Foreign budgets and i’ll be here on my channel i do savings challenges sync and funds updates cash stuffings a little bit of everything so if any of that sounds like something you might be interested in make sure to like comment and subscribe and smash that notification bell to be notified every time i upload a new video okay you guys so today we’re going to

Be doing our weekly paycheck budget breakdown this is for paycheck number one of october so i’m just gonna zoom you guys in a little bit more so that you can see a little bit more clearly okay so i think we’re good right here um so as you can see my husband is gonna be bringing home 1 337 this week so that’s what we’re going to be budgeting this week for our

Cash envelopes our bills and our sinking funds my bills are always the same i break them up into four payments because on most months my husband gets paid four times a month unless there’s like a magic month where he gets an extra paycheck okay my bills are always the same so my rent is gonna get three hundred and forty four dollars the electric is gonna get 55.

T-mobile is also gonna get 55. life insurance is gonna get 33 hulu is gonna get four my lawn care is going to get 25. car insurance is gonna get 23 spectrum is gonna get 24. my amazon prime subscription is going to get two dollars my bss trash service is going to get twenty dollars and my son’s roblox subscription is going to be receiving three dollars i don’t

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Have enough space so i just put them on the same line and then split up the payments this way okay so i’m gonna add all of this up okay so that comes out to 588 dollars so what i’m gonna do now is subtract the 588 from the 1337 dollars so we have remaining 749 dollars so we know that’s what we have left to stuff into our cash envelopes and our sinking funds

Okay so moving on to my cash envelopes my husband’s spending is going to get 30. my spending is also getting 30 groceries this week is going to be receiving 100 dollars house stuff is going to be receiving 50 gas is also getting 50. takeout is also getting 50. give is getting five and miscellaneous is getting five okay so now i’m gonna add all these up okay so

That comes out to 320 dollars so now i’m going to subtract the 320 from the 749 that was remaining so we are left with 429 dollars so that’s how much we have left to stuff into our sinking funds as you can see i already made the decision prior for a hundred dollars to go into savings challenges let’s fill in our sinking funds and hopefully we will have a hundred

Dollars remaining to put into challenges okay so we have 429 okay so car insurance we’re going to give twenty dollars to so we’re gonna take away 20. that leaves us with 409 christmas is going to get 30 this week miscellaneous is gonna get five emergency is going to get twenty dollars giveaways is going to get five medical is going to get ten dollars holidays

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Is going to be receiving ten dollars mine and bubba’s necessities envelopes i had to put it on the same line because there wasn’t enough room so we are both going to be getting 20 each so 20 and 20. so that’s 40. uh bella and jake their necessities envelopes are going to get well bella is going to be receiving 20 and jacob is going to be receiving 40 so it’s

Minus 20 and minus 40. pumpkin my dog is going to be receiving 13 dollars um g baby and my parents okay so g baby is gonna be getting ten dollars and my parents will also be receiving ten dollars this week so that’s take away 20. family fun family fun is getting ten dollars as well um birthdays is going to be receiving ten dollars as well gifting is going to

Be getting 20 date night will be getting 10. my nails will be getting six dollars beauty will be receiving 20. and month ahead we’ll be receiving 20. so as you can see that does leave us with 100 so let’s just total all these up just to confirm foreign okay so that gives us a total of 329 dollars so now we’re going to subtract the 329 from the 429 foreign so

That indeed leaves us with a balance of one hundred dollars which is what i’m going to be putting into savings challenges so everything checks out so remaining is zero which is exactly what we want because we are doing a zero based budget okay you guys so we are done with today’s video hopefully all of this made sense to you guys and you are able to do your own

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Paycheck budget breakdown so if you made it this far into the video and haven’t done so already make sure to like comment subscribe smash that notification bell to be notified every time i upload a new video and keep on the lookout for my next cash stuffing i will see you in my next one bye

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