overhauls for me and pop them on overalls on i couldn’t do some new ones to be honest because um zip’s gone in these and um yeah get a bit knackered but

Still doing the job but yeah we’re doing the court on his robot we’re gonna jump on the nine meter so that’s some warm up so i’ve just started the nine meter andy is getting on the 130. he’s gonna be doing some straw blowing now please i’m gonna get a mixed up and that means jumping on the 7-5 starting the room then we’ll get some glasses in we’ll get oh those

Are my little bits in now where we go yeah we’re on here all right so we’ll start with the molasses i’ve got a mixed dimension to do later i forgot one from yesterday it’s totally my fault so we’ll drop these spikes off we’ll get the bucket on start this mix oh i’m losing a bit of traction in two-wheel drive today it’s a bit slip it i know we’re having a bit

Of a tidy up for the yard i think mca by the way somewhere so i need to start drawing memo we got emirates i don’t know if you can see all the steam with that same photo beat stuff that we’re using it’s still got heat in it and we just got this pile here that we’re using up straight away so just in the barley shed now and the pile is very very very low so um

We’ll get probably m on doing some milling today because uh yeah this is this should be gone in a second i’m back on the 7-5 just emptying the mix out it’s coffee time morning andy andy’s just been asking me if i got my suit last night and no i didn’t no it got too late so did you get your car sorted i think if you changed every part that was in the comments

You’d have a new car wouldn’t you um but it is hard for somebody to diagnose by just a us idiots describing it on a video so thanks for everybody’s help on it morning emily tell us what you learned then what what was the course that you went on pa1 yes sir so now m knows how to handle chemicals so when we get a delivery of chemicals you will be able to put them

In the storage area well done emily have you got your certificate on the way jobish onto it then you can do your pa2 and pa6 is that right so that is pa6 is using a knapsack sprayer and pa2 is using boom sprayer crazy right what you can oh you can use a little when you get your ps6 you can use a little boom sprayer on the club the train you’re on a little boom

Sprayer on a quad right and then you’re trying to use it in the tractor what do you mean right so you know you’re training like they do for us yeah it’s on a quad bike apparently right we’re a little boom sprayer oh what to do epa one six what year no no no no yeah yeah it’s taught on the little club and then ride on spiders that is a bit crazy isn’t it yeah so

You’ve gone from like probably three meter wide to like 24 36 whatever 50 somebody had a 50 odd meter one didn’t the other day see that in comments jeez right i’m gonna have to get under your hand with this anyway let’s get this back on because the cow knocked it off so m’s hanging about because why why this is a driving lesson it must be a test soon andy she just

She’s just not telling us this it is 100 secret top secret but um it’ll be good when uh it’ll be good when she passes and then she doesn’t need jaws and then this taxi to get it at field so me and andy now are just gonna have a walk around the field so we’re gonna try and get the cows that are in the field in because some of them we need to um keep in and put

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Them on the ration some of them will need to leave out we just need to do a little bit of sorting um yeah while the weather’s nice because it’s going to get very wet supposedly any point to our phones anyway the new summer yeah yeah m decided that it’s the indian summer because she’s seen it on facebook and facebook never lies it’s been very picturesque down

The bottom all the trees or terminal as andy says these guys are a bit quicker than uh i’d like i’m trying to send them in i thought this guy was wild and then now he’s like oh yes actually struck me no come on i want you to get inside mate it’s getting a bit messy out here yeah come on then come on move in i’ll say nice and steady well we’re managing to

Get him my dad’s just been calling him while we get them in we did try and run back down the house drive i think we’ve got him now so haircut andy’s on it again it’s from nice little cemento and his haircut it’s been float vaccine and and he’s gonna cut his hair and then put the wormer which is a fire along on top of it so i’m just getting his hair down from

The stick mat when i shot him out the number one and pause the worm along his back job done we can let it go there we go i’m back from driving lessons now he’s a hairdresser don’t go and do your bun on top of your head don’t don’t miss and get your air what lovely so i’ve just had my dinner got that all ticked off and i thought i was finished with the sprayer

But um we’re gonna go and spend some spray some roundup on um i feel that we’re going to put maze in next year so i’m just gonna go and do that and then yeah we’ve got him another field that i’ve sort of gone around the headland i’ll just spray some of the insides out of that and then it’ll mean it’ll be easier for andy to pull out when he comes around to blowing

It so yeah sprays on just need to get filled up and we’re up and andy uh milling for the mill smashing up the violet and looks like they’re also cleaning the drill off the floor there give that a good clean down then it can be dropped off tucked away for the uh for the winter until we come we’ll bring you back out for spring when we’re doing a spring valley

So right let’s get this started and get filling up so i’m all filled up now we’ll just get around the mixer we’ll get set off um going to a new field that uh never ever been in before i’m gonna put maze in this time so here we have it and we’re in the field now not sure what it’s like but we’ll uh we’ll go around the outside we’ll get this grass sprayed off and

We’re just running this for this year to put some mirrors in so get a nice clean seed bed uh sandy’s not got to bury a lot of trash sorts out a bit of this grass problem and um yeah drop should be a good so this is just what i did not want now because this built the other day and i’ve just unfolded it we’ve now got a hole in the pipe i’m a bit away from the farm

I want to get this spring done the duct tape will hold the pressure they’re going through the lines i’m hoping it will but i’m not holding much up saw a duct tape on i’m not going to say it stopped it but we might be we might have patched it enough just to get this guy for suit on so we’re right at the side of a golf course which is nice and yeah it’s just just

