Buying a Used Car from a Dealer (The Right Way)

I’ll teach you how to buy a used car from a dealer!

And you don’t want to end up in a car that you totally regret buying now in dealer so that you can buy one knowing that you’re getting the best value a lot of videos on different financial topics so if you are interested feel used car so if you’re shopping for a used car there are definitely some cars lose about 30 to 40 percent of their value in just the first five years

Have about sixty thousand miles on them so that is a really good deal little commuter car with roll-up windows for $15,000 or would you rather buy a planet upgrades depreciate the most on new cars so if you want bluetooth consider and not to mention the used car is probably a lot safer too because it is when they’re only about two to eight years old and they only have 24

To 96 plenty reliable and the worst of the depreciation is over with now obviously but just keep in mind that its best value is gonna be before it hits ninety be that much more expensive than a used one so it is something to consider but you’ve got to understand there are three in buying a used car from a dealer you’ve got to do a lot of research on best financing for the

Car as well now when it comes to buying a used car the car you’ll want to check edmonds comm truecar comm and kelley blue book decide which car is right for you and what you should be paying for it research before i bought the car i paid about three thousand dollars too much been smoked in and to all you smokers out there do not smoke in your car need to research the car

Safety and its resale value but also pay attention to to buy a used car that’s right on the line to needing a bunch of repairs done until a hundred thousand miles so keep that in mind when you’re doing your needs to end for most of the cars out there and also before you buy a car make you for the new car that you’re looking into you don’t want to go buy a car and the car

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That you just bought so just call up your insurance ahead of time so you’ve done your research and you know exactly which cars you want to go look inspect the car for any dings scratches stuff like that and you’ll want to take to check what’s called the engine run time because this is going to give you let’s say that you’re driving a truck with only 50,000 miles on it but

It’s take fifty thousand and divide that by thirty three hundred which is going to course of its life and in this case 15 would be a bad indicator that the truck let’s say that the average came back at like 30 or four lot of highway and freeway miles instead of city most of the newer cars these car here’s just a quick look at the log that’s currently running in my car no

Make sure you don’t have any surprises when you actually need to use them and make sure that the speakers aren’t blown because trust me this happened to me and make sure that all the lights are working because trust me this is the problems now if it’s winter time when you’re looking at the car you’re not but you can at least check the ashtray for any signs of use if it has

One i until about four months later when i was deep cleaning the car and i found a salesman told me that the car hadn’t been smoked in which it obviously had buying asked to look at the carfax or buy one yourself most dealers will the carfax will give you a really good representation of the car’s history but how many owners the cars had the status of the title and it’ll

Even tell you how like 10 owners then that’s a huge red flag because the car’s been around the actually registered as a rental car which i’m not down with because we all then i would have realized that it was a rental car and i would have looked into it as a personal vehicle and if it’s a lease trade-in then this is a good thing well-maintained and if the car has a branded

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Title you’re gonna want to do a you know if it’s worth the risk and buying it now once you’re confident that that you can have a few things looked at and if you’re looking into a certified but it’s always a good idea to get a third party’s opinion because they’re worth it especially if you’re looking at a car with a lot of miles the first to see if it has any trouble codes

On it check what’s called the drive cycle monitoring just to make sure that the for leaks and wear and tear and then also have them check under the hood for double-check everything just to make sure you don’t have any surprises down brakes then definitely have the dealership pay for it because it’s in shop they can fix all of this stuff for chief because it’s at their cost

And now while it’s cheaper for you and at this point if you do find any huge red it checked because nobody wants a problematic car now once you’ve found you’ve made it this far could you please give the video a like because that will know how much the dealer paid for them but as an average just figure in about all over the place so the only way to know if you’re getting a

Good price for paid is a really good representation of what others have paid for the same car the value of the car that you’re looking at so if you live in snowy utah like i four-wheel drive models is what everyone is looking for up here so unless i go my local area but if you are willing to go outside your region to buy a used car have to drive 400 miles just a test drive

A few cars now once you know the buy the car for less than that average understand that dealers have bills to rather than three thousand dollars if they were willing to sell the car hundred dollars over what the low average price was paid for that car and point because they’ll either fix the problems or they’ll just charge you less confident and polite because nobody wants

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To have to deal with an asshole confidence because you’re always gonna get screwed when you’re trying to buy a deal check out this video right here now once you’ve got the best price for the paying attention the financing department has even more ways to make they’re doing now as far as interest rates go dealers can actually get you dealerships can get you really good rates

From all the big lenders so just interest and stuff like that can get really techie so if you need some help settled the salesman is gonna offer you extended warranties and stupid carpet services are negotiable so do not pay full price for any of them and if you you want to pay invoice for them and trust me he’ll probably sell it to you even if he doesn’t get a commission

They’re still monthly and quarterly understand that these are sneaky ways that the dealer can make more money is it now taxes just plain suck but there’s no way of getting out of them that it’s a fee because you’re never gonna have to pay tax on a tax so if fee and you can get out of it just tell the salesman confidently that be removed because it has to be documented then

Just have them it just have them either lower the price of the car for 300 bucks or add three now you can get out of it in a different area and trust me at this point the lose the sale now once you’ve got everything signed and documented then possible now once again i’m jason with the honest finance channel if you are least give this video a like that’s all

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Buying a Used Car from a Dealer (The Right Way) By Honest Finance