Buying a Salvage Title Car: Bargain or Nightmare?

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Delivered straight to your door so supports companies that support doughnut thank you bespoke post for hooking me up with some cool ass gear salvage title those two words change everything what once looked like an incredible deal now feels like a nightmare gamble from hat but our salvage title cars really that bad is buying one right for you first what even is a

Salvage title well when a car is involved in an accident the insurance provider decides whether or not it’s worth it to repair the car if the repairs quoted cost more than the car is worth the car is totaled the insurer the pay the owner and take possession of the cars title the insurance company now has a junk car in their hands and needs to make some money back

So they sell the car to a shop or individual who intends to get the car driving again the shop prepares the car and lists it for sale but to protect buyers from unknowingly buying car that was total at some point the cars clean title is stripped and in a place it’s given a salvage title brand depending on the state salvage title doesn’t just mean collision damage

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A car can get a salvage title a few different ways fire damage flood damaged stolen and recovered cars can be salvaged titles i know all that sounds scary but there are a few positive sides to buying a salvage title car the first is cost like i mentioned at the top salvage title cars are usually thousands of dollars cheaper than cars with clean titles the seller

Bought the car at a discount from the insurance company and the savings are passed down to you here are a few salvage title cars i found that i think are pretty good deal how about a 2013 challenger r/t for 13 grand that’s about five grand less than typical here’s a 2017 civic for ten and a half grand that’s a pretty good deal and i got a bargain for you this 2014

Mclaren mp4-12c convertible with 4000 miles for a discount rack price of one hundred and fifteen thousand dollars okay that’s not the best example this mclaren isn’t even a good deal either advertise that about 5,000 less than typical but hey they’ll deliver it to your door for free i’m sold examples like these prove that the deals are out there but unfortunately

It’s not always that easy look i won’t book you there are a lot more cons to buying a salvage title cart than there are positives first you won’t always know what caused the salvage title status some states like california require the seller to disclose the salvage title status in vehicle history that’s great but other states don’t require that second part that

Means you can’t be 100% certain what the damage is which can make future repairs a major p in the a the second drawback is that once a car earns that salvage title it can never get rid of it some state dmvs will inspect salvaged cars and deem them road worthy but they need built type but that still means the car was a salvage at some point and again you won’t be

Sure what gave it that status in the first place don’t mistake a rebuilt title for a clean title because it’s not this adds another headache on top getting insurance for obvious reasons insurance companies won’t make it easy to insure a salvage car some just won’t do it some will charge you out the butt and i’ll see why one thing if you get in another accident

How can i know what damage is new and what was caused by a previous hit they can’t that’s just the facts also one more thing you should know is that when you buy a salvage car you should plan on keeping it for a while it’s really hard to sell them dealers do not consider these cars worth their time they won’t give you any trade-in value on one and private buyers

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Will probably be scared so just keep that in mind and those are just the negatives of knowingly buying a salvage title vehicle some people aren’t honest and will try to sell you a car without telling you been wrecked accidentally buying a salvage title thar happens more than we should be comfortable with because of a practice called tidal washing here’s how it

Works let’s say a car gets totaled from flood damage and earns a flood damage brand a fraudulent seller might bring the car to another state that doesn’t issue flood damage brands gets a new title for the car and voila the flooded out car now has a clean title different states have different standards for considering a car total as of 2014 mississippi had

The highest rate of tidal washing with one in every 44 cars falling victim 1 in 44 and ohio had the lowest with one in every 2,170 go bucks if you think a car you’re looking at might be a secret salvage title vehicle here’s what to look for signs of major repair in the inner fender structures that would be from a collision mud mold or rust under the trunk carpet

That means the car was in a flood if the vin is attached to the car with anything other than rivets that’s just sketchy af and you should run immediately if the safety restraint light which looks like this is on that means the car might have been in an accident where the airbags didn’t deploy and finally if the nhtsa stickers in the door hood tailgates and hatcher

Missing and those pieces have probably been replaced because it was probably in an accident look i know i just listed a lot of negatives but i don’t want you to think that all salvage title cars are back because from all the research i’ve done i don’t think they are in my googling i found a network of professional repair shops whose entire business revolves around

Bringing wrecked cars back to life correctly i’ll admit before this episode i didn’t know shops like that existed let me tell you something these people defend the hell out of their handiwork just look at some of these comments my husband has been rebuilding cars for more than 20 years i only drive cars he has rebuilt i don’t even own a car because i such we drive

His builds to make sure they are an optimal condition before we sell them i mean if this dude’s wife is willingly driving his cars she trusts him a lot and trusts the car then there’s this one don’t buy a wrecked car but if you purchase from a known rebuilder whose work quality can be verified these rebuilt cars are just as safe as any car on the road since they are

Rebuilt to factory specs got 11 endorsement for buying a salvage car that starts off by saying not to buy lunch i wanted this video to be a guide for people like me who don’t a lot of cash and want to buy something cool but what i found was a lot of people going ham in the comments of salvage title car articles i didn’t know it but salvage titles are contentious

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As frick there are people who say to never buy a salvage title car ever that people write below them who swear by theirs and oh mommy drive salvage cars it’s a madhouse everywhere you look it’s probably happening right now in the comments of this video daddy kilmer is probably down there somewhere people who run salvage car repair shops are tired of bad sellers

Who give these cars a bad name i hate the bad rap these cars have gotten due to people who try to rebuild the irreparable or throw junk together just to make a dollar says donna clark i’m with you donna waiting that made me wonder if i’ve been to harmonise cars in the past if we all have all right if you want to buy a salvage title car here’s what you do ask the

Seller to provide repair records so you have the full picture of the cars history use a car history service as well like carfax have the car inspected by a trusted mechanic like you would any other used car they can do a full inspection and point out any major flaws finally find out how long it’s been since the salvage title is issued and if the car has been driven

Since then if the car was totaled years ago but has been driven a lot the repairs were probably enough to make it road worthy but i will admit there is some uncertainty if the accident was more recent in the end i think salvage titles are still a bit of a gamble but what we’ve learned here is that there are some good deals out there pair that with knowing what to

Look for in these cars it’s a gamble that looks a little bit more appealing just do your research have the car looked at by professional and for the love of pete do not bother with a flood car it’s not worth your time do you like dealing with electrical stuff yeah doc so me neither don’t do it remember more than like the 90s everyone was named cameron finally got

My attainable dream car civic type-r championship white thanks for all your support that has been the virus thanks yes very much dream come true a little smaller than i thought look you keep making those milk jokes thanks watching wheelhouse be nice see you next time

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