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Dripping a little bit now but i’m not putting the full rate of life on sorry it’s not going to affect anything like that so i just gotta keep going we’ll get back to the yard and then the second field that i do will i’ll just cut the pipe down and put a jubilee clip on and then hey okay then right let’s get on get this done so yeah there she is in all the glory

The golf course in the background we’re there with some caddies look golf’s never a game that i’ve ever had anything to do with been driving range once or twice but um yeah i don’t know you’ve got any golfers any keen golfers that watch and yeah i just ain’t got time for it really people who do like golf i feel like i love it don’t they so um yeah anyway i

Just want to be in this track to doing a bit of this and that not going to the dentist in a minute like what i’ve got to do get ready for that so i’ve left andy to it fixing that to start and i’m gonna go and have root canal treatment on one of my teeth that’d be nice so like the next few clips um or maybe after i’ve had it done might be quite comical because

You might be like i can’t really um so yeah stay tuned for that in fact what i will say is i may have to end the video now because i might not be able to talk i don’t really know how severe it’ll be or whatever but you know that if it’s ended now i really didn’t feel like talking so um press that like button don’t feel sorry for me or anything but just press that

Like button and subscribe if you’re not already and hopefully i will see you tomorrow so um yeah thanks for watching guys see ya bye so here we are probably the last time i can speak normally for a good few hours we’ll get this over and don’t we pain-free all done i don’t know who you tell but it’s a bit like normally side it’s not all done i’ve got six weeks come

Back in six weeks and um then we continue the rest of the root canal treatment so i think i’ve got like an antibiotic putting me tool for a minute something like that so um yeah back on my idea now i’ve come to my local friendly at casa grande’s hydraulic store yeah to buy a wedding wedding ring for my pipe that’s right in it matthew come for these costing about

20 pence and you just up sold me kind of hydraulic coil i’ve got many beeps in basketball i’ve definitely been doing some milling because the valley pile is going right down now we can’t see it we’ve got the sprayer fixed now got these tied on a piece of string so we’ve got a few spare for anything ever happens again like that yes it’s still light swollen at

One side um yeah looks like without them are going to be sorting out another feeder or somewhere i thought we’re just bolting this back up but very soon we’re gonna have to unbolt it andy because i need to get a new that section needs renewing hello he’s laughing at me he says that my face is dropping to one side is it yeah it is yeah yeah okay all right

He’s gonna come and open the field up for me so i can get this sprained up some of these tips on rubble in the gateway so um i don’t think i’ll be able to get in so i need the jcb there to to make a way in from it very nice of the fly tippers must be calming off for spring today because look at that in the horizon you see it a hot air balloon foreign well the

Wheat’s just coming up in there see in the lines uh sitting the rose we’ll just catch up with and it show them where we want to make our way into this reel so andy’s talking about i’m in front of it just gonna push a little bit downhill from it to make it a bit less steep that’s on the site you know then we should be all right i think candy oh will he get me

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I’m gonna go from this side now can i be a beast andy was struggling to get up speed and power on the our different place then at least you can push yourself out if you’re struggling a bit there we go speed and power around here just going to dig this out a little bit more wow we’re at it take the cannabis plants out i’m just gonna go back to the farm and

Then he’s probably done for today i’ve got a spray all well as much as i’ve got left in the tank in here it’s making your job easier when it comes about it no worries i’m i’m just kinda um if you if you’ve liked today’s video press that like button and subscribe if you’re not already and um yeah we’re nearly 40 000 subscribers on it hopefully next week so we’ll be

On it 15 000 party 15 000 megapi megapod but i think that’s a bit off here come on come on subscribe get it subscribe and we can have this big party so business thanks for watching guys we’ll see you later m’s back tomorrow we’ll chat with her tomorrow not really seen him much to do but um yeah anyway bye but before we go andy’s just wronged me because it’s been

A police chase and he’s like they will come up the other way 100 they will come up your whole way and look there it is transit van three minute front overtaking everybody super super dangerous ladies like what the hell’s going on here so he nearly put his bucket down to stop him but i’m sort of glad they did it to be honest but um yeah the joys the joys around

Here i guess the police are looking for him now thank you for sure as to when i don’t see you pull into it i was facing the wrong way please leave the peugeot police car i think it’s a pleasure eat an off-roader to come walking down the lane now right down there somewhere see what’s happened okay two female police officers i was getting worried that the police

Might have blocked the uh the track off and i won’t be able to get home but they’ve not lived there the facts into one side should be able to get around there it’s always good but yeah that would have been all right driving that down here i mean i’m guessing the van that was uh speeding down was went down all right so it seemed to have got it where based looks

A decent car actually so i think this is about the third time i’ve tried to end the video um so yeah it is the end i promise um just an update on the police thing as i was leaving the field and went past that police car the recovery truck was turning up um so i’m guessing right at the end of the lane where then you usually taken and they’ll have jumped out run

Out and uh little van or whatever it was we’ll be getting recovered by the police um guessing it’s not their van that’s probably why the police chasing him um all just guesswork but yeah um i’m guessing i’m guessing again that um that they’ve got the van back so at least that swan little win um but yeah right we’re gonna go like and subscribe all that business

We’ll see you tomorrow thanks for watching guys sorry it’s been a really long one but it just seems to have been that much happening so um yeah see ya bye

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Bringing Cattle in! Spraying! JCB Digging, trip to Dentisits and even a Police Chase… Busy Day! By Joe Seels