Build A House In 2 HOURS?? FOLDABLE Modular Homes

You can now have a home built in the time you go out to lunch. A company called Boxabl has made this a reality with its unique folding houses that easily ship and unfold per unit in just 2 hours. These homes have many other features that set them way ahead of the competition and you’ll be seeing them very soon as an affordable housing solution.

And i don’t know, i’ll have them explain it to you. this one at a time out in the field using hand tools. for our units, but i’m not sure if we’re gonna be able to so we go state by state and get that modular approval, as regular stick built, traditional financing is no problem. going down the road, they take up about half the road at five o’clock in the afternoon in

The middle of traffic. is more expensive than stick built, which is unfortunate and we don’t need the follow cars, the extra permitting, so it’s not nailed together with loose pieces of wood kind of have a good idea of what the results are gonna be. and that’s because this is what they call a cement board is it the same cement board that they use in showers? think that

Some companies do market it for bathroom use. like, what happens when it ends up at the home site, – we build them in the factory, everything’s finished, all you need is your couch and your kitchen supplies. it still has five feet of space that’s uncompressed. – so within that five feet by the length of the unit, so we think that you know, in the event of a disaster,

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And then the cool thing is once people start moving back to their, their, let’s say it’s a demolished building site we wanted to create kind of an architecturally neutral like where they have really high snow loads and things. i think we’re gonna be able to bring the price down different module sizes and add on exterior finishings to our factory production is that if we’re

In the factory, so we hope that we’ll be able to really lower the cost so it’s got a bathroom, kitchen, couch and a bed in it. we’re asking for $100 fully refundable anytime deposit and that includes everything except the bed and the couch. and i tell you all this, because you matter.

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Build A House In 2 HOURS?? FOLDABLE Modular Homes By Kristina Smallhorn